T-shirts with print

T-shirts with print

T-shirts with a print probably have in the wardrobe of every girl. Images of actors, singers and superheroes, interesting inscriptions, flowers, hearts, abstraction … Differences of various drawings that can be found on T-shirts, just do not consider!


In the collections of many famous designers, you can find not only expensive costumes and dresses for carpet tracks, but also interesting T-shirts with prints.

Usually they differ in creative and unique design, as well as unconditionally high quality.

Among the wide variety you can highlight T-shirts Philipp Plein, who will enjoy the fans of comics and superheroes.

Dolce & Gabbana and Carven offer us interesting T-shirts with landscape prints.

W Dsquared2 You will find a variety of models with surrealistic drawings that will complement any everyday image.

Saint Laurent pleases his fans with stylish “musical” t-shirts.

Ganni Offers wearing products depicting bright fruits.

Lovers of incendiary parties and delicious cocktails like thematic T-shirts from Victoria Beckham.

The variety of interesting and creative prints please us Stella McCartney.

Well, in a creative T-shirt from Moschino, you will definitely not be unnoticed! This brand is famous for its unusual prints and original design ideas, so you will like bold girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight.

Of course, the cost of designer t-shirts will not have to afford, but it is not a reason to be upset. Almost all brand mass market has an assortment of interesting and stylish T-shirts for every taste.


If you want to demonstrate the surrounding taste and the challenges of a creative designer, you can make the author’s t-shirt with your own hands.

Do not be afraid, you will not have to sew it from scratch, you will need only to take a one-photo basic T-shirt to which your own print will be applied. Fit simple white or black t-shirt. For example, high-quality inexpensive copies can be found at ASOS or Zara.

Next, you have two ways to receive creative T-shirts. You can contact the above-mentioned print studio with your own print, which they will apply to a T-shirt on special equipment. Give preference to silk screening, it is distinguished by durability and high quality.

You can also apply a print on a T-shirt with your own hands. Today in the free sale you can find special paints, markers or markers, which draw on the fabric. Even if you do not have artistic talents, you will certainly be able to apply an interesting inscription or logo.

You can also use a stencil to draw flowers, asterisks, hearts and other similar drawings.

Look inspiration in creative T-shirts of famous designers, many of them are not as complex in repetition!

To whom fit?

T-shirts with prints fit absolutely all. If earlier there was a stereotype, as if it was clothing for children and adolescents, now these stylish and comfortable clothes are chosen and young girls, and women older, regardless of the type of shape.

Do not necessarily wear a T-shirt with an image of a cartoon character, but a stylish inscription or creative print – why not?

Choose a T-shirt in its size, it should not be covered with you, but also excessive baggy is also not the best solution. Free T-shirts OVERSIZE are suitable only very thin girls.


White T-shirts with inscriptions or prints are indispensable in the wardrobe of modern fashionista. It will complement any casual look, you can wear them to a party, to the club or on a date. It looks very concise and stylish, but bright print adds a highlight image.

Black T-shirts with prints are no less interesting than white. They can be worn for a walk, meeting with friends or put on shopping. Select suitable accessories to it, and you can safely go to the party. Black color adds a highlight image and makes your image fashionable and elegant.

Gray T-shirts with drawings easily complement any everyday image. If this is a product with a laconic inscription, it will even fit into a business look. Wear such a T-shirt with blond or dark jeans, and if you want to add brightness to the image, pick up bright accessories.

Multicolored. In addition to basic neutral T-shirts, multicolored T-shirts with interesting prints are also in demand. They are more obliging, so not every fashionista will decide to include them in their wardrobe. Wear them best with laconic skirts or jeans. As for color, give preference to blue, pink, green or yellow. They look bright and interesting.

With inscriptions

T-shirts with inscriptions look concise and stylish. Typically, the color of the inscription is contrasting, so it is perfectly highlighted on a monophonic T-shirt. The font can be any – in the form of patterns, in words, plug letters. There is a lot of options!

Most often T-shirt with a text print – this is an interesting detail of the image that perfectly complements everyday bows. True, it is also suitable for a fashion party or a date complete with skirt or stylish trousers.

With cartoon characters

If you already have 20, this is not a reason to deny yourself in wearing T-shirts with a cartoon character. The characters of the cartoon Disney are especially popular, but most importantly – do not overdo it. For example, you will suit a tishche with Mickey Mouse, and here the T-shirt with Fairy Winx better give younger sister.

