Extra long cardigans

Extra long cardigans

Cardigan is a basic element of spring-autumn wardrobe of a modern girl. It has been popular for many years, but this season the sales leader is an extended cardigan, which stands out to stylish and practicality, and also warms well in the cold season.

Models without buttons

The usual cardigan model has buttons for bugs, but there are options and without using them. She simply is assessed by a belt or rush. Extended cardigans can have a length to hip, knee or to ankle.

Cardigans without buttons look unsurpassed, give the image of styles, attractiveness and sexuality.

For full

Full girls perfectly fit a cardigan with a knee-length or middle of the hips, as well as with a straight bottom and a V-neck. Interestingly looks asymmetrical hem with drapery. Such a model will help to give silhouette.

The figure will look slimmer if the cardigan is decorated with vertical decor. For example, delicate finish or the presence of small buttons will help lengthen the female silhouette. Such a model is better to wear a car.


Cardigans elongated crog are made from different materials.

This season in Trend Cardigan in the form of a jacket made of soft fabric, which in appearance is very similar to tweed. A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of three-quarter sleeves.

To create a cozy and soft thing, designers often combine several yarn. So, perfectly combines fur with knitwear. Such a model is characterized by volume, but with ease concerns shoulders.

Synthetic is no longer in fashion, the leading positions occupy the elongated cardigans from Angora, Jacquard, Cashmere.

Also very attractive look like knitted cardigans made of soft wool Alpaca.

For warm time, you can safely acquire cardigans from fine materials.

They sew from natural silk, viscose and fine cotton. Such a model will be a luxurious addition of fashion bowl cool in the evening.

For romantic dates, styles are perfectly suitable for a guipure.

Models of extended cardigans from famous fashion designers are real works of art. So, Ashish uses Pechvoric technique, Emanuel Ungaro decorates jewelry models, and Alena akhmadulina uses original applications. T

Cardigans will allow to show their individuality, always be the focus.

What to wear?

An extended cardigan today in trend, so fashion designers offer stylish and unusual combinations with this element of the wardrobe.

It looks tandem with long skirts of a straight or unfolded cut, as well as with dresses, wide pants or jeans. The main emphasis in the image is often on the waist, so the bow should be decorated with an exquisite strap.

Knitted models or cardigans from fabric can be worn with trousers, jeans or leggings. The original scarf will become the perfect addition of stylish everyday bow.

Expansioned models are often used to embody a romantic bow. It is worth putting on top of a small dress-case. Pencil skirt is also perfect for a romantic date. Many girls prefer trousers.

With an elongated cardigan worth wearing 7/8 pants and with exquisite blouses.

Today in trend a short-term combination with long. To create a sexual and attractive image with an elongated cardigan it is worth combining short shorts or mini skirt.

High boots or elegant shocks perfectly complement stylish tandem.

To create an appearance in urban style it is worth a preference to mohawer or cashmere cardigan. It will help create an unsurpassed ensemble with pants and a blouse from Silka or with an elegant sweat of thin wool.

Separate attention should be paid to the choice of accessories, because they will help make a cardigan the main stylish bows accent. Very nice looking leather belt with large yarn or narrow color strap. And it is not worth tightening to the waist, but just leave freely hang along the honey line.

Extended cardigans can be worn with many elements of the wardrobe, but also there are limitations. These include skirts Maxi, simple cut dresses, wide pants represented by tricks.

It is necessary to forget about the combination of long and wide things, since such a combination looks not only ridiculous, but also gives age.

Spectacular images

To create a bright image, you can make an emphasis on a cardigan. The snow-white youth model decorated with bright pink lips will attract the attention of others. You can choose clothes in restrained color solutions. Excellent tandem are jeans, a sophisticated black-colored T-shirt with an exquisite white edging. A small black handbag on the chain will perfectly complement stylish bow.

For everyday image, you can with an elongated knitted cardigan blue color to wear comfortable tight jeans and gray shirt. Elegant thin strap and massive bracelet will help create completed bow.

Bright and attractively, a combination of a black short dress with stockings in tone and knitted warm cardigan of burgundy color. Decorative elements on cardigans give uniqueness and uniqueness. In this image you can appear at a party or in the club.

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