How to quickly fold a t-shirt

How to quickly fold a t-shirt

Perhaps not finding all over the world things as common and universal, as an ordinary T-shirt with which you can create many not quite standard onions.

Initially, in earlier times, T-shirts were a type of underwear, but after a time it began to take a full-fledged place among the casual attributes of the wardrobe.

The first mention of T-shirts were during the Second World War, when a T-shirt was part of the wardrobe of marines in the United States of America.

Cotton material is usually used for sewing T-shirts, with adding knitted fibers in different amounts.

T-shirt is a product that can stretch, be free or fitting. Some models can be equipped with a small collar, as well as long sleeves, which is relevant in cool weather.

Methods for folding T-shirts: Schemes, Instructions, Lifehaki

Very often, making up an outfit, a T-shirt is used to save time, and also put it on as the most convenient top. It is therefore very important that the product always retains a neat appearance.

After washing and ironing the product must be folded so that it is not mint and did not look carefully when it is necessary to wear it.

It is for this that there are many ways to make the product neatly, without creating folds and crumbs.

For example, there is a way of folding T-shirts literally for a moment, or rather in two seconds.

To do this, it is necessary to straighten the product on a flat surface, visually outline the line the dividing T-shirt across in half, as well as a line passing from the shoulder, which is next to the bottom of the product.

Then one hand you need to take a T-shirt for the place where the lines are allegedly intersect. And the second hand is behind the point at the top of the shoulder, connecting it at the bottom point, pulling the same part that the other hand holds.

The product develops by itself, and in the conclusion it is only necessary to heat the second sleeve, which will take literally a split second.

This method of folding T-shirts allow the product to always stay in the “form”, look neat and ironed. And besides, does not require any effort and allows you to make it literally in one movement.

Several ways presented in video.

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