Such a T-shirt will be suitable if you prefer Street Style or Sport-Chic. With jeans or leggings, she will look perfect. A denim or leather skirt is also suitable, and from shoes – sneakers, slips, sandals without heel.

With Tattoo Print

Recently, t-shirts with a print in the form of tattoos are enjoyed with great demand.

The fashion on them was introduced by Ed Hardy – an artist and a tattooker from the USA, which created a whole series of T-shirts with a picture of tattoo sketches.

There are several options for tattoo-print, some demonstrate the drawings of individual parts of the body, which, as it were, look out, through the cuts on a T-shirt.

Also possible just drawings in the form of tattoos. Among the preservative sexes are the most popular “maiden” tattoo sketches.

With ice cream

T-shirt with an image of ice cream – this is the perfect summer print. The image of ice cream give the highlight image, making it cute and attractive.

There are two options for a popular print – one or more horns, or a popsicle, located in the center of T-shirt.

Also possible small repeating print depicting multicolored popsicle. The color of the pattern is distinguished by bright saturated paints, pink, blue, salad, yellow, yellow.

Such a T-shirt is suitable for any everyday image or for a romantic date.

With a cat

Most girls love images of cats, because it is cute and fluffy animals that cause us. That is why T-shirts with the image of these animals can be found in the wardrobe of many girls.

Popular drawings of mystical black cat, eyes or face cats, images of kittens or cat pairs. As modern technologies allow you to apply 3D images, the volumetric photo of fluffy cats on a T-shirt is particularly spectacular.

With superhero

Previously, the characters from comic were fond of mainly guys, but these times have long passed. In many ways, we are grateful for it by film director who revived Batman, Superman, Flash, Spider Man, Wonder Woman and Many others. Now many beautiful sex representatives are also their hot fans. After all, who won’t want to be a superhero girl or to find supersil?

And maybe you like a Joker more soul or his girlfriend Harley Queen? There are options for every taste.

In short, a T-shirt with fantastic characters – it’s fun, bright and interesting. It causes only positive emotions, because it is able to instantly revive any, even the most boring image.

With fruits

“Fruit” print today is very popular. It can be found in the collections of many famous designers after all, as well as the print in the form of ice cream, brings us a pleasant association and hot summer.

Images of strawberries, pineapples, bananas, lemons and other juicy fruits look very stylish and appetizing. You can wear such a T-shirt with any casual clothes, as well as put on a romantic date.


If you want to stand out in the crowd, prefer the unusual 3D T-shirt. Tishotka with a volume image will attract the views of others and force men to turn around on the street.

Popular prints depicting animals, colors, birds, landscapes. They are attaching to her eyes, thanks to the originality and the effect of the live image.


Flower print t-shirts have always been popular among fair sex representatives. This is one of those drawings that fits girls and women of any age.

There are models with floral ornament, with a large and small pattern, bright floral motifs. Such a T-shirt will be relevant in any situation, whether it is a walk, shopping or a date. You can even pick up a tishot with a concise floral print for work that successfully replaces a shirt or blouse.

How to make it yourself?

There are many options for applying a drawing drawing with your own hands. Let’s consider the simplest options that will be even a newcomer.

T-shirt with zigzag print

To do this, we will need a monophonic T-shirt, tape, special paint in a spray canter and carbon. It will need to wear a T-shirt to make the paint not reprinted from behind.

Just get tape zigzag stripes, and then spray the paint. Get bright and progress in the style of minimalism.

With cilia

If you like fashionable T-shirts from Chiara Ferrants with the image of eyes and cilia, you can try to repeat this idea with your own hands.

Take a white T-shirt, cardboard, from which I cut the stencil, sponge and black paint. Apply a cardboard stencil to a T-shirt and apply paint with a sponge. Unusual and stylish print ready!

With galactic print

For a galactic print you will need not white, and a black T-shirt. Also take a bleach, paints for Metallic fabric, brush and an empty spray bottle.

Spread the T-shirt on the old newspapers and spray bleach on it. Then pour its remnants from the bottle, rinse the bottle and pour into it the metal paint, diluted with water, in the 1: 2 ratio. The accurate mixture spray on a t-shirt.

Now it will remain to make the stars with a brush and leave the product to seek. So that the print fastens well, swing a dried t-shirt Iron.

Stylish and current “fruit” print is easy to create with your own hands. Homemade stamp will help you easily transform a boring T-shirt. Look at this video with detailed instructions, which is available even for newbies.

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