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Fashion & Style

Many people prefer to keep up with fashion, be it clothes or interior design. But at the same time they manage to stay and stylish. To save this balance, you need to clearly understand that fashion and style have their differences, and it is worth dealing with what they conclude.

What it is?

Often you have to hear that fashion change. And indeed it is. After all, in itself, this word means the combination of values ​​and tastes, operating only for some time in a certain environment. Therefore, it is often difficult to keep up with fashion. There are things that remain unchanged for a very long time, and there are those whose life is short, just some one season. And well, if there are such trends that are returned, or the former images turn new items and are already playing in a new way. And there is it and, indeed, one-time belongings, which are later recognized by obviously unsuccessful.

As for the style, he has a more thorough term, this is a combination of values ​​and signs that may never be outrage. It is no coincidence that there are styles in painting, literature, music and other fields of art. And they firmly entered the story under their definite names. The same can be said about architecture, interior, clothes. This is what is formed for years and remains forever. But there is both the individual style of a person, and his own himself produces for himself, focusing on their tastes, views, worldview and other aspects.

It would seem that fashion and style intertwined with each other, and the concepts of these are close to each other, however, if you dig deeper, there are very big differences between them.


In ancient times, clothes for people looked very primitively and served only protection from cold and bad weather. But with the development of man there was a need and diversify clothes, making it beautiful and attractive, and not just comfortable.

No source is taken with accuracy to say, when it was the concept of “Fashion”. But it is assumed that it was formed gradually in those times when clothing became more diverse, every object of the wardrobe began to receive a specific name, and every year these or other products were complemented by new parts and elements. So the styles appeared.

Fashion historians suggest that Portnovo art began to actively develop in the XV century. Women even wanted to see in their wardrobe a variety of outfits from different fabrics. It can be said that each European country has contributed to the formation of fashion history. But if we talk about fashion, as a larger phenomenon, then it became more consciously to be formed in France in the XVII century. It is no coincidence that all the most famous fashion designers have created collections in this country, and it has always been a fashion law.

As for such a thing as style, he walked his hand in his hand with fashion, because each country has its own time in this country. He was worked out as new milestones appeared in fashion history. Thus, the connection between these two concepts is inseparable, and one without another does not exist.


If you ask the same question than the fashion from the style is different, then you can speculate a little on this topic, pushing out those elementary things that are known about fashion and style to each person.

Fashion – the concept of a vehicle, and in some sense it can be compared with the time of the year, when the whole picture is changing around. Summer – flowers and butterflies, winter – snow and cold. Also in fashion: some trends are replaced by others, everything quickly passes. Today, fashionable studs, tomorrow – the platform, this year is considered fashionable straight pants, in the following – narrow. And so everything changes infinitely. Therefore, it is very difficult to match the fashion trends constantly. And not only for the reason that it is impossible every season to fully update the wardrobe absolutely everyone, and at least because it is very often that new things go far from everyone, and this should be considered. Therefore, people are divided into two categories – on those who follow the fashion in everything, aware of all the latest new products, and does not pay special attention to how well these new items are sitting, and on those who pay attention not to the fashion as much as general harmony and its appearance in general. This is, perhaps, there are basic fashion differences and style.

The style of a person remains most often for life, if he suddenly, for some reason, it is not solved by everything fundamentally change.

Style – the concept is deeper and ambiguous, it is formed in man for years and consists of many components. The foundations can be laid in childhood, and the formation of a sense of style depends on parents, environment, hobbies, own knowledge and desire to self-improve.

Fashion belongs to society, style – concept individual. It is no coincidence that there are artists, writers, fashion designers who have their own style, and he recognizable.

If you compare, for example, the person is stylish and fashionable, then you can figure out in more detail what is the difference between these two concepts.

Fashionable man with great financial opportunities can afford to acquire the latest innovations of famous brands. But at the same time, if a person does not have a taste, a sense of style and measures, does not know how to combine the flower range, fabric, various accessories, even the most tremendous outfits in the aggregate will represent a crying picture. It is doubly sad if, due to certain features of the figure, some things do not go to him, do not decorate, and on the contrary, they do it sometimes even funny and ridiculous, emphasizing only flaws.

As for a stylish person, everything is somewhat different here. Perhaps in his wardrobe and appear fashionable things every season. But at the same time, he clearly knows what he goes, how to emphasize the merits of his appearance, and how to hide flaws. He knows exactly the measure and intuitively feels that, with what and how to combine. So he always looks attractive and catches admiring views of others.

There is another important factor. Learn many things related to style, still possible. There are special courses, schools, where, if you wish, you can learn a lot of new things, which will help become simultaneously stylish, and fashionable.

Fortunately, and fashion has its own moments that allow many people to always stay fashionable and feel comfortable. This is the so-called classic. After all, everyone knows that there are things that never come out of fashion, for example, the same jeans or a little black dress. In addition, over the past decades, many fashion trends retreat to the background, and then return.

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