Female Shorts Cargo

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Female Shorts Cargo

Cargo style, which is becoming increasingly popular among men and women, appeared thanks to the loaders. It is their work wear that gave impetus to develop a new direction in the fashion world. One of the elements of this style are Kargo shorts. With their help, you can be individual, liberated, relaxed, feel discrepancies and comfort.


There are two options for shorts relative to their length: short and long.

  1. Short Shorts Cargo is the most popular because they look feminine and even sexy. In such a variety, the shorts from the style of the cargo remains only the color and features of Croy. Rough lines in short shorts are missing, wine is a concise length.
  2. Long models are perfectly suitable for long-term walks, active pastime on nature, picnics and other outdoor activities. Standard Length is at the knee level, there are often models with a length ¾. Often in such shorts there are overhead pockets, which makes them especially relevant for country rest. Shorts for everyday images create their denim, cotton and flax.

What to wear?

Women’s shorts of the cargo are borrowed from male fashion, but it does not interfere with creating female images, sourcing tenderness and ease.

When creating images with shorts, Cargo should stick with several simple rules:

  • Choosing shoes, it is necessary to look first at high lifting sandals (heel, tanket), ballet shoes, Roman sandals. It is necessary to focus on the nature of the image and the reason for which it is formed. For hiking and hiking, it is better to choose more sporting and comfortable shoes: sneakers with high platform, sneakers, Militari style shoes.
  • Best option for tops will be blouses, jackets and topics. Such a combination will make you fashionable and expressive. Free shirts tied by stomach – another original option that can be combined with cargo shorts.

  • Kargo shorts suggest the existence in the image of original and bold accessories. It can be hat, clutch, scarf, cape, decoration.
  • For short storm shorts, you can pick up elements with prints. Models in protective color will look good next to striped, checkered and abstract elements.

How to choose?

Do not think that the shorts of the cargo can afford only slender girls with long legs. The right choice plays a paramount role.

Incorrectly selected shorts can spoil any model appearance.

  • Men’s fashion models with high waist looks best on women’s figures. Special restrictions in the choice of such clothes are not.
  • The element of clothes with a low waist will take the length of the legs, therefore, the low girls such a piece of clothing is contraindicated.

  • Very high girls should not choose short shorts because they will make you even higher. The ideal option is shorts that reach the knees, but do not cover them.
  • With a not particularly pronounced waist, it is necessary to use belts.

  • On a thin figure, loose models decorated with ruffles. In such shorts, the legs will seem more voluminous and not thin. Large prints can also help in such a situation.
  • Holders of full hips need to look at Bermudam – free Croes shorts. From wide and overhead pockets need to be abandoned not to add visually unnecessary kilograms.
  • Denim models are universal because they are suitable for many images. For club party best suited leather shorts Cargo. For the formation of an office or business onion, you need to choose the models to create a suitable fabric.

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