Female shirt in a cage

Female shirt in a cage

The shirt is a universal part of any wardrobe, because, due to its light fabric and a simple cut, it is incredibly comfortable. The cage shirt is a bright representative of some cowboy style and many may seem not so attractive, but familiar with this thing in more detail, it becomes obvious.


The model range of such a seemingly monotonous thing as a checkered shirt, also has some variety.


Model with short sleeves is in great demand among girls who prefer sports style. Such a style is most relevant in the summer, since the shirt is well ventilated and will not deliver uncomfortable sensations in the heat.

With long sleeve

The long sleeve of the shirt in the cage is in great demand in cool weather, since models from certain tissue can help in maintaining heat. This model can be used as an independent part of the wardrobe and combined with various T-shirts and T-shirts.

Without sleeves

Sleeveless shirt model, depending on the size of the cell, can be part of a business dress in hot weather. In combination with the upper clothes, any girl will fit well, but as a separate item, it is best to use slim girls with thin hands.

Shirt – Tunic

Shirt model – Tunic is part of the informal style and does not fit into the business. Perfectly combined with tight bottom things, and can also be part of the beach dress.

Body shirt

Shirt – Body is well suited if there is a need for fastened pants or model skirts. Thanks to his cut, the shirt will not constantly get out of the bottom of the clothes, and it does not have to correct it.

Size and types of cells

In addition to diversity in the model range, there are also external differences in the diversity of cell printing.

Small cage

Models of shirts having a fine cage, can easily fit into the office style and become part of the business dress. Small cell looks restrained, poorly, but very stylish.

Big cage

Shirts in a large cage are suitable for pastime in an informal setting, since the standing print does not fit into business style. A large cage to some extent is part of the country style.

Scottish cell

Scottish cell, also part of an informal style, due to the characteristic bright coloring. The most stylish looks model with long sleeves.


Print Vichy cells are characteristic of country style or provence. In the pale shades of the model of shirts with this variant of the cells can fit into the framework of the office dress code.


In the summer, models from the lungs, natural fabrics, which are well passed by air and absorb moisture, without delaying it on the body. The most suitable options – short sleeves shirts, shirts – tunic and sleeves shirt models.


Warm variants of shirts are made of dense fabric and sometimes even have. The most common models in the Scottish style with long sleeves or model into a large cage.

Large size for full women

Models of shirts for holders of magnificent forms, as a rule, have free cuts and can be represented in any of the above models, except for the shirt – body, because it may excessively focus on the disadvantages of the shapes.

For pregnant

Models for pregnant women are also performed in a free rod, so that no excessive pressure on the tummy.

In most cases, it is recommended to use a special support belt, and it will not be noticeable under free shirt.


Among young people are the most popular shirts – bodies in a small cage, as well as models in the Scottish style and shirts in the cage of Vichy.


Depending on the tissue variation, the shirt will be in demand in various situations, and will be relevant under certain weather conditions.


Cotton shirt is the most popular and urgent for office style. Depending on weather conditions, a model with a different sleeve option can be represented.


Flannel is a natural, warmed, cotton fabric, with a small woolen wool. Flannel shirts enjoy the greatest popularity in the cold season.


Since Len is a natural material that is well ventilated and, moreover, light, shirts from it will be most relevant in hot summer weather.


Bike is a dense half-walled cloth, so it will also be relevant to create warm models of shirts. The most stylish looks model with a cage of Vichy, made of bike tissue.



The blue shirt is great for absolutely all girls, because dark blue can, how to hide disadvantages, and emphasize the advantages. The model of the blue shirt in the green cage looks very stylish, as these colors are very well combined with each other.


Green shirts most stylishly look in a dark shade, as well as beneficially combined with a print in a black cage.


Black shirt, being one of the classic options, it will be well combined with a cell, both bright colors and calm shades.


Pink shades are in demand among young girls. A bright pink cell is perfect for an informal setting, and light shades can be perfectly fit into business outfit.


A burgundy shirt looks great in conjunction with dark cells, for example, black, dark blue, dark green.


White shirt, like black, is classic options and will look good in combination with a cellular printing absolutely any colors.


Purple shirt, being part of an informal style, will look good with big cells of black or white colors.


The shirt in blue shades looks very stylishly with the print in the cage of Vichy, as well as a small nonsense cage.


Gray among the shirts in the cage is the most stylish looking, presented in the model in a large cage or Vichy.


Bright cell prints most profitably look in red-green Scottish colors. Such a model of a shirt having a tight style looks perfectly on slender girls.


Multicolored models that combine several colors in themselves, look most profitable in pink, white and yellow shades. Also, quite stylishly looks a model combining white, black and red colors.

This season is popular with a short sleeve shirt or without them, in a small non-bright cage.

In the autumn period, the long-sleeved model is popular, made of insulated material, and as for coloring – in gray weather, many fashion guards prefer the Scottish cell.

For the summer period, fashion trends are characterized by a lightweight model of shirts with contrasting variations of cellular colors.

Business style supporters prefer the middle cage, without limiting the color representations only with light shades, but on the contrary – choosing bright tones.

These tones bring notebook novelty.

What to wear?

Absolutely natural is the question regarding the combination of checkered shirts with other things. Consider the most successful options.

With shorts

With shorts in an informal style, shirts having the same stylistic affiliation will be perfectly combined. And the shorts of classic models having the arrows will be perfectly combined with models of fitted cotton shirts, as well as shirts – Bodi. It is worth remembering that the checkered shirts are better not to combine with shorts in a cage, because such a robe may look faded, and it will not always be good to combine.

With Skirt

Shirts are perfectly suitable for classic tight skirts. Denim skirts will be perfectly looked with flannel shirts or bike models.

With trousers

Body shirts will be perfectly combined with classic trousers, as well as widescreen trousers models. More free styles of shirts, as well as elongated models will look great with narrow trousers, for example, skinnie models.

With jacket

In combination with a jacket, shirts made of lightweight fabric, for example, cotton or linen. Checkered prints, in this case, can be combined only in this version: the jacket should be dark color, in a fine light cell, and the shirt on the contrary – a light shade with a dark shallow cage.

It is desirable that shades of shirt and jacket be varieties of the same color.

With T-shirt and T-shirt

Flanchery shirts are perfectly combined with T-shirt and T-shirt, in case of cool weather. The combination of shirts with a short sleeve of cotton and tight shirts is perfect for a summer option.

Accessories and shoes

In combination of shoes and accessories with various models of shirts, everything is much easier than with clothing. Absolutely any variations of shoes are perfectly suitable for shirts. As for accessories, they should be chosen to each model of the shirt individually.


An excellent option for a walk with friends or dates will be a plaid shirt in the Scottish style, combining white, green and red shades. This model will look great with a black skirt Crawing semi-sun, the length of which is above the knee. An excellent addition to the image will be dense black tights and suede boots on the platform.

Cotton shirt is perfectly suitable as a business dress – Body with long sleeves, in a small cell of white, blue and red colors. In combination with dark gray trousers of classic cut and elegant boats, the image perfectly fit into the office dress code.

White linen shirt in a black cage of Vichy will look great in conjunction with a bright pink skirt. Best if the shirt will be refilled inward, and the sleeves will be rented to the elbow. Extra image will help a large necklace with stones in the form of flowers, as well as a small pink clutch in combination with heel shoes of the same shade. Large golden watches are perfectly suitable as other accessories, and a bracelet in the form of large chain links.

And in tandem with a lush skirt checkered shirt will create a spectacular festive bow.

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