Extra long female jackets

Extra long female jackets

Today there is no girl, in the wardrobe which will not be a fashionable jacket or jacket. And the elongated female jackets in [Y] are at the peak of fashion. Extra long jackets will suit any fashionista: whether it is with luxurious forms and in the body, or a thin humidity. The main thing is to correctly pick up a jacket style.


Consider the main models of elongated female jackets.

Classic jacket

Their choice is huge. You can choose a tuxedo, a jacket of a male cut, two-breasted or single-breasted jacket, blazer. These jackets never lose their relevance, because they are very comfortable and multifunctional. With their help you can create any style.

Priority are classic colors: black, gray, blue. Perfectly combined with pants, dresses, skirts and shorts.

Jacket without sleeves

It is an integral part of the wardrobe of many fashionistas. Such jackets hide all the flaws of the shapes and are suitable for all girls.

They can be worn with anything: with a shirt, t-shirt, blouse, turtleneck and so on.


A distinctive feature of this model of jackets is the waist basket. They look great in tandem with pants with chuts and skirts. Jacques-ashes finely adjust the figure and can hide some of its flaws.

Blazers with asymmetry

This model will allow to dilute the monotonous wardrobe of girls. In the sewing of these jackets uses disproportional cut.

Style Oversiz

Not every girl risks dressed a jacket in this style. It is not recommended to wear full girls, since one of his features is that he can visually add a couple of kilograms.

The main fashion trends of this year are implemented by the following models:

  1. An extended female jacket of male style striped. He will serve as a wonderful addition to the office discreet image or to the stycle Caushal.
  2. Sleeveless jacket (jacket), which can be used to create a daily and business image.
  3. Female tuxedo, which is Mast Heav’s wardrobe for all times.
  4. There are no jackets with an extended back, single-breasted and double breasted jackets. Blazers with an elongated back will allow creating a business office style. They are suitable for any type of figure and emphasize all its advantages. Single-breasted and double-breasted jackets are distinguished by the number of buttons series (a single-breasted one series, and two-breasted – two) and are perfect for creating any style.

What to wear?

What should be combined with an extended female jacket? It goes great with anything out of the wardrobe: with dress, jeans, shorts, trousers.

An extended jacket in combination with a dress will create exquisite on one side, and on the other – the business image. Dress need to choose a classic black color, and it should be a little shorter than a jacket or one length with it.

If you stick to the style of the style, then the excellent option will be a combination of an extended jacket with shorts to the middle of the hip. And if you add a heel to this image, it will give confidence to your image in which you can appear not only for a walk, but at work in the office.

The excellent choice will be a combination of an extended jacket with pants. You can combine both strict trousers and leggings or narrow jeans. An excellent image supplement will be a T-shirt or shirt.

The most suitable shoe option will be shoes on a heel or platform. And at the end of this onion it is necessary to take care of the decorations: sunglasses and bulk bracelets will be appropriate.

Skinny jeans or boyfriends, as well as straight or narrow pants, are perfect.

For causal style jacket, it is better to combine a t-shirt or shirt. And an excellent end of the onion will be leafers, sneakers or oskfords. Change the casual image on business will help shoes on a heel.

Popular colors in the present season are:

  • Universal Colors: Black, White, Gray, Blue+
  • Saturated bright colors: green, burgundy, pink, brown+
  • pastel shades+
  • Color gradient+
  • Prints: Cell, Strip.


Choosing a jacket, follow simple recommendations:

  • The sleeve should not be short, that is, it must completely close the wrist+
  • If you need to create a business onion, then pastel tones should be followed if the keelaul style is bright colors, and for celebration – classic black+
  • If you have magnificent forms, choose the tight jackets and try to avoid a large number of pockets+
  • If you are a thin build, then choose a free cut jacket+
  • In no case do not combine a wide jacket with wide trousers or jeans, it will give you baggy.

Spectacular images

One of the most spectacular images is the combination of a stylish elongated female sleeveless vest that forms beautiful eclectic sets. Classic elongated black jacket in the most amazing way combined with a teenage-style clothing, an excellent addition of which will serve a large or medium-sized bag.

Unfortunately combined the elongated gray sleeveless jacket of a silhouette with white top and narrow black pants. The brilliant completion of this onion will be slips or sneakers together with the leather backpack.

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