Female sports suit Armani

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Female sports suit Armani

Giorgio Armani since the founding of a fashion house paid special attention to the development of sportswear. He sought to make her practical, high-quality and at the same time attractive, and he managed. ARMANI fashion house visually proved that women may look in a sporty costume stylish and sexy.


Today, ARMANI sports suits are greatly popular, because they are suitable not only for sports, but for everyday socks. In addition, things have a wide list of benefits, which positively affects their demand.

  1. Quality. Exclusively high-quality materials and accessories are used for clothing. In addition, the entire sewing process is carefully controlled by experts, which eliminates the proceeds in the sale of defective products.
  2. Convenience. Creating each model of the costume takes a lot of time, t.To. Designers carefully developed the thing to be not only beautiful, but and comfortable.
  3. Uniqueness. Armani’s sports costumes are impossible to confuse any other brand, thanks to the features of cutting and branded printing. In such clothes, the girl will be beneficial to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Durability. Due to natural, high-quality painted products, the materials are well rummed, easily erased, and retain their original species for many years.
  5. Style. Armani created his original style, which always allows you to stay in trend.
  6. Attractive. Giorgio proved that even in a sports suit you can look feminine and seductive.

Undoubtedly, clothes from world-famous brands are an order of magnitude higher, but this investment is fully justified, After all, even after 2 years, the thing will not lose its attraction. While the thing from the Masmarket, with intensive use, have to throw out already 1 year later.


Sports costumes became part of 3 collections of fashion houses Armani – Emporio, EA7 and Jeans, who are annually replenished with new models. In the range there are traditional kits “Two”, consisting of pants and olympics or sweatshirts, as well as non-standard “Troika”, complemented by a cheat or t-shirt.

The first collection of sportswear called Emporio Armani appeared immediately after the opening of the fashion house, and to this day it enjoys great popularity. The line is designed for young guys and girls who want to look stylish and elegant even on the playground or in the hall. Most models consist of free or narrated pants, and jackets on a zipper with a small collar rack. There are also sports suits consisting of pants, sweatshirts and vests. The most original is a model consisting of spacious trousers and sweatshirts with bare shoulders.

With the onset of the 2000s, Georgio Armani decided to unite with the Reebok brand, and jointly develop clothing for sports. Thus, the EA7 line appeared representing the goods not only for lovers, and and professional athletes. In addition to traditional sports costumes, compression products appeared on sale, thanks to which the company has reached a new level. The feature of the EA7 collection is a sophisticated style, emphasizing femininity, so it is with pleasure wearing both young girls and adult women.

Despite the popularity of the Emporio Armani line, in the 80s, another collection of sportswear was created – Jeans. The main advantage of the line is that the costumes are perfectly suitable not only for sports, and for walking. They look concisely, stylish and modern. In addition, sportswear from the Armani Jeans collection has a lower cost, which made it more affordable for consumers. The models have bright colors, and consist of a hooded jacket, and aged to the bottom of the pants.

Material and color

Women’s sports costumes Armani is preferably made of knitwear and cotton, which is complemented by polyester, lycra or polyamide to give things greater elasticity. In addition, produced products from velor and viscose, which are perfect for cool weather. Winter costumes sew a fleece that is well kept warm, allowing you to play sports at low air temperature.

Color range of sports costumes is quite wide, because includes not only traditional black, blue, gray and red tones, A and bright, sometimes even acidic shades of yellow, pink, green, orange, purple and others. Also available products in bright range, such as white, beige, blue. It should be noted that sports suits can be not only monophonic, and in combination with contrasting shades.

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