How to choose a linen top and with what to combine it?

How to choose a linen top and with what to combine it?

The linen top conquered the heart of Modnitz and entered the number of basic items of the wardrobe. If you choose the right cut, material and texture, this stylish thing will help create a spicy and feminine image. But the line between beauty and mantle in the use of Top is very thin. It is necessary to know the basics of stylistics that will help to decide what and how best to wear linen tops, and from which options should be refused.

Croy options

Top in lurking style can be performed in various types of style.

  • Free cut. The product complements thin straps, which adds an image of femininity. The style can hide the flaws of the figure, since it does not imply a tight felting of the silhouette. But you need to know that the owners of a big breast, thin straps will become a better option, so the top will look too defiantly.

  • Top Bustier. The model is equipped with supporting cups that make focus on the chest area. The product implies a dense fit to the figure and fits girls with a good figure.

  • Tight cut. He emphasizes the shape and focuses on the neck, shoulders, chest. The fitting model can afford the girls of a slim complex. The product is well combined with skirt, jeans, trousers, jumper, cardigan.

  • Top with Volanami. The wavy decor can be made of the same fabric as the top, or from a contrast material, for example, lace. Waolas can be placed on the chest line or decorate a V-neck.

Such a cut attracts attention to himself and adds the image of the shade of romanticism.

  • Model with Koulisa. This version of Croy allows you to create drapery in the chest or waist area. You can move the folds using a braid, tightening the material with the formation of beautiful folds.

Top linen type can be crouted in various ways of product length.

  • Top Crop. Such a model is very short and shakes the area of ​​the abdomen. This option is only suitable for those who have an ideal figure. It is possible to combine shortened top with skirt or pants, shorts, as well as with cardigan, jacket or jacket. For business office style, this thing is not suitable, but can be used for a walk or hike to the beach.
  • Standard Length. The bottom line of the product is located just below the waist. This option is universal and easily combined with all kinds of clothes.
  • An extended model. In length reaches the middle of the hip and something reminds of the tunic. With this cut, you can hide the flaws of the figure, provided that the fabric will freely make a silhouette. There are and longer options that can reach the knee and resemble sundress. Such tops are worn as a separate type of clothing or combine with other wardrobe items.

Stylists believe that the top looks most elegant if his clock is simple and has classic thin straps.

Decorative finish in the form of lace or suspension is better to avoid, as they simplify the product, and in some cases it makes it the appearance of tasteless.


The top as a lounge element involves the use of light and flowing tissues. The most suitable products are considered to be several options.

  • Atlas. Material Easy, pleasant smooth texture, flowing. But it has an excessively pronounced gloss, which can simplify the appearance of the product, especially in combination with lace. Satin models without decoration look more winned and elegant.

  • Silk. It is considered an expensive and high-quality cloth with a matte or half-one. Silk material is pleasant for the skin, it will not stick to the figure, and freely fits it. This fabric is thin, so it is easy to drape, make swans, small ruffles. Silk is used to create free flying silhouettes.

  • Velvet. Dense naval material from which tops are created for evening image. Fabric soft, fits silhouette without formation of chances. Velvet appropriate to decorate lace, suspension, embroidery.

  • Lace. Thin and openwork material that is used to create light translucent models, and also used for finishing products stitched from other tissues. The lace version looks always very smart and attracts attention.

Despite the variety of fabrics, stylists believe that the best option for the top is silk.

It is not recommended to use products made of knitted tissues, as they are referred to as the bottom of underwear or home clothing.


For tops made in lounge style, most suitable pastel shades – it can be beige, blue, pink, lilac, lemon, turquoise, gray colors, and also for such products are appropriate classic white and black. Things of pastel tones refresh and rejuvenate the image, make it more feminine and fragile.

Black color designers are considered relevant, as it is easily combined with other outlets of the wardrobe and visually slim silhouette. As for white, it is universal, since it is easy to combine with any colors and prints. White is one of the classic options, it looks fresh and restrained. White models are appropriate in any situation ranging from a friendly party and ending with a business style. In white performance, silk, lace, guipure, satin, chiffon look great.

In addition to pastel shades, the linen top can have a brighter palette. For example, products in a saturated blue, emerald green, terracotta, alleum or bright orange tone look very expressively.

Actually use when drawing up the image and top with patterns. It can be watercolor flowers, strict geometric monochrome drawings, Greek or floral ornament.

It is harder to combine products in color, than one-photon options, but at a skillful combination, this item of the wardrobe can become a highlight image.

What to wear?

In combination with the top you can create various images. This item wardrobe will go for a combination with:

  • Jacket+
  • jeans+
  • Shirt+
  • trousers+
  • Skirt+
  • Shorts+
  • Jacket+
  • jacket+
  • Pullover and other things.

Classic linen top is considered universal for the reason that it can be combined with a weighing of things and wear at any time.

Images created in combination with the top are appropriate for everyday life, in a festive or business atmosphere.

  • Business Luc. Top is used without additional finishes, it is better to choose silk or atlas from materials, the color is selected depending on the main set of clothing. Top is sure to cover with a jacket or jacket.
  • Casual-style. Top combined with jeans, cotton pants or shorts. Beautiful looks in multi-layered versions when skirt combines, blazer, jacket. Sometimes the top is put on top of a turtleneck or shirt, creating a playful image.
  • Onions for party. By this case, it is appropriate to use the top of velvet, chiffon, satin, guipure. For decorations can be taken rhinestones, suspension, chains, flowers. Little top looks beautiful in conjunction with a brush suit or skirt with a midi long. Shorts and mini skirt in this case are not suitable, as it turns out too bare image.

Bellery top is convenient and practical, it can be combined with a cervical handkerchief and jewelry, reviving strict and boring business costumes.

Beautiful examples

For a festive party, it is appropriate to use top colors of gold or silver, it is perfectly combined with silk pants or skirt.

Bright top ideally looks in combination with a black or dark blue jacket. Such an outfit is appropriate even in the office.

For everyday life, the top will be well combined with fitness models of trousers or a wide bulk skirt.

A contrast combination of black top and white or colored skirt creates a bright image of simple things.

Silk linen tops of pastel shades looks unusually feminine in combination with a leather or denim jacket.

About how to sew clothespiece with your own hands, you can learn from the video below.

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