Trendy chinos trousers

Trendy chinos trousers

Men’s fashion has always been generous, and trendy trousers chinos, like many other sharp trends, moved to the women’s wardrobe from there. It is difficult to find a more versatile thing for summer, as well as for a warm autumn-spring period.

It is only necessary to learn how to choose and wear such trousers, and they will become an indispensable detail in any stylish dress. And our article is designed to introduce you to all the subtleties of the selection of trouser chinos and their combinations with other elements of the wardrobe.

What is chinos pants?

Authentic pants entitled “Chinos” – pants made of pure cotton. On the shirina instead of zippers, they have buttons, the pants are slightly alienated by the book. Front pockets beveled, rear – mortise, straight.

This description is suitable for classic chinos, today there is a mass of variations that allow the use of blended tissues or a conventional zipper on the shirina. Landing can be both classical and understated.

Such pants appeared in the middle of the XIX century. They were developed specifically for the British military, based in Indian colonies. At first all clothes for soldiers were produced in white.

But this option was too marked and impractical, so white cotton before sewing painted by any comfortable prickly means – curry, mulberry, coffee. As a result, this inimitable and characteristic of chinoshs, the shade of khaki, which became traditional for such trousers.

His pants are owned by China – the Brittle for them bought the British exactly there, and he was heard – pants from chino (“Chinese”) fabric. For many decades, such pants passed from one country to another as army uniforms for hot countries.

Then they gradually moved into the daily male wardrobe, and by the 20th century, by the time of the ubiquitous emancipation, Chinosa, finally got into women’s fashion images.

Features Croy

Chinos is a pants of a free cut from soft, but durable material – flax or cotton. Their convenience and versatility as a result led to the fact that the chinosists literally displacing jeans from everyday life, especially in summer.

Such trousers are freely sitting, do not make movements at all, and most importantly – they are not hot. At the same time, they, as well as the jeans mentioned above, are perfectly combined with almost any clothes and shoes. And this means that such pants can be put on both work and a party, both on a journey and on a date.

Since chinos is a separate view of the trouser, and not a specific model, different brands manufacturers may allow discrepancies to roll, beans and some details.

Becoming an attribute of a female wardrobe, Chinosa began to appear not only with classic or slightly lowered landing, but also with a high waistline. Upper area of ​​trousers with covers – another characteristic feature of chinos.

Who goes?

Although this is very universal trousers of free cut, they need to be selected in strict accordance with the individual features of the figure. So you will be able to hide any drawbacks, and thanks to some tricks – even visually change your silhouette for the better.

  1. Guys and girls of low growth should choose models with an overestimated waistline. Such pants visually make legs longer.
  2. If your height is medium or even high – boldly give preference to models, strongly narrowed down. It looks very elegant, but visually steals several centimeters in growth. It will not harm you, but for owners of a more modest growth, such models, unfortunately, under the ban.
  3. A small trick for full: a straight style without folds and excessive volume in the hip and waist area – the perfect way to hide the problem moments of your figure. At the same time, pants must be made of lighter fabrics that give less folds and do not collect. Tried trick that helps look slimmer!

Varieties of trousers

Men’s chinos trousers, as a rule, correspond to the classical ideas about this type of pants. They are only slightly narrowed down the book, landing have a classic or slightly understated manifolds may differ only in a wide range of color gamut.

Women’s chinos trips are distinguished by the big wealth of varieties. In addition to Croy, identical to male models, they are produced with sharply burning pants, with an overwhelmed waist, with hopes at the top and with all sorts of folds.

Teenage chinosis, in fact, are simply reduced copies of models for adults. For any sex and age category, there is a huge selection of models, various both on the style and color. And everyone can easily choose something.

How to determine the optimal length?

Non-fashion sites – Practically mandatory attribute for trousers chinos. But you need to do it right. For high, the unlawful law is valid: the chance must be located at a distance of 5 cm from the ankle. But since such a reception visually shortens the legs, the owners of a more modest growth can be reduced by this distance to 2-3 cm.

The width of the sovereign is also important. It is calculated very simple: the less your height, the already allowable sovereign width. This is a prerequisite, violating which, you strongly waste the entire silhouette of the outfit.

Classical Gamma Trouser Chinos is a khaki color or beige shades. And these colors will always be in fashion. However, this season should pay attention to other color solutions. If the classic is more relevant for the official sphere, then a bright gamut should be selected for recreation.

For those who even in everyday style adheres to conservative views, captivity of deep blue or dark gray tones will be relevant.

Romantic Natures are suitable now pastel colors – pistachio, lavender, lemon.

Bright colors also no longer canceled! Red Gamma – Cranberry Or Color “Fiesta”, Green Palette – Color of Fresh Lawn or Emerald.

Also relevant this season canvil, amber, coral, beige colors. Chocolate or ice coffee is an excellent option for connoisseurs of sharp trends.

In the women’s and teenage fashion, bosses with bold prints. Vegetable, animals or abstract drawings will be relevant for a long time.

What to wear?

Chinosa – a universal thing. They are perfectly combined with almost any elements of the wardrobe. But it is important to withstand the entire ensemble in one harmonious style.

To create an office image, combine such pants with a shirt, jacket or knitted sweater.

Observe the minimalism in the question of color solutions. Everything must be withstanding in 2-3 colors, a monochrome composition is also allowed, where only different shades of the same color are used.

More bold combinations of both styles and colors are appropriate in an informal setting. For a hot summer day, the top of such an ensemble can become both a shirt and a shirt or a blouse.

Cool in the evening is appropriately a sweatshot with a fun print or jacket (denim or knit-car), cardigan and t.NS.

Suitable shoes

For both men and women, ideal companions, Topsiders (sailor and yachtsmen shoes), Oxfords, sneakers, sandals can be called topsiders. The latter should be on a high sole.

For cool time, desert boots will be beautiful shoes to Chinosham (Desert Boots). Perfect combinations with some cedal models, with moccasins.

However, the ladies shoes are much more diverse than men’s. And the representatives of the finest floor can also be bold to combine certain models of chinosov with shoes and heeled sandals. It can be like elegant hairpin boats and massive open shoes on a stable heel. Also appropriate combinations with criespers, loches.

At the same time remember once and for all: whatever shoes you have chosen to combine with chinos, socks in this ensemble are not allowed!

Additional accessories

Both shoes and belt to chinosam are selected by one simple principle: you wish to create a stricter image, it means that shoes and belt must be brown, and the pants themselves are classical gamma (khaki or beige).

To create an informal image, any color accessories that support the main gamut of the outfit. In any combination, avoid black – it is not a place next to the trousers-chinos.

Very effectively will look selected by the classic principle of shoes and handbag – weathered in the same range. No less effectively combination of belt and shoes according to a similar principle.

For cool weather, applying the scarves in ensembles with chinosles of scarves and our headscarves with the creation of air volume.

Spectacular images

Tarrling girl

Trousers chinos classic khaki color, simple T-shirt and sneakers Converse – all ingenious just.

Romantic Lady

Beautiful outfit for seabed: white pants, shambris shirt, elegant leaf, handbag over shoulder and wide-headed hat.

Non-skilled casual

Sneakers, Simple T-shirt and Cardigan Unusual Croy – This ensemble in combination with chinoshs will become a real hit of your daily style.

Even more bright and spectacular images will find in our photo gallery!

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