Female Sport Cashmer Suit

Female Sport Cashmer Suit

Fashionable and universal

Currently, sports costumes have ceased to be associated only with sports activities, because modern designers are developing universal outfits, in which you can go for a walk, picnic or go to relax in nature. Sports costumes give a lot of pleasant feelings and freedom of movements, for which they fell in love with many fashionista.

Brand novelties

Recently, the popularity of Cashmere costume models are gaining popularity, which not only perfectly and stylishly, but also pleasant to the body. Sports suits from cashmere, which produce the following brands:

  • Les 100 Ciels, producing soft models of male and female sports costumes of various cuts from 100% cashmere+

  • Loro Piana, which produces light models of sports costumes from cashmere+

  • Cashmere Mystery, offering consumers soft cashmere suits that look great on any figure+

  • Aanna Stevar, whose tracksuits are made from cashmere and wool+

  • Magaschoni, whose cashmere sports suits are distinguished by their warmth and high quality.

Features of cashmere costumes

Cashmere is a rather dense and soft material with high thermal conductivity. Cashmere sports suits are made with a matte and smooth surface, as well as slightly roughly. Attractive appearance and softness make these outfits are simply indispensable for everyday socks and bring a lot of pleasant sensations when contact with the body.

Cashmere costumes are focused on the fashionistas of all ages and can boast not only original and beautiful appearance, but also certain healing properties: preserving the body in dryness and heat, the material has a positive effect on the joints and spine. Costumes made from a combination of cashmere and wool have a stunning warming effect, and you can wear them in the cold season under a jacket or down jacket, without fear of low temperatures.

Types of tracksuits

Currently, many famous designers have allocated two particularly popular and stylish sports cashmere costumes: pants and sweatshirts, pants and Olympic. In the first version, soft and cozy sweatshirts without any clashes or zipper, the sweaters are sometimes supplemented with a hood and do not require any other clothes.

An option with the Olympic is perfectly suitable for ladies who love to independently complement their image with T-shirts and Mains of various colors. They can contrast with the Olympic or combine with it in color and tone.

For a warm season, various sports overalls from cashmere with a riding having thin or wide straps are also perfect. In such an outfit, it will be very comfortable: the skin will breathe, and nothing will argue movements.

Choose cashmere costume

Costumes for recreation and sports do not have to bring any unpleasant feeling or discomfort. When choosing a cashmere sports suit worth paying attention to some of its characteristics.

  • It is necessary to choose the right LOGS, depending on how you plan to wear a suit: with T-shirts or T-shirts or without them.
  • Color palette of cashmere sports costumes from various manufacturers is very rich, so pick up the model of your favorite color is very simple, but it is worth remembering that costumes of light or white cashmere are quite easy to get enough, and they will often wash them.
  • It is worth considering the cut and the size of the costume very carefully, since the more free outfit will visually make the figure shapeless and unattractive, but too small models will noticeably emphasize the flaws of the figure.
  • It is not necessary to acquire the model of sports costumes with the pants inappropriate for you lengths, since longer copies will quickly lose their trade look at the bottom, while short pants will look pretty ridiculous.

What to combine cashmere sports suits?

Women’s sports cashmere costumes harmoniously look exclusively with sports shoes and accessories. Today, the choice of comfortable and high-quality sneakers for any purpose (for running, games, exercises on simulators) is huge, so it is possible to choose a bright and rich or monophonic and strict model to absolutely any costume from Cashmere. It is better to choose sports shoes on a thick sole or with a high landing, as such models look very stylish in tandem with cashmere costumes.

Different T-shirts and wrestling of contrasting colors with drawings, inscriptions and branded emblems of various brands look great with cashmere pants and Olympic or without her. Coloring can be selected any, but it is worth remembering that the classic white color of shoes or T-shirts is universal, and will always be a spectacular detail of the sports image.

Accessories in combination with cashmere costume

Speecually and stylish, with female cashmere sports costumes, accessories will look like:

  • Branded and compact sports bags of various brands+
  • Spacious and large bags with dense and wide handles, complemented by sports brand emblems+
  • Madly popular today bags-backpacks+
  • Original trendy clocks and “smart” bracelets of such famous brands like Adidas or Nike.

Fashionable color solutions

Recently, women’s cashmere costumes of beige or milk colors have become very popular, as this coloring refreshes the youth image. Models of poisonous colors (poisonous green, lettuce, pink) attract the attention of others and look very vigorously and spectacular. Cashmere sports suits of strict gray color, or gray with black splashes, also use recently enviable popularity and perfectly combined with accessories and shoes of contrast or bright colors.

Single classic color patterns look fashionable and sports, but it is worth remembering that black cashmere costumes are able to hide some flaws of the figure, while white costumes can emphasize the shortcomings and such models should choose more taped ladies.

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