Silk evening dresses

Silk evening dresses

There are such fabrics that themselves are chic and serve as the main decoration of a woman. Such materials are a bit and one of them is silk.

Dress to the floor

Classical fashion is like a wand-cutter for those cases when the choice of the evening outfit puts you in a dead end. Take at least a silk dress that is suitable for almost any important event:

  • the publication+
  • A visit to theater+
  • Romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant+
  • date+
  • Friends Party.

Well, on the other hand, from what else to create evening dresses, like not out of expensive, natural fabric, which is silk?

Since we started talking about the classics, it would be wrong to forget about a bustier dress from the same silk. In such models, elegance, taken from the classics, and sexuality inherent in every woman intertwined in such models.

The most beautiful embodiment of the expensive material is a long dress with a deep neckline or an open back. Equal outfit on beauty and smartness simply does not exist. Models with naked shoulders are also popular among the ladies of different ages.

Considering the long models of evening silk dresses, you can note the popularity of the “case”. It is in this performance that the silk becomes the second skin, gently envelops and repeats the bends of the already sexual female body. On such a woman you can watch forever.

Silk will never cease to attract designers who wish to dilute their collections with something classic, but with execution on a new way. Long dresses with flying skirts allow you to transfer all the beauty and rich texture of natural fabric.

The asymmetry is still present in various parts of models, inserts from materials other than the texture. Although designers and take the basis of old techniques, but with a skillful circulation they get a new life.

The dress with the smell seems simple and brought up model, but not this season and not in silk performance. They again conquer the hearts of women, as well as the dress of mermaids.


If the upcoming event is not particularly official or, in general, more resembles a cocktail party, then the silk dress may not be especially long or in general – short, or with asymmetric podol.

Recall the legendary little black dress, which, on the instruction of Coco Chanel, should be every woman. The best material is silk. All others are blurred in front of him.

Short silk dress, with one strap and with an underlined breast – Well, what else can be needed for the queen of this and all subsequent evenings?

Choosing a silk dress for cocktails, not necessarily stop on direct skirts. More free options like a bell or tulip can also be considered, trying out and fall in love. With one of these outfits, flaws skillfully hid.


Think What color to choose a silk dress? Completely any, the main thing is that he liked you and did not cause disharmony with your type. Although bright and saturated, even restrained pastel, even with prints – is your choice.

Classic material is simply required to combine with classic white and black. Together with the gold or silver finish, classic silk becomes something magical.

Summer Silk reigns in women’s wardrobes, taking the most unexpected colors and embodied in bold fittings. Silk Dress is not amenable to fashion, it does not lose popularity, always looks fresh and fashionable. Rely on your taste and listen to the generally accepted recommendations of stylists.

What to wear

At least a silk dress is perfect in itself and little needs decorations and additional elements, but still think, and maybe a jacket or jacket will be not so superfluous?

Party, watching the film, and in general – any fun event on which you wish to appear in a silk dress, can delay, and you can extend. And in general, the jacket, scored on the shoulders, only adds the grace to your already beautiful image. Yes, and hide some flaws can be using an additional top element of the wardrobe.

Well, the most interesting combination remains for dessert – silk and expensive fur. It can be a fur manto, a fur coat, a vest – options are present. You can only say one thing – a luxurious and expensive image did not let anyone else.

Silk is beautiful in any performance, this material is difficult to spoil. Therefore, it does not lose relevance in any fire.

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