Insulated Jeggings

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Insulated Jeggings

Jeggings recently appeared in the women’s wardrobe quite recently, so today do not everyone knows exactly what it is this clothes that. Jeggings are a cross between leggings and jeans, or rather, their symbiosis. And if the Jeggings are usually worn in the warm season, then special models are created for the cold winter – insulated. About them and will be discussed in this article.


Fashion peak on leggings fell on the 80-90s of the last century. Then in the youth fashion literally broke down thin, tight leggings and leggings from Lycra. Gradually, the excitement slept, but the fashion for taiting flights remained.

Leggings began to be modified, and soon one of their varieties appeared – Jeggings. Externally they very much resemble ordinary jeans, you can not immediately determine from afar – what is it. Figure repeats denim, only the material is used much more elastic than denim. In this – the first advantage of Jeggins: they do not shive on the knees, do not drag the body, they are perfectly refilled in shoes.

The second advantage is the material. It consists of natural fibers that are not allowed to freeze even in the lowest temperatures. In addition, Elastane, which is part of the material adds a strength product, wear resistance and guarantees comfort and ease of use.

Elastane also allows Jeggins to stretch well, while maintaining a wonderful appearance. This means that even when weighing weight in one direction or another, you can always be sure that Jeggings will be perfectly sitting on the figure.

Among other advantages, it is possible to note the absence of uncomfortable fasteners (lightning, buttons, buttons) and the excellent effect of modeling the shape.

Insulated Jeggings are performed from dense, non-free fabric. They reliably hold on elastic band. In addition, Jeggings are very practical and universal in use.


Insulated Jeggings are designed specifically for cold season. They do not shove out movements and are well sitting on the figure.

Warm winter Jeggings perfectly combine the heat saving properties of the challenges and stylish jeans-shoes. It is due to its appearance and excellent characteristics, this model gradually becomes an indispensable detail of the winter wardrobe in many women.

For insulation of such Jeggins used wool, terry fabric, micropuxush.

It can be Jeggings with puff, fleece or even on fur.

Depending on the material chosen for insulation, Jeggins are calculated at different air temperature. For example, bike or terry models are designed for cool weather. And micro-jeggings can be safely worn at the time of tourist campaigns or long trips for the city.

Jeggins, in addition to all their advantages, also model the figure. Dissating Jeggings perform a function of a kind of corset. The waist becomes thinner, and the bends of the body is still seductive. No hint of cellulite, the figure becomes like “Hourglass”!

By the way, Jeggins can be worn and during pregnancy. Thanks to the elastic denim knitwear, they are beautifully worn and do not constrain movements. Elastic gum does not prescribe on the stomach, and gently supports it. Jeggings are perfectly combined with another clothing for pregnant women and help the future mom feel very comfortable and confident.

Not bypassed Jeggings and children’s wardrobe. They are perfectly drawn and therefore do not cause inconvenience when equipping and wearing, which you will not say about ordinary narrow jeans. Model manifold allows you to easily choose a suitable pair for everyday socks or for a special case.

Baby Jeggings are performed, both in the classic gamut of jeans (black, blue, gray) and in the most fashionable and vivid colors. Jeggings, decorated with small and large flower prints, are especially very popular. Jeggings can be made in a delicate color scheme, such as sandy, pale pink, blue or mint. And there may be bright lilac, purple, turquoise or gas.

As decor, lace inserts, beads, appliqués, metal jewelry, embroidery, fur and t.D.

What to wear?

Fleece Jeggings are ideal for cool time. They look harmonious, for example, with a long t-shirt or tunic and an elegant jacket. It turns out a very stylish, nontrivial kit. So that the image is even more elegant, to the Along of the best to add elegant ankle shoes or closed heel shoes.

Modeling Jeggings with a high waist looks perfectly with shortened tops or blouses. If the figure does not have perfect proportions, then short tops can be replaced by elongated jampers, free tunics or bulk sweaters.

Create strict, official style will help a classic blouse or a strict shirt complete with a jacket. Make an image lighter and romantic will be able to chiffon blouse with frills, swans or ruffles.

To create a casual image to Jeggins, you can put on a sports sweater or sweater, turtleneck or cliff, denim shirt or top with a jacket.

Universal colors for Jeggins are considered dark blue and black. They can be used as a basic element of different staps style. They appropriately look in different situations and perfectly harmonize with clothing of any colors.

If Jeggings are decorated with geometric, vegetable, scandinavian or other print, the rest of the clothes should be a monophonic. Preferably in the color of Dzheggins.

Black, dark gray, blue or brown models look perfectly with light or bright clothing.

Jeggings, performed by “under the skin”, require more concise and neutral in color and style of concomitant clothing. It can be a snow-white blouse or a shirt, a monotonous top or turtleneck, a strict jumper, an elegant jacket and t.D.


The elevated torn juggins are perfectly combined with a blue denim shirt and contrasting color shoes.

Classic Black Dzheggins – a wonderful base for creating a business image. Brightly red blouse and stylish black jacket are perfectly suitable for them.

Excellent image for every day: Blue Dzheggins + elegant jumper with bats “Bat”. Supplement the image of beautiful high-heeled shoes in tone Jameper.

For a more elegant image, you can use coral-pink Jeggings with a jumper made in bright colors.

Blue Dzheggins are perfectly combined with a black and white striped jumper. Complements the image of a light pale pink chirafik.

Gray Jeggins can wear a loose wide sweatshirt. As an accessory used a bulk scarf and a black bag with a fringe.

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