Shorten jeans

Shorten jeans

Cropped jeans have been occupied by several seasons in a row one of the leading positions, especially in the summer season. They are characterized by versatility, convenience and practicality. Beautiful appearance attracts the attention of others. They are often the main composite in the embodiment of the original image.


Cropped jeans are not a separate category, since almost any style can be worn in a standard or shortened form. They can be straight, unfolded or narrowed cut, as well as with pockets or without them. The waistline can be both overestimated and understated. Cropped jeans can have a different length: to ankle, slightly lower knees or knee.

Models with short-term length are in great demand, because they provide many advantages:

  • They attract attention to shoes. In combination with shoes or sandals on the heel visually lengthen the silhouette.
  • Jeans such a length look great with different riding, which makes it possible to show your individuality every girl, create a unique stylish bow.
  • Models of shorten jeans often prefer the owners of beautiful ankles, because they focus on their attention, and distract from the field of hips, what girls like with lush forms.

Today, any jeans model can become shortened due to the progress of Niza. The most optimal length is to the middle of the caviar, stylish and gently.

Many girls wonder how to correctly call short jeans. Often applies the word “shortened” or “halife”. Depending on the characteristics of the models, other names are sometimes found. For example, the model of jeans with a low waist line and a groin zone is a boyfriend.

Narrow Croy Jeans are called skinnie.

Models with knee-length, which are tightly tight legs, is called bridges.

If the name “Capri”, which is used for jeans with a length of just below the middle of the caviar. This model is very popular among full girls, because it allows you to adjust the figure.

Pants with the length above the knee are called Bermuda. They should choose high, slim girls.

Who fits?

Cropped jeans are suitable for all fair sex representatives without exception. If you choose the right thing, then you can emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide its flaws.

Slim girls with thin ankles and attractive legs are suitable.

Holders of a pear shape and medium height is better to give preference to free models, supplemented with cuffs at the bottom of the pantian.

High girls with narrow hips can be safely choosing models with a knee-length and below the folk cut


Today, designers offer a wide variety of shortened jeans styles, so every girl regardless of the type of figure will be able to pick up the perfect option. They can be narrow, scent, wide or free.

With jeans of a narrowed or tight cut beautiful will look at the top. You can select tops, blouses, tunics, sweatshirts or cardigans.

Wide models effectively look in tandem with jerseys, fitted shirts or jampers.

Shortened boyfriends may have faded or cropped pants, while the seams can be inaccurate. For brutal models it is worth picking vests, but more fitting options can be combined with bluzes from flowing tissues.

What to wear?

Cropped jeans are universal models, because they can be used to create a unique onion in any style. The same model will fit perfectly in a business and everyday image, and it is only necessary to choose the right and shoes correctly, add trendy accessories.

For the embodiment of a beautiful business woman onion, you can wear straight or slightly unfolded jeans in a tandem with a blouse or a strict silhouette shirt. An ideal supplement will be a long sleeve jacket or ¾. Stylish jacket can be fitted cut, length up to the middle of the hindered zone or slightly above.

When choosing shoes, it is better to pick up shoes, while high heel or flat sole is a matter of taste. Each girl herself decides which option is more comfortable

To create a fashionable everyday image, jeans of shortened cut are perfectly combined with light tunic or an elongated sweater. Wide styles are better combined with a crop top that emphasizes the beauty of the chest. In terms of shoes, fashionable onions can be supplemented with sports slippers or kids.

Young people prefers to wear extensive jeans that have a lot of pockets, decorated with a variety of decors and possess the lacing downstairs. Such a model of jeans stylishly looks with an elongated T-shirt, which freely sits on the figure, with a t-shirt or a slightly stretched pullover small knitting. Excellent supplement will be shoes on a flat sole as boots, sneakers or sneakers.

When creating each ensemble, you must follow the only rule: if jeans have a lot of decorative elements, then the top should be calmer. If the bottom does not have jewelry, then you can pick up a bright top with a stylish print.

When choosing the outerwear, you should pay attention to the leather jacket, an incredible jacket, a cloak or coat of the fitted style. For example, with boyfriends, a free fur vest will look very stylish.

When choosing shoes, you can not limit yourself, as shorten jeans look amazing with different models. The convenient choice will be ballet shoes, sandals on platform or gladiators sandals.

Excellent tandem create jeans shortened length with sneakers. But it is better to wear them without socks or short models, so as not to spoil the trendy silhouette. Another solution – Mother sneakers. And it is also worth remembering the shoes on a high heel, which will be indispensable for creating a spectacular bow.

In cool weather, shorten jeans can be safely worn with ankle boots or boots. An excellent solution will be boots to the knee, decorated with ethnic pattern and on a heel.

To create a harmonious and original image, it is worth paying attention to various accessories. Supplements will help belts made of fabric, metal or leather, decorated with a variety of fittings. When choosing jewelry, a great choice will be wooden beads or necklace, plastic or glass jewelry. Speeciously looks at wide bracelets and massive rings.

With jeans of short-circuit cut, it is customary to wear not only small clutch bags, but also large and spacious. The choice is fully individual

Stylish images

Cropped jeans can create a lot of stylish, original and elegant onions. It is necessary to carefully review your wardrobe, and you will definitely find many fashionable combinations.

To implement the everyday image with shorten jeans, you can wear a striped t-shirt and a black leather jacket. Red Stiletto Sandals will become a fashionable emphasis that emphasizes a luxury scarf chosen in tone of shoes. Supplement of the Unique Luke will be a handbag-clutch of red

Female image will create a tandem of black shorten jeans with a white blouse. Decoration will be sophisticated sandals decorated with beads. Add styles will help the jacket of a male cut light shade.

Very spectacular looking shorten jeans with holes in an ensemble with stiletto sandals, snow-white tunic and white elegant coat. Large-size black bag perfectly complement stylish bow.

For the embodiment of the youth image, you should give preference to jeans with curvators or holes. They look great in tandem with a bright T-shirt, decorated with a unique print. Stiletto sandals will give silhouette.

Elegant looks a combination of short-circuit jeans of a straight line blue with a yellow chef and leopard scarf. Stylish strap will add brightness to the image, and elegant shoes on the heel of brown and a large bag in the tone of the shoes will become a luxurious addition.

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