Female classic costume

Female classic costume

Classic suit for sure is in the wardrobe of every woman. It can be a set of jacket with a skirt or jacket and trousers. A classic costume is a basic thing that will allow in any situation to look stylish, fashionable and expensive. Changing decorations or adding accessories, you can create a new, bright and memorable image every time.


Costume is a set of clothes, as a rule, from a vest, jacket (jacket) and trousers (skirts). All items of suit are performed from one material. Costumes differ from each other with a complete set, material of execution, color scheme, style, long and t.D.

Female classic suit appeared in about the middle of the XVII century. At first it was a set of clothes for riding, later costume moved to the casual female wardrobe. Initially, the jacket was performed in a straight free silhouette and only at the beginning of the 20th century were more feminine shifted models.

Long skirts began to gradually shorten, opening the caviar first, and then the whole leg before the knee. In many ways, thanks to Coco Chanel in fashion entered feminine silhouettes of costumes. Today such models have become classic.


Pantsuit. Very practical and stylish option is equally well suitable for office, and for everyday life, and for celebration.

When choosing a suitable LED, you should repel from your own physique. For example, girls with wide thighs are shown by the broken or straight models of trousers and jackets up to the waist or slightly lower. Longer models will make hips even wider.

Tuning suits are quite practical and comfortable in the sock. They perfectly adjust the figure, painfully pulling it out and making slimmer.

Classic trousers – a model tightly planted on the waist and thighs, straight or slightly colored from the hip, length – until the middle of the heel.

Suit with a skirt no less popular than a trouser kit. Skirt for a classic suit can be made in several stations. Among the most common: direct, skirt-pencil, a trapezium, tulip, sun, skirt in a fold, with pleated, on a coquette. The perfect length is near the knee, slightly higher or lower.

Jacket can be performed in a variety of variations: with swans, bask, original shape collar and lapels, fitted or straight. The length of the classic jacket is also different. This is a shortened model, barely reaching the waist, and elongated, below the hips.

Business suit implies a combination of objects of one or two contrasting colors. Most often this combination is light top – dark bottom or vice versa.

Misconception to believe that classic suit looks perfectly exclusively on a slim, high woman. A variety of jackets, trousers and skirts make it possible to easily choose a harmonious kit and for complete ladies with lush forms.

Large-sized costumes are no less perfect, but will no less elegant. It all depends on the type of woman’s build. It is enough to choose the length of the trouser or skirts, correctly beat the advantages of the shape and hide the small flaws so that the silhouette looks much more graceful and slimmer than it is actually.

Business suit, made in English style, is distinguished by the simplicity of design, clarity of lines, comfort in the sock and elegance of the form. English Conservatism implies restraint in colors, immaculateness in crop, traditional length and natural materials.


Material selected for a sewing suit must meet several requirements.

  • Resistance to frinking. Classic costume should always look impeccable.
  • Ability to quickly restore the original shape after stretching. Material should not be deformed.
  • Material must have good hygroscopicity.

Most often for sewing, natural materials (cotton, tweed, batter, wool, silk, cashmere, crepe) are selected. Synthetic materials or tissues with a large addition of synthetics are not recommended for sewing. In such a suit will be hot, uncomfortable, in addition, such a cloth misses moisture.

Soft, gentle velvet is very often used for sewing evening outfits and suits for a special way out. Velvet suit dark blue, deep wine, emerald green, purple or black looks very exquisite and noble.


Traditional colors for classic suit – black, brown, gray or white. Black or white suit appropriately look at any atmosphere and perfectly combined with other clothes, shoes and accessories. It is very stylish and unusually a combination of contrasting colors, for example, a black jacket – white skirt or vice versa.

Today, designers are offered to move away from generally accepted norms and draw their attention to costumes of brighter and juicy shades. Saturated red, deep blue, beautiful emerald color is ideal for a combination with a classic cut.

One of the trends of recent seasons is pink color. Not screaming or poisonous, and gentle or completely pale. Such a costume looks very exquisite.

How to choose?

When choosing a classic suit model, first of all, repel from your type of physique. For example, overlooking the top and narrow shoulders visually transforming will help the fitted jacket with beades. Visually balance the narrow top and the wide bottom will help and wide lapels on the jacket. Jacket is desirable to pick up shortened, in any case, its length should not pass along the widest line of the thighs.

Women with the type of body type “Triangle” It is recommended to pay your attention to the sets of dark trousers or skirts and a light jacket or jacket. Such a combination visually aligns the proportions, making the figure more harmonious.

For the owner of the figure on the type “Rectangle” you can recommend jackets of direct or slightly adjacent cut. Pants can also be straight or narrowed. Small decorative parts are allowed, for example, overhead pockets.

Miniature girls can advise suits with a vertical thin stripe. Such a print visually “pulls out” the figure.

The owner of the shape of the type “Apple” can try on jackets with a fairly deep V-neck. The length of the jacket may be up to the hip or slightly below. It is desirable to pick up a dark color gamut that significantly pulls out and slightly slightly. And beautifully beat the restrained colors will help properly arranged bright accents (neck scarf, beautiful brooch, elegant clutch and t.D.). Pants must sit enough in the hips and belly area. The model can be straight or slightly folded.

One of the trends of the new season is definitely the sophistication of silhouette and clear geometry of lines. No blurred forms and avant-garde designs. Only strict, concise silhouette, beautiful shoulder line, classic length.

Very relevant a pencil skirt and pants, tightly sitting on the hips and the thighs scrambled from the line. Free, flying silhouette. Pants at the same time should almost completely hide shoes. Only socks shoes and part of the heel remain in sight.

In fashion monochromicity. Very fashionable and relevant will be costumes weatheted in a single color scheme. Very popular steel gray and rich blue. As well as pastel, gentle gamma shades (mint, coral, caramel, champagne, pearl pink).

What to wear?

Blouse is one of the most popular companion things for classic suit. Blouses can be the most different: male cut, stylized shirts, romantic with swans and ruffles, decolted and closed. Blouses can be monophonic or perform in combination of several colors, decorating embroidery, elegant jabs, bow, original shape collar and cuffs and t.D.

Instead of blouses, a shirt, top, shirt, turtleneck, thin jumper and t.D.

So that the image looks as harmonious as possible and effectively, to the classic costume it is necessary to choose the right accessories and shoes. No coarse boots or bulk bags: elegant clutch, neat boats or closed heel shoes. Explore the image of laconic ornaments – chain, earrings, rings.

Despite the fact that the traditional version of the shoes suitable for the classic costume is shoes or ankle shoes, modern designers offer to expand this line, combining a suit with different options for sports shoes, for example, with dies or sneakers. Usually this image is characteristic of youth or unofficial style. The jacket can put on a naked body, pants have a shortened length, various decorative elements and unusual decorations are allowed.

An elegant coat of direct cut from cashmere, wool or other material is perfectly suitable for the classic suit. It can be an elegant cloak, and a luxurious fur coat, and stylish sheep and other clothes that combines with a style suit.

Beautiful and stylish images

Surprisingly feminine: graphite color fitted jacket and pencil skirt. With gray successfully harmonizes the finish of the collar and pockets, buttons and belts of black.

Snow-white suit always looks very elegant and fresh. Especially when white color is represented in such an elegant and feminine suit design. Complement the image of laconic ornaments and a black bag.

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