Sport pants for women

Sport pants for women

Modern fashion daily dictates the rules of appearance, belonging not only to the style of clothing, but also to the appearance of a person in general.

That is why every girl tries to engage in itself, leading his proportions in order, resorting to the most popular way to maintain form – to sports activities and physical exertion.

But any fashionista knows, you need to stay in trend in any situation, even in the gym. And then the choice of stylish sports pants, which will not only be beautiful, but also convenient, becomes the main task before going to the gym.


Sports pants, like many other trousers, have a rather extensive model range, which greatly simplifies the choice.

Girls differ not only to the taste and sense of style, but also the type of figure, the complex that needs to be taken into account when choosing this product.

Sports Pants Direct Crowe are suitable for almost every girl, because the universal style sits on any shape and looks neutral. It is worth noting that the straight cut is classic among other sports pants.

The so-called banana pants are sports pants with a wide top of and a narrowed bottom.

Joggers pants are a model of sports trouser with tightening rubber bands below, as well as a seeded part of the knee to the ankle.

Most recently, clamshells returned to the sports fashion, with the fitting top and wide bottom.

Halifer trousers in some way remind of Crow Bananas, having the same narrowed bottom of the knee to the ankle.

Among the slender girls are in demand by tight pants, such as sports leggings. They are made of elastic material, which allows you to move freely during aerobics and other sports.

Some girls prefer wide sports pants that provide the maximum feeling of comfort.

Usually such a model has a free style, a completely unlucky body. Similar pants often flashed in clips of foreign rap performers.

Pants with low fit – not quite a good choice of sportswear, as they can slide, creating an unpleasant feeling.

Some sports pants may have a strict appearance, for example, a straight trousers of direct cut with vertical stripes on the sides.

Other models can be decorated with inscriptions: by any foreign word or label name.

Militarian style reminds its colors of military uniform, which is not surprising, since the bright representative of this style is camouflage pants.

Recently, unprecedented popularity has acquired things with unbelieving elements, such as jeans with ribbon knees. A new stunning trend was sports pants with exactly the same decorative element – holes in the area of ​​the knee.

There are also pretty interesting models of sports pants with knee pads, with a skirt, with small lightning on the sides of the pantian, which can also be replaced with buttons.

The insulated version of the sports pants may have a lining or a fraction that allows you to play sports outside in the cold season. Typically, such parts are made of warm syntheps or multifunction fleece.


In addition to the fact that such pants have a direct purpose – for sports, there is a variety of models for certain sports varieties. For running, free pants are usually used, with a tightening rubber band below, and in the case of running on nature, pants use pants with a warmed lining.

Warm pants are the most suitable option for autumn. And trousers made of fine single-layer fabric are good for summer, because in hot weather sports in dense robe may be somewhat uncomfortable.

For bodybuilding and fitness, the best option will be tightly tight pants with a compression effect and knee pads, since a large load on legs and joints occurs. Elastic leggings and leggings are well suited for dancing, which are well stretched and do not throw movements.

There are models of sports pants having a special layer, stimulating enhanced sweating and fat burning. Such pants are actively used in the process of weight loss. Soft fabric pants are suitable as home clothes, because at home you also need to feel comfortable.

Large sizes for full

Full girls, passionately wishing to lose weight, also need the appropriate apparel, so sports pants are necessary and to them. Many brands are engaged in the development and release of the Plus Size clothing line, designed specifically for full girls who also want to play sports. Basically, it is a free cut model that do not focus on disadvantages. Tight pants and leggings full girls better avoid.


In addition to the fact that the model range is full of varieties of sports pants, significant differences also exist in the length of the product. Standard length pants – to the ankle, are the most common option, since they are most comfortable and practical in the event that you need to do the exercise, sitting or lying on the floor.

Short sports pants, in the form of shorts, are well suited for running in the hot season, and sometimes used by bodybuilders. In addition, you can pick up a shortened model of pants, the length of which reaches the middle of the caviar. Most often, this model is presented in the form of tight losine, leggings or halif.


Fabric from which sweat sports pants can be diverse, and the choice of one or another option is due to a variety of factors. Bologna sports pants, as well as pants from cloak tissue are very practical, because this material is practically not amenable to pollution and is very easy to clean. And the special impregnation of the material makes the thing of the waterproof, which will be especially relevant, if the rain suddenly starts.

