Jackets without sleeves

Jackets without sleeves

If you want to look not only stylish, but also to show your individuality, show extraordinary taste, then you should replenish your wardrobe with unsurpassed models of sleeveless jackets.

This element of clothing looks interesting and fashionable. Today, jacket-sleevex is presented in many designer collections.


To date, you can buy a sleeveless jacket model for any type of shape, because the model line is very wide. Jackets can be shortened or elongated, fitted or expanding down the book, with a belt on waist or without and t. D.

Large group of jacket-sleeves represent shortened models. But this option is suitable only for office or cowboy style. To show your individuality, add a lace of femininity, worth wearing a shorten jacket with a long sleeve dress. It should become a neuropal background, so it is worth a preference to one-photon models of pastel tones.

An extended sleeveless jacket is also trend. It looks stylish and elegant. With such models, you can safely experiment, creating unforgettable images in different styles.

But the choice of shoes is quite huge. So, with such a magazine, jacket beautifully shrug

Extended jackets can be combined with street style clothing. For example, a sleeveless model can be worn with shorten jeans, tinned trousers or boyfriend shorts.

Designers use different fabrics and color solutions for creating amazing sleeveless jacket models. The most popular color is black, because such a model can be put on both everyday and business image. Black always in trend.

But if you want bright colors, give the onions of elegacity and solemnity, it is worth replenishing your wardrobe with a white model. Such a jacket is ideal for summer time. It can be put on over black top or t-shirt.

Glamorous beauties just can’t do without pink. Designers satisfied and their whim. Pink sleeveless jacket will be a bright emphasis in the embodiment of a summer graceland. It can be combined with jeans or skirts.

Blue Blue II model also enjoys in great demand, especially to create an unforgettable summer image. Such a jacket does not attract special attention, but gives femininity, sophistication and tenderness. It looks perfect in combination with white jeans or trousers.

What to wear?

This season, designers offer many sleeveless jacket models. They advise you to wear them with unfolded pants. To revive the image, it is worth using a silk handkerchief on the neck.

Sleeveless jackets can be combined with cloilt, Bermuda shorts or a pencil skirt.

But the choice of shoes is quite huge. So, with such a magazine, jacket beautifully shrug.

To create a casual onion worth paying attention to ordinary T-shirts and jeans, as well as low-run shoes. Skinny jeans or boyfriends look great in tandem with sleeveless vests. And the T-shirt can be replaced with a silk top. In such an outfit you will always be in the spotlight.

If instead of sneakers put out sophisticated shoes, then the image will become elegant and more attractive

For the cold season, the extended wool jacket will fit better. It can be put on over the jumper or turtleneck. Such an ensemble is better added to the boots.

Sleeveless jackets perfectly harmonizes with straight or narrow crog pants. Under the jacket it is worth putting on a white top, and on the feet – shoes on high heel. For every day you can pick up ballets or sandals. Today in trend, bright pants with a print, which are also remarkably suitable for jacket without sleeves. Wide-cut trousers with long jacket can be worn only by high fashionable.

Another win-win solution – a combination of sleeveless jacket with a skirt. Preference is worth sending skirts below the knee or to the floor. Better if the skirt is longer than the jacket. Girls of low growth are suitable skirts with knee-length. And to create a harmonious balance of proportions, it is enough to tie a belt on the waist.

Spectacular images

For every day you can wear a white extended sleeveless jacket over a snow-white blouse from a light cloth. Excellent tandem will be shorten jeans with blue hue holes, decorated with thin belt. Stiletto’s cream sandals will help visually lengthen the silhouette.

Effectively looks like a combination of black sleeveless jacket with a classic long sleeved blouse and shorts decorated with fringe. The narrow belt is an accent and attracts attention to the waist line. Golden stiletto sandals and a spacious bag on the chain perfectly complement the unique bow. It is worth remembering about the gold jewelry, which will give the image of charm and charm.

The classic combination of black and red is perfectly suitable for the incarnation of a bright onion for a party. Black short dress, decorated with a delicate guipure trim, looks beautiful in a long sleeveless tandem with big patch pockets. Red shoes are a bright emphasis in the embodiment of the evening silhouette.

For office style, an excellent solution is a black sleeveless jacket in tandem with a short mini skirt. An exquisite T-shirt, decorated with a unique, bright print, will add paints and become a highlight of the image. Stiletto sandals perfectly complement the business bow. Handbag clutch will never be superfluous.

White and black combination is always in trend. Sleeveless snow-white jacket charmingly looks on top of a black tunic in a white cage. Black jeans of the fitting Croy are perfectly combined with a tunic that fills inside. Bright element protrude yellow sandals.

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