Protective shorts

Protective shorts

Engaged in attendant sports, it is important to pay due attention to your safety. Protective equipment consists of a variety of elements, one of which are special shorts.


Women’s protective shorts have a number of distinctive features. Because they are designed to protect the tailbone during the fall during honeycomb sports. Therefore, a special protection is provided at the back, which is a durable layer of foam. It absorbs the force of impact, so the falls will not be terrible.

The advantage of protective shorts is that the defense occupies a fairly large area, but it is not very voluminous, so shorts will not add extra kilograms.

Female models have an attractive cut and finish so that you can feel confident and comfortable. They are made of breathable material, so your skin does not threaten the effect of the sauna. Since protection on shorts is usually removed, they are easily washed and washing.

Women’s models

For Snowboard

Such shorts are needed both beginners and advanced experts, because no one is insured against falls. Snowboard shorts are designed primarily to protect the tailbone, but also they have protective inserts in the field of all soft seats, hips and iliac seeds. In such shorts it is not terrible to sit on the snow or on the cold lift chair.


Special protection is necessary for absolutely all motorcyclists, even if you are not a driver, but a passenger. In addition to standard equipment, you need to not forget about the protection of the hips and the tailbone. Protective shorts with a specially designed design of soft and rigid elements reduce the possibility of injury when falling.

For roller skating

Sewing from the mesh material, and are complemented by special inserts. The density of this material is determined by the level of protection you need. The linings are located on the hips, buttocks and kerchik.

If you are roller-extremal, you should pay attention to shorts with kevlar inserts – helmets and body armor make.

Children’s models

For rollers and skateboard

If your child loves rollerblading, acquire special protective shorts for him. They are sewn from elastic mesh material, which perfectly removes moisture and guarantees the wear resistance of the product.

Protective inserts are made of special foamed polyethylene. For improved ventilation, all inserts have perforation. The material is fully safe for health, it quickly restores its form in the case of mechanical damage. There are a lot of inserts, so you can not worry about the safety of your child.

Also these shorts are suitable for skateboard and other traumatic sports in the summer.

For a snowboard and figure skating

Shorts are made of fine mesh material with soft linings. They are optimally suitable for any winter sports. They are located special lines on the lower back, on the smoking and behind, in the field of sedan bones.

Pads soften the blow when falling, protecting against bruises and injuries. They can be comfortable to ride and sit on a cold surface.



Zandona company is specifically based on the manufacture of equipment for motorcyclists. All products of this brand are a guarantee of quality and reliability. Therefore, in protective shorts, you will feel the most confident and comfortable. Safety while motorcycle ride you guaranteed.

Black Fire

Protective shorts of this brand are designed for skiing and snowboarding. They are made of high-quality “breathable” material that provides complete reliability and comfort.


The protective equipment of this brand is designed for lovers of skiing. It is designed in such a way that when falling or collision, your body practically does not feel a blow, and the risk of injury and bruises decreases to a minimum. A diverse model range makes it possible to choose protective shorts for every taste.


The company specializes in the production of high-tech protective equipment for motorsport. But you can also choose a model for cycling, which are manufactured by innovative technologies, and at the same time meet all quality standards.

How to choose?

  • Choosing protective shorts, you need to take into account the age and gender of the rider. They must be perfectly approached in size, not to be big or vice versa – small.
  • It is also important to the stiffness of the product, it can be selected depending on how much the attendant sport is engaged in. For example, motorcyclist shorts must be with a higher degree of protection than cyclists shorts.
  • Protective shorts are divided into men’s, women’s and children, it is also important to consider when choosing. Usually sew them taking into account anatomical features, which improves the degree of protection. True, universal unisex models meet.
  • Also often women’s shorts have a compression effect, because it is a fair sex representatives often face a varicose problem.

Shorts for children to be not too tight, not strongly tightly. Firstly, the child will grow quickly from them, and secondly, heavily squeezing the hips for a long time, protective shorts can harm the child organism.

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