The jacket is a practical and comfortable thing, especially if she is hooded. In such clothes, it is pleasant to warm up in cool weather, run in the park, protect yourself from insects or suddenly started rain. It successfully replaces the sweater and cap, and a wide variety of options for sweatshirts with a hood allows you to include it in the wardrobe of any fashionista.


  • Sweatshirts that have a hood, are very common as insulation, as they wonderfully cope with the task of conservation of heat.
  • Depending on the cut at the COFT with a hood there are many names. Among them there are keena, sweatshirts, hoodies, mantle and many other models. At the same time, they can all be called “Hood”.
  • Thanks to the fastener over the entire length of the sweaters, the hooded products are easy to use, easily fastened and unbuttoned.

Most COFT Hooded presented in restrained colors and differ in a minimum finish.

  • The hooded hooded thing is a sport style thing, so they are not worn to the office and do not wear out where the strict dress code is valid.
  • Knitted hooded jacket made by hand, is a spectacular and original clothing.
  • Coffee hoods can be called universal clothing, as they can be worn at any age and with any type of figure.


Hooded jackets are presented with a fairly large variety of models, among which are found:

Long sweater. Such a jacket with the front of the pocket of a special piece is called a keen. It is often decorated with a bright print, inscription or sports emblem. Extremely spread elongated feminine knitted sweaters. They are worn in the autumn period in warm weather instead of a coat, putting on with skirts, trousers and beautiful boots.

Sports. Such a jacket is designed for sports, for example, for running. It is presented in the collections of all brands engaged in the production of sports clothing. If the crate sports sweatshirt is spacious, it is also called hood. The word is associated with clothes, called Hoody, which, in turn, is named so because of the hood, called English Hood.

Mesh Mantle. It is a Street style and can also be called nomadic mantia. Such an option of free hooded hooded sweatshirts are chosen to express individuality independent and self-sufficient people.

Distinctive features of the mantle are a deeper hood, black color and length below the middle of the hips, so that it can be called a jacket cloak.

With ears and glasses on the hood. Such sweaters look very cute and funny, so they are in demand in young people. Thanks to the charming ears, the image becomes more feminine. Such a jacket looks well with jeans, and with a lush skirt, and with leggings. As a rule, fleece sweatshirts with ears are offered for the cool season.

Among such COFTs are particularly popular sweatshirts. In addition to sweatshirts “Panda”, products with cats, bears and foxes use in great demand.

Kofta-Balahon. This model is represented by shirt free crouting with long sleeves. Most often it is equipped with a cord that can be tightened with a hood. On many sweaters of this style, also called balaphons, there are overhead pockets. They are put on a walk, on a picnic or on a jog.

Jam on zipper. Such a fastener is very popular for the COFF, Augmented Hooded. Manufactured from knitwear, such a model is called a sweatshirt. She is worn in cool weather instead of a jacket or sweaters-Olympic.

Jam without zipper. Clasp in such sweaters there are buttons or buttons. There are models with one or two buttons, which can be in the center of the sweater or closer to its neck. Such sweatshirts also wear the name of the site or Hoodies.

Without sleeves. Such hooded jackets buy both for the summer period and for offseason, putting on with turtlenecks and golf. Similar sleeves are in demand in athletes and may be called sweatshirts, hoods or vests.

With a fur hood. Such sweaters are popular for the winter season and late autumn. Thanks to the fur decoration, they are well held warm and look very attractive. Fur on the hood is natural or artificial.

In addition to the hood, fur can be finished cuffs, as well as sleeves over their entire length.

With a big hood. Such a free jacket is often sewn from a cotton material and is called sweatshirt or Hoody. Large sizes of the hood make such clothes comfortable and attractive.

Warm and insulated

Warm hooded hooded jackets are in demand in the cold. In winter, the thick knitted hooded jams hooding perfectly. Welded model COFT with fleece lining. If such a sweater is entirely sewn from this tissue, it is often called Flish in everyday life. Similar warmed sweaters buy for cool autumn weather or put in winter under the upper clothes.



Wool sweatshirts are very common, since such material is warm and pleasant to the touch. Wool sweatshirts most often come on buttons.


Supplement by a hood of any knitted sweater makes the product more interesting and more attractive. As a rule, it uses threads containing at least 50-60% wool for the manufacture of such clothing. Openwork inserts or braids are often found on such jackets.

Often knitted hooded jackets are fastened for buttons, but there are also models with hooks or “snake”.


Sweatshirt, for the manufacture of which is used knitted canvas, is called a sweatshirt. It is sewed from a two- or a three-dimensional footer (cotton knitwear with the addition of viscose or polyester), as well as from the fleece (dense polyester canvas, which can be BACK).

For trim, sweatshirts use pockets applied to thermal printing prints, a variety of embroidery, appliqués, lightning and other decor.


Such a jacket is often represented by a combination of denim with cotton knitwear. She may look like a denim jacket to which knit sleeves and hoods are sewn. Warm sweatshirts with top denim and knitted lining are also common.

Color and print


Among the dark shades of hoodies leads a black sweater. No less popular and dark blue, as well as dark brown, purple and burgundy sweater.


Among such products, gray and white sweatshirt uses special demand. Fabric, Pink, Peach, Beige and Pistachio Tint.


Among bright shades COFT Hooded the most popular are yellow, terracotta, red and green sweatshirts.

With print

Such sweaters can be on the front are decorated with one large pattern or small pattern. On the back of many hoodies you can see large inscriptions.

How to choose?

Selecting a suitable hooded jacket, ask questions:

  1. Which style you need? In his selection, basy on the features of your physique. If you have lush forms, it is better to look at the extended models, and slender girls can afford and short blouses.
  2. What material should be your model? Pick up such a fabric in which you will feel most comfortable.
  3. What shade of the sweaters are interested? Most often a hooded jacket buy for autumn when you don’t want anything screaming and causing. That is why sweatshirts are most in demand, the color of which is a little careful and restrained.
  4. Should be some decor on the shirt? Most models of such clothes are minimalism, but there are products with attracting glances to finish, for example, an interesting print, fur edge or embroidery.

Assortment COFT with a hood today is very extensive. Sport sweatshirts are in great demand, as the popularity of running and other sports is steadily growing. Interacted interest in sweatshirts and models with ears.

Among the Knitted COFT, the most common stock knitting and sweaters with classic pigtails are most attention from fashionistas.

Attract attention and hooded jackets with geometric patterns, especially with ethno-motives.


Among the sports coof the most popular models from Nike, as this is one of the most successful manufacturers of sportswear offering high-quality clothes for running. In Nike sweaters, there are pockets, zipper and a soft hood that protects against wind.

Adidas sports sweatshirts are not less common. They are represented by lightning models with different color solutions and a comfortable hood, tightened with lace. They are chosen not only for training, but also for the usual walk.

Another popular brand offering hooded jackets for active people is Stone Island. This Italian company specializes in premium youth clothing. In the coat of its production, natural wool is present.

How to fold a hooded jacket?

  • Butt the shirt and put it on a flat surface, laying out the sleeves on the sides.
  • Fold the hood so that it turns out a triangle (tip down to the neck area).
  • Bend the hood over the shoulder line down so that he will lay on the chest area.
  • Take one shoulder sweatshirts and make it inside by turning the sleeve down.
  • Also fold the second sleeve.
  • Bend a shirt on 1/3, and then again.

Another interesting way, how to fold a hooded jacket, look in the video:

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