Female black pants

Female black pants


Black pants are a universal and practical thing in the wardrobe of every fashionista. They can be used to create stylish and unique images. If you correctly pick up other things in tandem with black pants, then they are suitable for different styles.

A variety of models and styles allows each representative of the beautiful gender to replenish its wardrobe with black pants. Telecommunication features, age or skin color does not play. Black is suitable absolutely to all.

To whom fit?

Black trousers of classic croes are perfectly suitable for girls with a type of shape of an hourglass, which is distinguished by a pronounced thin waist, as well as harmonious silhouette. Girls with a feminine figure prefer classic models, but about narrowed trousers it is better to forget because they are driving a female silhouette.

Welcomeers of the pear shape prefer shortened models of black trousers. It is such a style that allows you to hide wide hides, which are allocated compared to narrow shoulders, create harmony between disproportionate parts of the body.

Girls with a type of shape apple have a small breast, small tummy, narrow hips and lack of waistline. Such girls are ideal for funeral models, which look great in tandem with a voluminous riding. Such an ensemble creates harmony between the bottom and riding, hides the flaws of the figure. Pants with an overwhelmed waist – a great option to hide the presence of the abdomen and create a waistline.

Women with a figure Overting triangle have narrow hips and wide shoulders. To create a harmonious silhouette, worth wearing shortened models of black trousers.

Best models and styles

Black pants with holes on the knees are a luxurious combination of classics and originality. They are sewn from stretch, leather or costume fabric. Any option looks beautiful and boldly. They are universal for both girls with magnificent forms and slender beauties. This style is ideal for the embodiment of an unforgettable onion in the style of Casual.

Wide pants today in the trend, as they will help embody the unique onions in the office style, you can go both on a romantic date and a solemn event. Wide models are suitable for all girls regardless of the type of figure. The main thing is to choose the right, shoes and accessories.

Wide High Waist Pants will help lengthen legs, give harmony silhouette. To emphasize the elegant waist, you should wear a thin leather strap or chain belt.

Narrow black pants prefer to wear a lot of fashionistas. They can be safely combined with different riding. We are in demand blouses and shirts in a cage or strip, with a floristic print.

Skinny pants, unfortunately, may not afford not all representatives of beautiful sex. Girls with lush forms from such a model it is better to refuse to not look ridiculous. Signal trousers worth carrying with shortened blasters and jackets, with bright blouses and free sweaters.

Torn models in this season are enjoyed. A variety of option just fascinates, so each girl can pick up the perfect option for itself. Pants may have slits above the knees, knees or all the trousers. Such a style like young people. He is often found in the casual wardrobe.

Pants Stretch perfectly sit down the figure, as well as during socks look unmatched. Such models are thirty percent consist of natural fabric, and the rest – Lycra, Elastane or Spandex. For summer models, trousers are often used atlas, flax, satin or cotton.

How to restore black trousers?

If the pants lost their original black after washing or burned in the sun with a long-term sock, then you can cope with this problem at home due to trouser staining.

For painting, the trousers will need:

  • Black paint, the choice of which depends on the type of cloth trousers+
  • Proprier paint+
  • A bit of ammonia alcohol+
  • ordinary water.

Basic rules for staining black trousers:

  • There are many tissue dyes on sale. You must carefully read the instructions to select the desired option. It indicates not only the material that can be stained, but also the water temperature and the duration of the process itself.
  • If you want to update the color of new trousers, you need to remember the protective antistatic layer, which can create difficulties in painting. To begin with, the pants should be wrapped with a detergent, and then you can go directly to painting.
  • Black pants made of lung materials before painting should be soaked in a special solution. It will take 50 ml of the ammonic 25 percent alcohol and ten liters of water. After this procedure, pants should rinse well .
  • The dyes are surely described how to create a solution, how much to use water. To determine the amount of solution required for painting trousers, it is necessary to weigh it. Then the product should be placed in the solution at a certain time specified in the instructions.
  • After staining, the pants should still rinse in water with a small addition of vinegar or purchase a fixer for color.
  • Further black pants should be squeezed, unscrew and hang dry.

What to wear fashionable women’s black pants?

Black pants especially classic Croes are often combined with white riding, for example, with a blouse or shirt.

Stylish white-white jacket. This combination is ideal for a business woman, emphasizes her beauty and elegance. To add bright colors, it is enough to use bright accessories for the placement of accents.

On top of the white blouse you can wear a shortened jacket or jacket, as well as extended skinless. Classic pants stylishly look shoes. You should not be limited only to black color, because they can be blue, red or burgundy. In the tone of the shoes you can pick up a handbag.

With black trousers, you can combine bright and saturated blouses. Beautifully looks tandem black trousers with blue, black or red shirt.

Skinny black pants look great with white shirts, as well as with models in a cage, polka dot or stripes. This model can be combined with a denim jacket. In the cold season, the volumetric knitted crib sweater is suitable. When choosing shoes, it is worth paying attention to the model of bright shoes or ankle heel shoes from suede.

Black trousers Crowded Crow can be combined with a variety of chiffon shirts or blouses. Bright jumper will become a beautiful decoration of the image of a cold winter. Complete stylish onions help shoes, as well as bright handbag and strap.

Spectacular images

The classic combination of black and white in the embodiment of a stylish bow in the style of Causual is always in trend. Black Skinny Pants with Holes On the knees in combination with a white T-shirt decorated with a print, perfectly looks in a tandem with white sandals on a heel, and supplemented with a small handbag in the tanks on a long thin strap.

The combination of black and red looks unrivaled. Such a combination will help create an unforgettable evening image.

Classic black pants look exquisite with a luxurious red corset, decorated with gentle black lace.

The sophisticated black jacket with an elegant belief on the waist will perfectly complement the elegant image. Red jewelry, clutch to tone pants, decorated with a red flower, and black stiletto shoes will help to complete a solemn bow.

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