How to stroke jeans?

How to stroke jeans?

Jeans firmly entered our lives and today without them, it seems it is difficult to do. In this dress, go for a walk and work, travel and rest. The popularity of such trousers is fully justified. Jeans make a variety in creating their own image, they like children and adults, men and women. These pants always correspond to fashion trends. With proper care, they can serve for quite a long time.

Do I need to iron jeans?

For some reason, many believe that jeans can not be stroke at all. And they dress them daily. But if you want to always look good, ironing should be permanent. Some think that after washing enough to shake wet pants so that they take a pompous appearance. In fact, it is useless, such a tight material like jeans, even after shaking will not be able to disclose well. The folds are inevitably formed, and the folds lead to the fact that the threads begin in the places of the bends strongly, and the cloth quickly fade.

So jeans after washing should be deferred. Subsequently, periodically subjected to ironing to maintain a tidy.

Ironing technology

So that irregularities are not formed, It is necessary to iron jeans with a warm iron, observing certain rules.

  • It is only wet pants. If the material is highly drying, it must be moistened with a spray gun. Liquid is evenly sprayed over the surface of the trousers, especially for too melt or hard places.
  • In the absence of a pulverizer, you can stroke jeans through gauze. It must be moistened, spread over the surface of the material, then spend the iron. Credit with small chances will help the “Couple” mode.

  • In order not to injury facial fibers, ironing should pass along the wrong side. If you start stroking the face, the fabric will begin to glue and glitter.
  • Before ironing pants need to be turned. Start itching pants need from seams, setting low temperature regime. Switches of seams are usually made from Capron. At high temperature, the Capron can simply melt.
  • Normal temperature for stroking denim things is in the range of 140-190 degrees. Of great importance is the thickness of the material, its density.
  • When the seams on each side are well stroked, the pants need to straighten and try all the remaining fabric areas.

  • Sometimes in the area of ​​pockets due to the high tissue density can be stencil. So that this does not happen, you need to put in your pocket, for example, a handkerchief. Usually such an action gives the result – after ironing there are no traces in the area of ​​the pockets.
  • On jeans never make arrows. They should be only on the plates. Arrows made on jeans are considered an expression of a mantle and disregard for clothing.
  • Pants after ironing should dry a bit. They are hanging on the rope, lay out on any flat surface.

Some people when they are very in a hurry, they still do not fully succeed. In cases with jeans, this is not necessary. The result may be a loss of form. On such trousers on the knees will appear ugly convexities.

How to stroke “torn” jeans

Already more than one season in fashion in young people “Rvanged” jeans. Sometimes the number of holes is even difficult to count.

The funnies are considered jeans that have laid knees, a torn material on the hips.

So that this design remains stylish, “torn” jeans also require the correct ironing.

For washing such things it is forbidden to use the washing machine. It can turn such pants into a strongly torn rag. Suitable for this only hand washing. If there is an urgent need, as well as a small amount of time, before sending “Rvan” to the washer, jeans wrapped in a bag of fine tissue.

If the washing will pass manually, the pants need to be pre-boiled. Then they smoothed them after boiling, spread, hang dry. “Torn” jeans require a delicate approach, especially when ironing. Caution stroke the seams, all smooth areas. Moreover, the operation must be performed with the superimposition of wet gauze. To prevent the appearance of prints on the back of the holes made from the front, the ironing should be performed using an ironing board.

Each panta is worn on a folding part, which is specifically designed for good stroking.

Masters do not recommend stroking the fibers of “torn” trousers. If they acquired a relaxed species, you need to sprinkle them a bit, to dissolve well, give them another position and leave to dry.

The ironing of jeans with decorations

Jeans have always been considered working clothes. Time passed, everything changed. To make women’s jeans worst and more “ladies” or childish, they began to decorate them:

  • rhinestones+
  • Beaded+
  • Embroidery+
  • sparkles.

Naturally, such pants stroke are much more complicated than ordinary jeans. If there are a lot of decorative elements on them, you can do without ironing. To do this, use a special steam generator. He is able to give the material its original appearance.

Special care requires stroking translation pictures found in children’s clothing. It is strictly forbidden to heat them, as they ruin. Enough after washing them gently straighten.

How to reduce the number of ironing

According to the recommendations of manufacturers of fashion denim clothing, the pants do not need to be often ironing the iron. This may cause a challenge that will look very ugly.

To get rid of water after washing, you just need to hang them on the rope and wait until it is completely stalking. To reduce the number of ironing of one product, several technological steps are required.

  • First on the pants zipper, buttons and buttons. Then they turn them, after which they are sent to the washing machine. Only one jeans are erased. Other things must be absent.
  • A delicate mode is installed on the machine. You can erase such jeans manually. This will require a household soap and washing powder in which there are no bleaching components.

  • In the last century, fans managed to wash jeans, without removing themselves. The styles believed that as a result of such a “washing”, the pants could not sit down.
  • Postgraded jeans need to gently compress. Unscrew them as a conventional sex rag, is strictly prohibited. It is enough to hang my pants to the rope in the bathroom and water stalk itself. You only need to wait a bit.

  • Before sending jeans to dry, you need to pull them in length, as well as in width. The fact is that this material after washing slightly sits down.
  • Drying should go on the street or in a ventilated room. And jeans should be in a strictly horizontal position. For this, the pants are neatly folded on any smooth surface.
  • Of course, compliance with the above-described rules will help get a positive effect. If it is competent to iron denim clothes, its operating time increases at times.

Practical experience has shown that denim clothing can not be handed over to dry cleaning.

During the manufacture of trousers, the material is digesting. In this process, several special chemicals are involved. In the process of chemical cleaning of the product, the reaction begins, the result that no one can predict, but the beautiful appearance will be spoiled, that’s for sure.

From all of the above, we can conclude that it is possible to iron jeans, but it is necessary to comply with all the rules.

Look master class on ironing jeans.

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