Green blouses

Green blouses

Green blouses – this is a thing with which you can make a juiciness and summer paint. How to do it right to get the most harmonious image, we will talk.

To whom fit?

Than colorful appearance, the juicier and more intense you need to pick up green: Malachite, lightweight, bottle glass, brightly turquoise, grassy, ​​jade, lime, sea wave, coniferous + and on the contrary – if the difference in skin shade, eye, hair is almost absent, then the choice must fall on more tender shades – cabbage sheet, mint , pistachio, emerald, pea, olive.


Most popular models:

  • Classic style+
  • With volumetric sleevers that expand to the bottom+
  • With sleeves-cylinders or lanterns+
  • Sleeves 2/3 and 3/4+
  • With a triangular cut: with a postponed collar or without it+
  • With a rack collar+
  • Asymmetric blouses+
  • Shorted blouses+
  • With minimal finish or without details.

A large number of women prefer shirt-style blouses. This is also explained, first of all, convenience in the daily sock. Distinctive features of such blouses – straight cut, strict, laconic lines and modest design without unnecessary parts.

Also modern blouses differ in the finish: a pretty cute element can be called a bow used as a tie or neck tied on the neck.

The most popular models of the last seasons – asymmetric. They are characterized by: multi-level floors, one open shoulder, non-standard cutout cutting.


Green shades with the addition of yellow perceived as warm, with the addition of blue – like cold. So the light green shade reports sensitivity. Yellow-green emphasizes others with confidence and vigor, improves mood. Bright green – obsessive and meticulous.

Blouses are green with blue, or the color of the sea wave, seize sea coolness, show distraction and extension.

Dark green – testifies to reliability surrounding feeling security and pacification. Under this feature are also suitable: khaki, olive, mint, emerald.

What to wear?

What to combine a blouse depends on, first of all, from its shade, but the best alliance with it will create beige, straw, orange, chocolate and white.

To create an official-business style, a dark green blouse is perfectly suitable, as well as dark trousers or classic jeans. It is appropriate to supplement clothing shoes on heels or a low platform and brown (or any other neutral shade) with a handbag of medium capacity. As a supplement, golden or silver modest decorations are best.

Do not forget about sets with skirts. To the blouse of almost any model and the shade fits well a direct skirt pencil, with which the bow turns out more elegant. An excellent option will also use gold or silver decorations.

Fans of jeans do not need to refuse themselves in the pleasure of carrying them with a green blouse. Very good in combination with skinny jeans looks blouse mint shade.

A suitable addition to such a set will be a dark jacket. Handbag and shoes need to select contrast, such as pastel or brown.

Going to a romantic date, put on a blouse with ruffles and a gray or beige skirt-pls.

Young features perfectly suitable blouses with short shorts. It perfectly complement sandals on a flat move and a small contrasting handbag. The combination of green tops with beige or muted blue bottom looks especially successful.

Choose for the dress skirt, shorts or pants in style, and you will always be exquisite and irresistible.

If you want the bow to be more expressive and attractive, do not exclude accessories – it is though small, but useful details of your wardrobe.

Earrings with stones or suspension, beautiful ring or a pretty bracelet – exactly what will emphasize femininity and tenderness.

Green color can refresh every image, so weanly take the clothes of various shades. It will help look unusual, stylish and tastefully. Actually, the majority of modern designers agree that green clothes must necessarily be in the wardrobe of all self-respecting fashion.

Spectacular images

Chiffon blouse universal. You can wear not only with shorts, but also jeans – boyfriends or classical. Decorations need to choose not massive, golden or with small stones. Bag and shoes must be moderate shades, preferably from a brown palette.

Green blouse easily complements business image. For such an outfit, it is better not to take the clothes of bright colors, but stick to classic shades. Shoes and accessories should not be massive, otherwise femininity disappears.

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