Insulated trousers

Insulated trousers

Insulated trousers have become popular for skiing. Since then, there is a stereotype that insulated pants are baggy pants that can only be put on nature. In fact, the situation has long changed. Insulated pants today are stylish and comfortable clothing.


Modern insulated pants have different styles, insulation and even color. Although the most popular classic black color remains.

Such pants can be worn to office or walk. They can go beyond the city and skiing or “chewing”. You can go for a walk with a child or shopping.

Insulated trousers do not wet and are not blocked by the wind. In the harsh regions in the winter they become just the necessary thing. They choose ladies careful about their health and comfort.

Insulated pants can be decorated with embroidery, rhinestones or chains. You can pick up a few models for any case.

Lining options

Goose and duck fluff

The most natural and environmentally friendly insulation. Light and warm. Can be used individually or in various combinations. Of the minuses: when washing, it has a kit to roll into lumps, careful drying is needed, the unreasonable filler can bend.


This is a new insulation and today – the main competitor of the fluff. He takes a perfectly washing. Due to its structure, he holds more air molecules than other fillers.


Comfortable and easy, but not the warmer material. Suitable for regions with a mild climate. Sintepon is quite voluminous and visually thickens legs.


Very nice to touch Soft natural cotton insulation.


Pants with wool wool natural, warm and thin. They visually do not increase the volume of the legs and are ideal for socks in the city. People with sensitive skin should be neat when choosing a woolen insulation.


This is the most popular insulation. Soft like bike and thin like wool, fleece has excellent hygroscopic properties and wear resistance and is not afraid of machine washing.



One of the most popular models. They will fit slim girls. Coloring and insulation of such trousers can be the most diverse.


The second most popular. They are usually insulated with fleece and remarkably emphasize the slightness of the legs.

Choosing such a model, do not forget that too much adjacent pants are transmitted in veins and slow down blood circulation, as a result of which you will freeze much faster.

Classic option

Classic Option – Black or Sometimes Gray Straight Strict Croes Pants. Can be put on nature and office.

Suitable for women who prefer business style in clothes. In the insulation in such models most often serves wool. Such Logson slim and visually lengthens legs, so it is advisable to wear it with a heel.


The arched pants look wonderful, but they need to choose them carefully – they are not all. To date, this style is experiencing a decline in popularity.


Always popular. Insulated jeans are as comfortable as usual and have the same set of styles.

Sports trousers

Sports trousers – the most common option. Convenient, practical. But do not forget that sports insulated pants visually make legs thicker.

Ski pants

For what they need, it is clear from the name. Sports them are distinguished by a higher degree of insulation, as well as protection against water and wind. In such trousers, everything is thought out to the smallest detail – the cocked seams, gums on the ankles or zipper. But the price of such models is high enough.

Leather pants

Such a model choose bright women who love to attract attention. If you look after leather insulated pants, pay special attention to the quality of the material. Poor-quality fabric can crack in frost.

Velvetian pants

Velvet Warm and bright stuff. Pants from it are usually stylish and festive. Featuring the right top, you can easily make a spectacular costume.

What to wear?

Creating an image with insulated trousers, always observe the overall style. Insulated or not, classic pants are not worn with a sports jacket, and sports – with a coat.

If your strict classic style pants, feel free to combine with them shirts, T-shirts, sweaters and cardigans. Well look with a classic elongated jackets, cardigans or coats. Footwear can be any, except for sports, but preferably on the heel.

Tunics, bulk sweaters, free shirts and elongated sweaters choose to leggings. Shoes better choose high – boots or boots. A small heel is welcome.

Pants shoes are worn with blouses or shirts refilled in pants. You can emphasize the waist with a strap.

Well look with such pants Short jackets and elongated coats. If you need to give an additional thighs, it is better to choose pants-shoes with patch pockets.

Sports and ski pants wear exclusively with sports jackets or sweaters and sports shoes.

Insulated jeans, as the usual, wear almost with anything, leaning on the style of jeans. Narrow jeans better fill in boots, wide will look good with ankle boots or half boots.

Leather pants Determines shoes – Rough Boots with rivets will create an image of “rocker”, and the ankle shocks are the image of a Vamp Woman.

Having in the wardrobe insulated pants of two or three different styles, you will not only do not freeze in winter, but also easily pick yourself the image to look stylish and spectacular in any situation.

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