Green shirts

Green shirts

Green – one of the brightest, fresh and energy-strong elements in the color scheme. That is why it is so often found in the collections of women’s and men’s clothing. One of the most popular green items in the women’s wardrobe is a shirt. It is well suited to create a business, romantic, classic, ethnic and other clothes styles.


A classic shirt of a straight or fitted crumble with a long or short sleeve, a postponed collar and a button of buttons is relevant at any time and in any situation. It is perfectly combined with clothes of different styles. The classic shirt is a basic element to create a variety of images, starting with a strict business, ending, free, informal.

The shirt made in the romantic style, as a rule, has more original and interesting cut. Sleeves have such a shirt more lush, they are additionally decorated with beautiful buttons or cufflinks. The collar has a complex shape and decorates by flocks or ruffles. The shirt itself can be straight or have a sophisticated style, complement the folds, frills, interesting drapes and T.D.

Folk-style shirt in his picture often reminds of the clothes of representatives of other nationalities. Has the most simple cut, laconic decor.

Sports shirts are ideal not only for active pastime, but also for everyday lifestyle. Such a shirt is perfectly combined with jeans and forms a bright and stylish set for every day.


The green color scheme has a mass of shades, ranging from salad, finishing, deep emerald. Yellow-green shades create a feeling of warm color gamut, and green-blue – cold.

Shirts of light green (lime, pistachios, lettuce) are suitable for creating a very gentle and romantic image.

Shirts made in deeper and rich tones of dark green (needles, emerald, olive) are ideal for classic and evening image

Bright shades shirts (sea wave, turquoise-green) are the basis for creating the most bold and extravagant images.

To whom fit?

Green for women in different colors. The owners of the summer and winter type of leather are suitable shirts of a cold green gamut: mint colors, cabbage and t.D. Of the more rich and deep tones, you can recommend a herb, emerald shirt, the shade of the bottle glass and T.D.

The owners of the autumn-spring color you can advise the shirts of warm shades, for example, khaki, olive, pistachio, the colors of May greens and T.D. Gentle shades of salad colors and lime look great on spring-type girls. Autumn girl looks great in the shirt of the color of green moss, marsh, brown and green shade.

What to wear and combine?

Green shirt universal. The main thing is to choose the right tint suitable for your color, so that the selected thing is harmoniously combined with the rest of the clothes.

Dark green classic shirt is great for creating a strict image. It is perfectly combined with straight trousers, and with a pencil type skirt. Classic boats or stiletto shoes Complete the resulting elegant image. As decorations, you can recommend gold, which is perfect for shirts of different shades of green.

Green polo shirt looks great with jeans of any cut. You can choose any sports shoes, such as sneakers or sneakers.

Deep, noble shade shirt, patina, bottle glass, made in a romantic style in combination with a long skirt year, will make a wonderful evening for a festive dinner or campaign to theater.

As for the color combinations, the green shirt is best harmonized with dark blue, golden, beige, sandy shade. Saturated green color looks perfectly on the background of gentle pastel shades.

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