Knitted material is famous for its natural structure that allows the product to “breathe”, and is also quite elastic, which makes the dimension row a little wider than indicated on the label. Personals of cotton and polyester are also popular, since these materials are also good for sports. But leather sports pants are greatly rare, because they are not entirely practical and not functional, and can only be used as decor, for the image of the output. Woolen sports pants – also rarity and more suitable for home use. The same can be said about models from velor fabric.

Color and print

Sports things, oddly enough, on a par with the rest, fall under the change in the trends of world fashion, so the color variety is no less than the model. Classic option – black or blue pants, which are especially popular in people with excess body. Dark shades are good in visual concealment of flaws.

Bright shades are also gaining popularity, which is not at all surprising, because bright colors set the mood image. In addition, the fact that has long established psychologists says that the color of clothing is directly affected by the subconscious. Yellow Sports Pants will perfectly be combined with white tops, and also subconsciously configure to good luck.

Red, although it carries notes of vulgarity and aggression, is still very expressive and beautiful. Those who actively use red sports things are inherent in such qualities as risks, extreme and even seductiveness.

Burgundy color, being a more rich and deep shade of red, carries the same character, emphasizing the sexuality in an even greater degree.

Militarian style is very popular, since swamp shades are signs of a calm and balanced character, and also create an appropriate inner feeling in visual effects. And the most vivid representative of this style is camouflage trousers, similar to the equipment of military personnel, hunters and fishermen.

As already mentioned, this season is full of variety of fashion trends, one of which are crazy bright shades that are especially popular among young and creative girls. Bola mature women prefer dark and deep shades that give the image of solidity and advantageously emphasizing the seductiveness of sports forms. Popular style MILITS, Fashionable camouflage, as well as animal colors. Sports leggings and trousers with pulling elements at the bottom of the pants are very fashionable.


Many labels specialize in the development of sportswear and pants are one of the most popular and selling goods. Among corporations designed for mass consumption, the most popular and famous are Puma, Adidas, Nike, Reebok.

Less well-known, but based much earlier Umbro and Kappa have no smaller popularity and to this day, presenting goods by economy and middle classes available for each wallet. Insulated sportswear options are the main specialization of Columbia, which is famous for the quality of the materials and goods involved in the whole. Luxury models are presented by brands like Calvin Klein, Armani, Chloe, Prada. Prices, of course, correspond to the quality and idea of ​​the models of sports pants, but are much less profitable.

How to choose?

Choosing pants, the first thing to consider is their size. Children’s selected nefples will fall out, wrinkle, bother, creating inconveniences that are absolutely not needed in sports training. In order not to look ridiculous and not to feel embarrassed, it is worth selecting a sports pants model. Slender girls can afford any model, and the owners of complete forms are better to avoid tight styles.

It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product. It is necessary to carefully discerning the fabric for the presence of microdimensions, which can later sprawling, forming large holes. Checking the seams and protruding thread will also help to avoid acquiring poor quality goods, which will quickly fail.

What to wear?

Sports pants, contrary to many opinions, can be used in everyday life, combining them with completely ordinary things.

  • Leather jacket, the usual cotton shirt is perfect for knitted sports pants – Joggers or bananas.
  • Sports trousers can be combined not only with sneakers and sneakers, but also with shoes on heels, various models of shoes, moccasin, ballet shoes and sandals.
  • In the cool time of the year you can safely wear warm upper clothes, such as a coat, jackets, parks and sweaters, and not be afraid that the image will be inappropriate.
  • You can try to create an unusual image, while using the stylistic mixing of the elements of sport and classics, putting the jacket.
  • The image in a pure sports style will be able to combine pants with t-shirts, hoodies or jeans.

Spectacular images

The gentle combination of quilted sports trousers from knitted fabric and a pink leather jacket looks very romantic and gently, creating an easy and delicate image.

The pledge of the stylish output image is simple white shirt, denim shirts and joggers in the style of millitations, presented in the dark camouflage color.

Interesting image with a “highlight” will turn out with a competent selection of shortened knitted sports pants with a print in the form of black and white ripples, cotton white shirt and a shortened brown leather jacket.

Sports pants with holes may look a little sloppy, so to create a stylish image you will need more restrained elements of the ensemble. For example, gray pullover or turtleneck and white slips without print.

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