Features of women’s winter costumes for fishing

Features of women's winter costumes for fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies. Spending time with a fishing rod at the reservoir is interesting not only to representatives of strong sex, but also women. The view of a girl who has a rude fish, no one for a long time. Among the representatives of the beautiful floor there are those who like not only summer, but also winter fishing. To feel on vacation at the river in the cold season comfortable, you need to take care of good equipment. Dress should be. Tell how to choose the right winter fishing suit for women, what features to pay attention to.


Female winter suit for fishing should be selected in accordance with the individual anatomical features of the structure.

It is desirable that there was an anatomical cut in the kneel, and in the pants it was possible to taste them on the waist. Fishing suit for winter should not shy movements. Woman going fishing should feel confident in it.

A lot of comfortable models equipped with warm lining are presented on sale. From men’s fishing costumes women’s overalls are characterized by more tender colors. Such clothes, in addition to performing their basic functions, also has a presentable view. This allows girls-fishermen to look feminine in any conditions. Manufacturers of workwear perfectly understand the needs of the ladies and produce beautiful costumes for fishing, which give comfort. Quality fishing costumes are designed for long-term sock.


Women are offered 2 varieties of fishing costumes.

  1. Overalls.
  2. Semi-overalls.

The second variety is pants with straps, practically non-penetrating movements. This is the optimal option for “running fishing” – for example, balancer or gloss.

But in the cold season, one semi-overalls is difficult to restrict ourselves, on top, it is necessary to wear a warmed jacket in obligatory.

    Jumpsuit perfectly protects the back and chest. This kind of costumes is very convenient for those who prefer to fish in one place. Such a kind should be chosen for fishing with a float or merzpy.

    The production of winter clothes for women, fond of fishing, is engaged in several firms. You can highlight some of the most popular models.

    Norfin Lady

    A suit made of breathable fabric, the waterproof of which is 6 thousand. mm. Clothes can be used under conditions of critical low temperatures, descending to -30 degrees.

    Semi-overalls have a special cut and an inner jacket. The last can be disgrunting and wearing a wardrobe as an independent subject. The jacket has a cocked seams, and a visor is present on the hood. The advantages of this model include the presence of a high fleece lining.

    The jacket is fastened with zipper and valve. Especially for a mobile phone provided insulated inner pocket. Hands can be warmed in internal and external pockets, they are comfortable and spacious. On the waist there is a lock, providing a stylish landing on the figure. Warm cuffs are provided in the sleeves.

    At the bottom of the trousers there are zipper-fasteners who contribute to the preservation of heat. In the area of ​​the knees, the fabric is enhanced. Semi-overalls can be adjusted in length with straps with locks.

    Nova Tour Fisherman Lady

    This winter set consists of a semi-overalls and a hooded jacket, which is adjustable in width and volume. There is also the ability to adjust the sleeves and trousers. This eliminates the likelihood of moisture inwards inside the overalls. Sleeves are provided for fleece cuffs, preserving heat. The costume has a windproof skirt, it can be adjusted by the growth of the owner.

    Another plus of this model lies in the presence of convenient internal and external pockets. There are pockets and knee areas, you can integrate heat insulating liners. Free cut sleeves ensures freedom of movements. Width of the trousers is regulated.

    In the costume there is an insertion from the sides, thanks to her he elegantly sits on a female figure. Many women who have fishing is a favorite hobby, like Norfin Scandic costumes. Such an equipment looks good on the figure, the fabric used for its tailoring has a water-repellent effect.

    Criterias of choice

    Thoughtful approach to the choice of a fishing costume will allow you to purchase a comfortable and comfortable in the sock of workwear. At the selection stage, attention should be focused on several important parameters:

    • Size+
    • Material manufacturing+
    • Package.

    One of the key characteristics of the choice is the size, it is important not to be mistaken here.

    Pick up equipment for fishing with special care, because the comfort will depend on it. Inappropriate size suit can deliver a lot of inconvenience.

    Modern overalls are almost not stretched, it is undesirable to acquire the equipment to size less. The costume “on the grow” is also not recommended. The size inconsistency is fraught with the conversion of movements and poor maintaining heat.

    Another important point – the functionality of the equipment. When choosing a fishing suit in the winter, pay attention to the presence of pockets, it is desirable that they are zipped. They can be stored on fishing useful trivia.

    It is recommended to choose costumes sewn from repulsive moisture fabric. The most convenient is the equipment made from lightweight materials that contribute to the deduction of heat.

    In heavy costumes, it is inconvenient to move, especially in the snow. For women produce overalls with special inserts in the field of knees and warm cuffs.

    It is best to buy clothes having a high tightening gate, it will become a real rescue in frosty and windy days. Mandatory check the accessories, make sure it is in working condition.

    Refuse to buy clothes with unlocking velcro and zipper. Do not forget about the importance of the temperature regime. High-quality fishing suit well keeps heat. For residents of the northern regions is a key selection parameter.

    Prefer the equipment that can provide comfortable on the street at temperatures below -25 degrees. Before buying a suit, try it with it, the thing may be “lowomeric”.

    If clothes are dragging moving, look for another more convenient model. Choose suits of breathable, waterproof and unproduced material. In such overalls, it is difficult to freeze even when the temperature is lowered to critical marks, it is comfortable in the sock.

    Women’s Winter Suit For Fishing Norfin Snowflake Look in Video.

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