Surributed sports pants

Surributed sports pants

In the modern world it is not necessary to wear elegant dresses, lush skirts and silk shirts to look stylish. Fortunately, the high fashion has expanded the borders for sportswear, which has become a mandatory attribute even for those who are not engaged in sports.


Specialized sports pants are much more convenient for running, fitness, cycling, and other classes than any other clothes. The materials used provide the necessary convenience and freedom for active actions. Organism in good quality pants breathe even through the cloth. Yes, and long sports pants tritely protect from cold, dirt, dust, and in the case of a slight fall, and from abrasion.

Many prefer sports pants, not jeans, classic pants, skirts, and so on. Especially if the day is active, and the situation allows you to look in the style of Casual. Such clothing is most comfortable for those who live dynamic life, is in permanent traffic in the city. But no less beneficial pants and for those who are sitting at the computer all day, responds to calls and does not make much way, as I would like, active movements. Sports comfortable clothing allows you to be the most productive and not distracted by stimuli.

Undoubtedly, narrowed sports pants will be a good acquisition for ordinary walks on the street, park, forest. Legs are as protected as much as possible, and walk in the pants will turn out much longer than in classic trousers or skirt, because the legs will not be frozen.

Some model of sports pants will suit not only for daily affairs and walks, but also for parties. They allow you to create a contrast, unforgettable image, but it should be careful to pick up clothes so that everything watches harmoniously, and not tasteless.


There are light options for spring and summer, and there are warmed pants who are tightly, thanks to which they can safely walk even in winter. Pants can have a different length, most often it is standard. There are also slightly shortened models, as fashionable, even in the fall, walk with open ankles.

Differences are also included in the parts used: height, width and density of the belt, the presence of gum at the bottom of the pantian, pockets. We can say that there are more sports models and more elegant. Sports pants laconic, monophonic, without unnecessary details. They are well suited for sports and ordinary walks. But the elements can be richly decorated with decorative elements: embroidery, rhinestones, ribbons, prints, lightning on pockets or pants, inserts, such as popular lamps.


For sports pants priority to use artificial synthetic materials, since they better tolerate frequent washing and drying, do not impenet, retain the form, which means they will serve as longer.

The most optimal is polyamide and nylon, especially if the pants are purchased primarily for active sports. There is a form and natural cotton materials, but for the same reasons it is best to choose those products in which there are impurities, such as Spandex, Lycra, Elastane.

Do not advise you to buy sportswear with a large percentage of polyester in the composition, as it can cause an allergic reaction with active workouts and selection of sweat.

There are winter models that are insulated by fleece. It is pleasant to the touch, heats well, passes the air and, most importantly, does not cause irritation.


The most common color for sportswear was still gray and black, and the other Dark. They are most practical for the workouts on which you often encounter with dust floors or dirt on the street. Some brands are no less popular and white color, but rather as a decorative element.

With the spread of fashion on sports pants. Manufacturers made a bold step in a variety of color gamut. All otherly relevant classic “sports” colors added bright: pink, salad, yellow, red. Have become diverse and dark colors, having completed blue, lilac, brown palettes.

Not very often, but on sports narrated pants there are printed, such as floral or animalistic ornaments, zilovaya drawings, inscriptions.


Signal sports pants can be found in many brands stores: Reebok, Nike, Umbro, Puma, Kappa, Lotto, Adidas. Adidas adheres to classic colors (combination of black, blue, gray with white) and it has many models stitched by patented technologies. Puma, Nike, Reebok pants are more likely colored pants, such as pink, purple, green, red.

Such pants are widespread in all network large brands presented in shopping centers.

How to choose?

Signaged pants suggest that they must sit on the figure, and not hang out how broader models. Of course, they should not deliver discomfort, turning into any places, which can happen if there is a gum at the bottom of the pantian or on the belt. Pay attention to the seams – they should be not only durable, but also neat, so as not to deliver discomfort when contact with the skin.

Without gum on the pants it is worth do girls with full legs. They are best fit a direct silhouette cut.

What to wear?

Signal sports pants should be worn with sports and casual clothes: tops, t-shirts, t-shirts, windings, Hoodies, sweatshirts. Laconic pants without brightly pronounced sports details and style can be combined with shirts, blazers, tunics, jackets. Contrast image can be completed with shoes on heels, shoes on a flat sole, moccasins, sandals. Sports, sneakers are always suitable for sports pants. Shlepans and Uggs should not be worn.

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