Female cashmere jumper

Female cashmere jumper

Women’s Cashmere Jumper has long become a favorite among the variety of things of the wardrobe. Modern jumper is a universal thing, which is called in the feast, and into the world. It can be different: monophonic, color, with ornaments and other interesting details. Such basic clothing allows you to make interesting sets and look stylish in any situation.

Features and advantages of cashmere

Cashmere – unique material of natural origin, obtained from a mountain goat under. From one animal it turns out quite a bit of the fluff – about 200 grams. That is, to create a whole sweater you need to score a fluff with six goats. This determines a fairly high price of cashmere.

The advantages of cashmere are as follows:

  1. Ease. Its fibers inside hollow and very thin. It saves warmth perfectly and at the same time passes the air.
  2. Hypoallergenic. Suitable people with sensitive skin.
  3. Pleasant to the body. To distinguish cashmere from knitwear simply, he is extraordinary to the touch, gentle and very soft. Odja once a cashmere product, many women do not want to wear jumpers from other materials.
  4. When coloring the canvases use only high-quality natural dyes. Therefore, as it were, the smoky, on the kind of air-eye-minded.
  5. For strength Sometimes manufacturers in cashmere add cotton and wool to 50%.

Yes, cashmere is a unique material that has a huge amount of advantages. And if you decide to buy an expensive cashmere jumper, you can be completely confident that money is not in vain.


Cashmere jumper models, any fashionista will like a style for every taste.

  1. Croa. It may be free in the style of Over Size, asymmetrical.
  2. Length. Standard, extended, shortened, jumper tunic.
  3. Sleeve. Short, Long, ¾, Raglan.
  4. Decorative elements. Buttons, Lightning, Rivets.
  5. Neckline neck. Very popular female jumper with V-neck. It will suit any figure, visually make a woman slimmer and stretch the silhouette. Round, square cuts, models with collar, like polo shirts are in great demand.


Color solutions can be the most different. At the peak of popularity, gentle powdered tones – peach, coral, mint, shade of dusty rose, beige. They will make the image romantic and air.

Eternal Classic – Black and White. They are combined with any bottom, adding a little rigor and restraint into the image. Such a color gamma is practical, with its help a wide variety of bows for work.

Bright colors – Fuchsia, blue, lilac, red are relevant on an evening walk or relaxing with friends.

But the most relevant color, which is not one season in a row, holds at the peak of fashion trends, gray. He emphasizes feminine forms, complexion and perfectly complemented by other outcome of the wardrobe.

How to choose?

Honestly, it is not easy to choose a good quality cashmere jumper. But if you follow simple tips, you can find a decent thing that will serve for a long time.

So, here are the tips:

  1. Try Cashmere to the touch. It must be soft and gentle.
  2. Shake the thing. No thread, fluffing. If all the elements fly in the air, then this is a poor-quality thing, perhaps not even cashmere.
  3. A little stretch. If the product quickly returned to the initial form, then this suggests.
  4. Look at the label. Points 100 PERCENT CASHMERE (100% cashmere). Addition of silk is allowed, but quite a bit.

How to care for a product?

Cashmere requires special care, since its fibers are thin and gentle.

The following are the most asked questions about Cashmere products and answers to them.

How to wash?

Only manual, delicate washing using special means. About dry cleaning need to forget, cashmere is too gentle for such tests.

Cashmere washing algorithm:

  1. Washed warm water+
  2. It dissolves the detergent+
  3. Sweater in water placed half an hour+
  4. The product is rolled several times.

How to dry?

On a flat horizontal surface, a towel is unfolded and a sweater is placed on it. At the same time nearby there should be no heating devices, direct sunlight.

How to iron?

Purchase barely warm iron through a wet fabric. This will save the structure of the yarn fibers.

Where to store?

Wooden cabinet – the best place to store cashmere jumper wrapped in polyethylene package. In the package you need to put pills from moth. If you use spray, then it is applied only to the package itself.

What to do if Cashmere gave a strong shrinkage?

Soak sweater in water with a large addition of the air conditioner for a quarter of an hour. After that, stretch the product in different directions to the initial state. Next, not the pond, remove the jumper from the water and squeeze, remove the water to be removed by a towel. On the dry surface, stretch the thing to the desired sizes, pressing the edge of something heavy.

With proper care, cashmere jumper will serve for a long time, giving a great mood and protecting from the cold.

What to wear?

Cashmere jumper – so universal thing that can be combined with absolutely anyone, from a romantic image to business style.

  1. Office option. Classic combination – a jumper with a high throat, a pencil skirt or straight arrow pants. Just but tastefully. Such a thing will give charm and elegance. You can add beige boats, briefcase bag, from jewelry – neat jewelry kit.
  2. Casual Image. Always want to look stylish but not sacrificing comfort. Cashmere jumper will help in this. Add a narrow jeans to him, comfortable shoes on a flat run, bag over the shoulder and massive decorations – the outfit for walking, shopping, the campaign in the movie is ready.
  3. Romantic date. For such a case, the tender shades can not be better fit – cream, beige, pinkish. To them, you can choose a skirt or pants absolutely any styles. Supplement to the image will be a small clutch and original decorations.

The uniqueness of the female cashmere jumper is that he is worn with different things, and at the same time it will look completely different – strictly, gentle or naturally.

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