Green sweater

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Green sweater

Green is one of the most life-affirming and positive colors in the palette of paints. That is why it can so often meet in our wardrobe.

Designers are developing whole collections of green clothes. Did not exception and knit sweater. The classic sweater has a high collar fitting neck, but recently other varieties of sweaters are becoming increasingly popular – jumpers and pullovers.

Light green sweater charges energy, gives a feeling of lightness and freshness. The sweater of a deep emerald shade adds peace and confidence in their own. In addition, it is one of the most fashionable colors this season!


Classic Sweater – Model of Direct or Down Crow with High Collar and Long Sleeves. It can be a monophonic or motley.

Connoisseurs of non-standard fashion will certainly pay attention to the most popular model in this season with asymmetric. In fashion is also wide, shapeless sweaters, as if filmed from someone else’s shoulder.

For a classic image, a turtleneck sweater is suitable made of fine wool. Such a sweater looks great in combination with pants and skirts.

Sport models of sweaters most often are sweatshirts with hoods, comfortable pockets and zippers.

For knitting sweaters are used:

  • Wool (very warm and wear-resistant material)+
  • Angora (Pleasant to the touch soft and tender yarn)+
  • Cashmere (one of the most noble and expensive materials)+
  • Acrylic (Democratic Synthetic Material Price)+
  • Polyester (keeps well and does not delay moisture).


Green color gamut has several dozen of a wide variety of shades, so every woman can easily choose an individually suitable sweaters for his color.

Gentle blondes are suitable, pastel shades: light green, turquoise, salad, mint, pale lime and t.D.

Brunettes can afford the brightest and rich shades: emerald, malachite, dark green, coniferous, ultramarine green, menthol and t.D.


Green color is so deep and saturated that in itself it looks quite self-sufficient. It is advantageous to beat the color will help handsome embossed knitted pattern. Fans of unusual patterns, beautiful drawings and unusual prints are worth paying attention to the most popular ornaments of this season:

  1. Classical geometry. It can be white peas, multicolored stripes, rhombus, squares and t.D.
  2. Dragons. Asian themes are still popular this season.
  3. Floral ornament.
  4. New Year’s topics (deer, snowflakes, Santa Claus, Snowmen and T.D.)
  5. Stars, Bows, Hearts, Fantasy Patterns and Other Ornaments.

What to wear?

When choosing a suitable pair of trousers, skirts or jeans under the green sweater, it is necessary, first of all, take into account the combination of colors of clothing. After all, green is quite a capricious color. The shade incorrectly chosen under it is able to spoil the whole effect from a beautifully composed image.

Perfect color for combination with different shades of green – brown. To create a bright youth image to a sweater of a light green color, you can pick a skinny brown skinnie. To the Alongup, you can add a few accessories, shoes and bag to tone jeans.

Another interesting and relevant color solution: green + blue. This applies, above all, denim clothing. Classic blue jeans or skirt will make an excellent pair of satellite of the color of the first foliage or herbal-green shade.

Sweater can not only be combined with jeans, trousers, skirt, shorts or leggings, but also rushing like an independent piece of clothing. For example, like a dress. An extended green knitted dress is perfectly combined with black shoes and accessories.

Among other colors, harmoniously combined with a green sweater, can be noted white, gently coral and mustard.

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