Female gray sports suit

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Female gray sports suit

Every woman likes to look stylish, but at the same time feel comfortable. It would seem that it would be impossible to achieve the combination of these two qualities in a sports suit, but in fact this judgment is not true. Gray exercise kit will allow the girl to look beautiful and modern, Without throwing her movements while pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Color features

Silver shade of outfits choose the nature of sophisticated, but balanced and strict, make decisions on the basis of facts, and not emotions. The advantages of this color are the following features:

  • Gray shades are suitable for a combination with any other: you can not spend a lot of hours to select a set, where everything is collected stylish and harmonious, contacting the help of this color+
  • On a gray background, all accessories begin to “play” new paints+
  • Combines elegance, rigidity and tenderness+
  • is an excellent basis for collecting any kits.

Speaking about the gray sports suit, it is impossible not to note it Practicality and ability to stay clean for a long time. Unlike bright models where any spot will be seen, such clothes hides some flaws obtained during socks.

In addition, gray does not complete the figure.


Modern manufacturers offer a huge variety of sports costumes for women. The most interesting of them:

  • straight pants and hooded jams – one of the standard styles will have to do with those who appreciate comfort more than the external beauty + pants, as a rule, are sitting freely, allowing you to move and do exercises without problems + hood will save during the rain in the middle of a workout on Street+
  • T-shirt / Top and shorts – summer vehicle suit + set with a sports bodice recommended ladies without excess weight + shorts allow the skin to breathe in the summer heat+
  • tight models – a tightly sitting shirt or sweaters and leggings are suitable for slim, tightened figures + such a kit will emphasize all the advantages of its mistress and will support the body where there is a brake+
  • Classic (jacket on the castle and free pants) – the most convenient and long-term used version of the gray sports suit+
  • With a skirt – Recently, a non-standard style, containing this element of women’s clothing + skirt, has become popular, which can be performed in the form of a bask, I hope the pants on top or simply replace them (more clothing for walking than for real exercises).


Modern clothing models for women are distinguished by a variety of forms and styles, colors and use of non-standard materials. All this allows you to create truly stylish images. The most popular fabrics for the manufacture of sets include cotton, viscose, polyester, spandex, acetate, silk. Select the suit of the costume follows from the purpose of the purchase: Cotton should be purchased for homemade socks, for active sports – Special synthetic materials, for street walks – Waterproof fibers.


Choosing a neutral sports suit, you pay attention to the variety of shades presented in the store. Consider the most used ones:

  • Light gray – classic color, which love to acquire young girls+
  • gray-blue – non-standard shade, reminiscent of the winter snowstore, suitable brunettes, especially blue-eyed+
  • gray-pink – suit performed in gentle pastel colors decorate blondes and light blond girls and women+
  • Dark gray – a shade close to black, allows you to hide the shortcomings of the shapes and traces of hard workouts + ideal for ladies aged.


  • The first gray summer kit, consisting of branded T-shirts and comfortable knitted pants, personifies the style of “Sport-Chic” style. The image looks stylish due to the absence of unnecessary details, tosing simple cut and having a sign of the brand adidas. Complement its white classic sneakers supporting the neutrality of shades of the dress. In such a suit you can not only do exercises to create a tightened body, but also go for a walk.

  • In the second image, sports cut and gentle drawing are harmoniously combined. The usual figures on the form are presented in the form of floral patterns, which adds a form of femininity. On the sleeves, the topic of lamps is supported. The designer was able to shift different styles, turning a conventional gray suit in an art object.

  • The third image is suitable for strict ladies that do not see the need to decorate themselves with additional accessories and large prints. For them is important, first of all, the functionality of clothes. The concise kit consists of comfortable knitted sports trousers sitting in a figure, and a blouse on zipper with a hood, decorated on the sleeves of Lampas. A good option for real heavy training or yoga classes.

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