Skinny trousers

Skinny trousers

Pants for hundreds of years were an element of an exclusively male wardrobe, so almost all existing stamps of this object of clothing were invented for strong sex. This applies to the subject of today’s article – narrowed trousers. Desguing Book Pants, which were called “Halifa”, were created to make it more convenient to ride men. Unlike classic straight pants, narrowed pants were not confused in stirrups and did not deliver the rider of inconvenience.

When his right to wear trousers allotted ladies, this style was popular and among them. Over time, many models of narrowed trousers appeared, many of which remain relevant to this day. About the most stylish and fashionable varieties of narrowed trousers read in this article.

What are the narrowed pants for women?

Signaged pants have many varieties that brings together only one feature of Croy, namely, tapering the Book. The trousers themselves can absolutely any style – wide, narrow or straight, long or shortened.

Men’s models of narrowed trousers, who served as a prototype for the female version of this clothing, were free in hips and straight throughout the entire length, and the narrowing began only in the ankle area. Such trousers also settled in a female wardrobe, but no particularly popular with the weak floor, the Halifer’s trousers did not use, since this style is able to spoil the shape strongly if its parameters are far from the cherished ideal.

Now specially for women are invented dozens of models of narrowed trousers, which not only do not distort, but opposite the visually adjustment and expose in the most favorable light of the proportion of the figure. At the same time, they are aligned not exclusively pants with a narrow bottom of the trousers, but also skinnie pants that tightly fit the legs from the hips to the ankle.

In addition to the characteristics of the silhouette, the singular trousers differ in the presence / absence of various kinds of constructive and decorative elements, such as pockets, belts, fasteners, drapery, arrows and t.D.

To whom fit?

So, we found out that the options for narrowed trousers there are countless, it remains only to determine which style is suitable for your type of figure.

If you can boast of model parameters, that is, a rather high tall, a thin waist, long and slender legs, then your choice is practically unlimited. With such data you can afford and halifa, and skinnie, and trousers – bananas. It should be noted that classic straight trousers, tapering the book, most of all are suitable for this type of figures. All the rest of such a style trouser is recommended to combine only with shoes on a very high heel.

Pants free in hips will suit girls with luxurious forms. They balance lush chest and hide extra kilograms in the hips. To look even more spectable, emphasize the waistline with a wide belt (or select pants with high coquette).

Full young ladies Skinny pants are also not contraindicated. But they need to choose the model more thoroughly: the pans with a high planting, not tight hips and caviar, for example, trousers – bananas length 7/8. From sports models from thin knitwear and tight trousers in lush beauties it is better to refuse.


Straight narrowed pants

This is a classic option that is suitable for the work day in the office and various official events. Such a style will be well combined with things from business wardrobe: strict shirts, jackets and vests.


These are pants with a smell on the belt, wide in the hips and the narrow knees below. Modern Women’s Galife often have a beautiful decor at the top, for example, a large bow or an unusual belt, as well as decorated with pouiffs or shine buckles.


Bananas remind us of the 1980s and disco epoch. They usually have a high landing, so suitable for different types of figures. In the hips, bananas are slightly expanded, and to the ankles are gradually narrowed.


Dudoes – look very elegant, compared with models of narrowed trousers with a wide top of. On the hips, the shoes are sitting quite tightly, but do not fit them. Such pants are usually slightly shortened, so we carry them with shoes on the heel.


These pants are very similar to the previous model, but have one small feature – folding-races in those places where the desire of the trousers is. One of the main advantages of these trousers is that they can be fed to boots.


This type of trousers can be attributed to modern daily or sports style. Chinos trousers have a low landing, they, as a rule, are sewn from soft tissues, so they sit on the figure very free.


Another style of sportswear. This model of trousers received its name from the English word Jogging, meaning jogging. Joggers very much resemble ordinary training pants for the exception that they are very measured by the Book of the Book.


These are trousers or jeans, stitched from elastic material. Such pants are sitting as the second leather, emphasizing all the advantages and disadvantages of the figure. That is why this style is not recommended as very slender and very full girls.

Which length of narrowed trousers is considered optimal?

Stylists advise you to choose the length of the trousers, based on the same fundamental principle: what is already the bottom of the trousers, thedes they should be shorter, and vice versa.

That is, pants glue must be as long as possible, and singular pants look better in the shortened version. Ideally, narrowed trousers should be 2-3 cm shorter classic models, but you need to take into account the heel and the thickness of the ankles.

Fashionable colors

The model range of female singles trousers is represented by a huge variety of colors. The most popular remain classic monochrome tones and neutral shades, although the bright models use in greatest demand.

Black Skinny Pants is an unchanged element of the classic and business style. The best pair to come up with a strict bright shirt.

White pants of a narrowed silhouette – the thing is impractical, but very spectacular, especially in the summer, when she shakes tanned skin. Snow-white pants look great with bright tops and shoes.

Beige Pants – Great Clothing in Casual Style. They look restrained and elegant, but at the same time combined with things in a variety of styles.

Gray narrowed pants you probably also want to put on the office. They look not so formal as black, but even the most strict dress code allows such a color.

Blue pants can be option for both business and casual wear. They are truly universal, so perfectly combined with a strict jacket, and with a striped top-tel.

Red pants look very expressively and always attract attention to themselves, so if you want to catch admiring glances – stop your choice on this coloring.

Pink Signaged Pickles will like not only young, romantic agents, but also adult girls who want to create a gentle and fresh image.

Mint pants were very popular by several recent fashion seasons. This bright, summer color looks very nice and unusual, especially if you pick up a contrasting top.

What to wear women’s pants, narrowed to the bottom?

Options for combining narrowed female trousers with other things There is a great set.

In search of perfect accompaniment to such permanent, you need to consider several key points: model trousers, features of your own figure, weather season and the format of the event you go to.

Skinny pants can be combined with volumetric, free or fitting riding. Guide by a simple rule: the wider the lower part of the kit, the uppermost. For example, halife trousers are better to combine with fitted jackets and fitting tops, and pants-shoes – with sweaters Oversis and free shirts.

About what shoes are coming to a narrowed trousers, we mentioned more than once. If you have an increase in the average, then very desirable shoes or sandals on high heels. High young ladies can afford shoes on a flat sole or a small wedge – boots, leaflers, moccasins, espadrilles, slips and t.D.

Stylish suit with narrowed pants is impossible without properly selected accessories. It happens enough one bright detail – beautiful bags, original glasses, massive necklaces or unusual hats.

Spectacular images

  • Bright casual onions: turquoise trousers, the same color bag, T-shirt with a print, light jacket and snow-white moccasins.
  • Saturated shades: lemon pants, coral bag, extended blue vest, sweatshot in black and white stripes and dark blue lacquered oxfords.
  • For cool autumn: Bright troughs in the Scottish cell, a free sweater, a bulk woolen coat, a purple hat, shoes and a bag, chosen.
  • Casual style: Skinny jeans classic colors, white blouse, short sleeve cardigan deep emerald shade, bodily color boat, vintage pendant and miniature handbag.
  • Spring Romance: Tight trousers with a floral print, a light shirt, accessories in gentle, golden pastel colors and sandals on a dizzying heel.

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