Green skirts

Green skirts

Each fashionista should have a green skirt in his wardrobe, because they will help create a lot of stylish and unsurpassed summer images. Green color is multifaceted, because it offers a large number of tones, each of which helps create a new and stylish combination.

Green skirts are suitable for the embodiment of onions in different style directions. They can be combined with bright or calm colors. The choice remains only for you.


To create a business image it is worth paying attention to the skirt pencil of a green shade. This style is distinguished by rigor and beauty, so it will be the perfect choice for office style.

The green model looks great with white riding, for example, with a classic blouse. Light green skirt can be combined with flue or peach, cream or beige blouses. If the dress code allows you to show creativity and choose a blouse with a graphic print in muted shades.

Green Pencil skirt can also be combined with green or gray riding. In addition to the blouse and the top, a great supplement will be stylish jackets.

The sun

Skirt The Sun is suitable for all fair sex representatives. It is distinguished by air product, often used to create a gentle romantic bow.

Green Skirt Sun looks great with bright riding. You can pick a stylish free jumper or T-shirt. If you want to add an image of originality, then you can wear the top, decorated with a fashionable print or inscription. An ideal addition to Luke will be bright shoes.

Dark green

Skirts of a dark green shade are greatly popular among fashionistas. This color solution mainly consists of blue. The skirt of dark green color is characterized by conservatism, so it can be used to create even a business-friendly business woman. This shade is distinguished by saturation and depth.

The skirt in this color execution is an excellent choice for the incarnation of the evening image, and will become a bright accent. Often fashionable replenish your wardrobe models of dark green color for the embodiment of fashionable Militari style images.

Bright green

Bright green skirts this season occupy one of the leading positions. This color consists of a yellow shade with a small addition of blue tone. Models in this color solution are greatly suitable for creating a summer image. To such a skirt it is worth picking the top of the black.



Green mini length skirt can be represented by a variety of stales. So, in great demand, models of direct cut, lush, with rolling or folds.

Short Skirt Sun Beautiful Will Looks like a tight top of any bright colors. When choosing accessories worth paying attention to gold and black colors, but the selection of shoes and handbags are better to carry out the color of lipstick.

The green skirt of the length of the mini-taxable cut is perfectly combined with horseback or black.

Skirt to the fold will help create a strict business bow. It is worth combining with a white top or a classic cut shirt. Among the large range of accessories should stay on calm colors.


If the mini skirts look at you ridiculous, you can choose a luxurious green model of midi. Very beautiful looks like the knee or middle of caviar.

So that the skirt looks beautiful, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of shoes. With the green skirt of the midi, you can wear shoes both on the heel and a wedge. This option will help visually lengthen the silhouette.

Midi Skirt FLISS is a great solution for a walk or work. Packages that consist of several layers of thin tulle are tremended. This model is ideal for the embodiment of romanticity and femininity. Enough to choose white top and amazing sandals on the heater.

Long in floor

Maxi length skirt is in great demand, because it is suitable for many girls as slim and full. The long green model is better combined with a black top of lace. On top you can wear a sophisticated clay jacket as well in black color solutions. Beautiful image add-ons will be red or black shoes.

When choosing accessories and handbags, you must repel from the shade.

Long green skirt is distinguished by femininity. Models with asymmetric podol attract the attention of others. Such an element of the wardrobe can be safely put on parties or to meet friends.


Plears skirts are often made from Silka, because it is the light flowing cloth that can create an unsurpassed appearance. To the green model it is worth picking up calm top, without decorative elements.

Pleated skirt great for meetings with friends or walks. Sweater of light tone will complement the image will add comfort.

When choosing shoes it is worth staying on shoes – if you choose the model of the green color, then you can visually lengthen the silhouette. To create a bright accent, put on a decoration of contrast.

To crest

Skirts in a fold are often represented by the length of the mini. They are suitable for slim girls with beautiful legs. This model is a wonderful ensemble with a white top or shirt. Extra image will help accessories in calm color solutions.

Spectacular Images with White Riding

Green skirt is well harmonized with white riding, so many designers offer to apply this tandem to create unique everyday, business or evening images. White top looks beautifully with all the shades of green.

Pliste skirt in an ensemble with a blouse or a snow-white blouse will be a great solution for everyday life. Adjust the image can be brown belt or bag. When choosing shoes it is worth a preference to light brown or beige tone.

The mini skirt with the smell of green color looks great with the top or classic white shirt. Such a tandem is suitable for embodiment strictly onions. This outfit will suit this business woman, which is always at the height. In addition, use accessories of calm tones.

What to wear and what will come?

Green skirt is suitable for creating a business image, although some girls are afraid to experiment and use saturated tones. The magnificent tandem is the skirt of the muffled green tone with the top of the strip. On top you can throw a stylish gray jacket. The final element of the bow will be shoes on a neutral heel and a unique bag in the form of a portfolio.

Luxuriously looks like a green jacket, it is especially worth paying attention to the attached models decorated with buttons. It is enough to wear a few more accessories of a dark shade and a stylish image is ready.

In the evening image, the green skirt is the main decoration, so all other elements must emphasize its beauty. Effectively looks like a combination of a lush skirt with a brilliant top. Girls low growth need to wear green shoes, then they will look slimmer.

For a party, a stylish combination of green and burgundy will fit. Shoes can be chosen in tone with riding, and large-scale decorations will add effect.

Green skirt looks beautifully in combination with clothing decorated with leopard print. But only one thing can become a bright accent. You can stay on a handbag, scarf, blouse or shoes. The main thing in creating a stylish bow does not apply a lot of accents.

Self-confident girls who are always in the center of attention, prefer to combine a green skirt not only with white classic riding, but also choose coral, red, bright orange or purple color. Any combination will help create a stunning, spectacular bow.

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