National Suit Ossetian

National Suit Ossetian

Each nationality is unique in its own way, because all traditions differ from each other, and each nationality has its own characteristic of her, customs. Perhaps it is no secret that different peoples are rich not only by traditions and customs, but also have their national clothes – bright, colorful costumes.

Very beautiful suit there are peoples of such a wonderful region as Ossetia. Ossetians respect and comply with their traditions, and also truly proud of their national clothing.

Basic traits of traditional clothes

National Costume Ossetians, despite its bright, colorful color, is quite restrained in the crop and beans, first of all because the Ossetians do not even accept the smallest manifestations of vulgarity and vulgarity in clothing.

It is noteworthy that the Ossetian traditions do not allow the factory production of costumes, this craft is exclusively engaged in women and exclusively at home, manually extending each, even the smallest, the detail of the robe.

In the past times, due to the lack of a wide selection of materials intended for the manufacture of national clothes, Ossetian women chose the available fabrics in the colors they need. It is worth noting that the paints were also made by their own.

Nowadays, the abundance of materials on shop windows allows not to resort to tricks, and easily choose the material of the appropriate structure and the desired shade. But, despite the use of factory fabric, the suit itself is still manufactured by handmade.

National Costumes Ossetians have a centuries-old history and the corresponding historical significance. Traditional outfit consists not only from clothes, but also includes various kinds of decoration. Famon himself was almost not subject to change and to this day retained the main characteristic features.

Women costume

To this day, the Ossetian female suit is preserved only as an outfit for wedding ceremonies held on all traditions of the people. But in the former times, every girl and woman went into such a robe on any holidays and solemn cases.

Female Ossetian national outfit includes:

  • Light shirt+
  • Corset or special decorative bib+
  • Dress in the floor, sewn of bright flowing fabric+
  • Velor or velvet dress-dress-gown without fasteners, which is fixed using a belt or belt+
  • handkerchief+
  • Cap, which is called “Hood”+
  • Special soft shoes – “Svetaki”

The first stages of the Ossetian female costume had only distant differences from the male model, but over time there were significant changes. Costume designed for the beautiful half of humanity acquired the appropriate, feminine features.

The style has become more attacked, the back of the product in the modern version looks more elegant, but the product collar is still a high, closing chest and part of the neck.

For special occasions, as an ornament, a specially intended head, embroidered with decorative stones and decorated with a bright shiny embroidery, which peeking out from under the dress.

For models of the upper coats with narrow sleeves, additional elements were used in the form of mounted hoses made from the same velvet material embroidered with golden patterns and ornaments.

The waist was taught beautiful, decorated with gilding and stones, wide belt. Such an element was particularly beautifully looked at slender Ossetian girls, emphasizing the status and elegance of the figure.

But in addition to elegant models, there were also many everyday options for the Ossetian female dress. Postponed collar-rack, sleeves, gradually narrowing in the wristure area and discreet appearance – these are the main features of the casual outfit of the Ossetian woman.

Men’s suit

The traditional details of the male Ossetian costume are:

  • Cherkesska – special outerwear, like a caftana+
  • Beshmet is another element of the outerwear, the distinctive feature of which is a rack collar.

In addition to the above-described elements, a male suit includes other details:

  • Bashwick – Pointed Crow Hood, made of cloth. Put on top of the head remove if the weather conditions require.

  • Sharovari – Casual Pants, Fastened on the Waist, a bit seeded in the thighs, having a damping element in the ankle region

  • Nalog – a special element considered part of the shoes, but not having a foot. This item is designed to protect the leg.

  • Dad – fur headdress made of doodle wool or traditional sheepskin.

  • Burk – Special sleeveless raincoat made from felt material. Cloak has only three color options: white, black and brown

  • Ron – Traditional Ossetian narrow belt, made of leather or tissue material.

  • An integral part of the outfit was also a dagger.

Traditional men’s suit put on over special underwear used for convenience and protection of the skin.

Relative to the shoe component of the costume can only be said that in previous times it was special boots, and over time, Ossetian men began to actively actively use the most ordinary galoshes.

Wedding suit

Ossetian wedding outfits are truly beautiful.

Women’s wedding dress is made in compliance with all possible traditions, emphasizing the honor and chastity of female nature, characteristic of this people.

The dress has the same cut as the usual, and consists of the same elements. Feature is only a color gamutWedding female outfit made of snow-white dense material decorated with golden embroidery.

Wedding Wedding Female Ossetian Costume belt is made of metal with gold, decorated with various ornaments and embossing, and in some cases and small stones of the ruby ​​shade.

Male wedding suit differs little from the usual, with the exception of a more abundant decor of the outerwear, made, as a rule, from dense material of the ruby ​​shade. In some cases, the outfit can be made in the same color scheme as the dress of the bride.

The headdress and the feeders are also an integral part of the wedding male robe. These elements can be decorated with large stones or golden embroidery.

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