How to iron a t-shirt?

How to iron a t-shirt?

T-shirt – the most common casual form of clothing. Wear it differently: under clothes or over body without additional things. No matter, at home you or at work, play sports or just on vacation, always want to remain neat. And in order for things for a long time in the form after washing or before use, you need to know several basic rules that are applied when ironing things.

Recommendations on ironing

The rules presented in this paragraph do not require compliance, but rather carry a recommendation. Nevertheless, they will significantly simplify life to those who begin to follow them. The ironing process will be more convenient, pleasant and correct.

Let us dwell on the main advice:

  • Fold only on a flat, soft surface+
  • Do not leave the Iron on unattended+
  • Do not keep hot iron for a long time on one piece of clothing+

  • It is necessary to iron only clean things, preferably semi-flame after washing, because such clothes are easier to stroke and preserves the kind+
  • Examine a label on clothes, it will help not spoil the thing, and accurately know the type of t-shirt fabric+
  • Ironing a t-shirt from the wrong side+
  • poorly postgraded or worn things are not recommended to iron to avoid stains+
  • T-shirt that has long laid confused after washing, you must first moisten+

  • The sleeves should be stroke on a special nozzle, circular movements to avoid arrows, bends and crumbs+
  • First you need to stroke small details, and then the basis, strictly along the length of the T-shirt, avoiding stretching+
  • It is recommended to iron from ourselves, otherwise there is a possibility to get a burn+
  • Phone things should be stored on her shoulders or wait until you get cold, and gently fold into the closet.

You can add other features whose accounting will simplify the ironing process. But many over time they themselves find the rules suitable for themselves and follow them later.

Types of fabrics

From the types of fabrics, the technology of ironing depends. In order not to spoil your favorite things, you need to know a few tricks.

  • Cotton. The most unpretentious fabric. If there is a print or dark colors, then ironing is recommended from the wrong side, in other cases it is possible with a facial. If the T-shirt is dry, then we simply exparate, in the absence of this function, cover wet gauze and irrigine. Used high temperature (170-200 degrees) and steam.
  • Viscose, Shelk. These are fabrics that require careful circulation, they are not recommended to iron, you can simply hang over hot water. But if you need to stroke, then irrigate only from the wrong side using the nose of the iron. You should not stroke the places that do not need this, since with a large number of moisture there may be stains. Mode for silk is no more than 100 degrees (better 60-70) and steam is not used. For viscose, the temperature should be slightly more (120 degrees), and the number of steam is minimal.

  • Polyester. Synthetic material, most often sporting things, it is better to shake and hang up to dry. It is necessary to iron such T-shirts from the wrong side, covered with gauze. Polyester does not tolerate high temperatures, may melt. It should be stroking the material in Silka mode, barely touching clothes, and without couple. To save on an edge form, you can roll in roller.
  • Tricat. It does not particularly need ironing, but that things remain longer in good condition, it is best to simply disappear from the front or use the average temperature, not stretching when ironing. Fold t-shirt on the shoulder or roll to the roller.

Stoys T-shirts

Not every T-shirt is worked on the general rules. In order not to overcome many times and keep the form of clothing, you need to understand some nuances, including in the head of T-shirts.

  • With collar and cuffs. Ironing technology is more complicated classic: first stroke small details, strictly from the edge to the middle, straighten the collar so that there are no bends, we use gauze, the remaining part of the T-shirt is irrigated by general rules. So that the collar does not lose form, you can use starch or spray based on starch.
  • T-shaped. T-shirt resembling the letter “T” happens both with long and short sleeves. Originally stroke the sleeves, then the front front part of the T-shirt, then the rear. If there are any additional decorations, irrigate only from the wrong side.

  • With print. These are more complex T-shirts, but they are bright and youth. It should be stroking them only from the wrong side, without touching the print with an iron.

You can put under the print white paper in order to avoid a print on the opposite side or applying pollution on the iron and a T-shirt.

  • With rhinestones and sequins. Rhinestones – a capricious accessory, so a T-shirt needs to be carefully ironed from the wrong side, then the facial part.

What to do in the absence of iron?

Not always at hand it may turn out to be the iron, and I want to be constantly. There are several tips as you can get out of the position.

  • Fill the bath with hot water, t-shirt hang over the bathroom. This is the longest method, it is best to spend it overnight.
  • Pour boiling water into the iron mug and swallow distressed locations.
  • If the “drying” or “without folds” modes are installed in your washing machine, then this is another way to do without ironing. Nevertheless, often such modes cannot be used, because because of the high speed in the typewriter, things can quickly spoil.
  • Sprinkle with water and dry the hairdryer.

  • Mix in the same amount solution to mitigate linen, vinegar and water, sprinkle T-shirt and wait until dried.
  • Wet your hands, put a T-shirt on a flat surface, smooth out wet palms.
  • Spray the water on a T-shirt, put on yourself and let dry on the body.
  • On the wet towel, put a T-shirt, wait until it smoke, and hang on the shoulders.
  • Stretch a T-shirt, put on a flat surface and give away something heavy.

Correct care

Not only ironing can save or spoil the product. To carry your favorite things longer, they need care since washing.

Check the tag, usually t-shirts are erased at a temperature of 40 degrees, if the product is drawing, then it must be turned on the wrong side. Dry clothes on the rope, growing not to use clips.

Then proceed to ironing, considering all the criteria described earlier. Also a T-shirt will be able to persist in good condition if it is folded. Better to fold T-shirts to each other or hang on the shoulders. Following such simple rules, it will be possible for a long time not to part with your favorite things.

How to iron a t-shirt with appliqué, look in the following video.

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