Tunics with cuts

Tunics with cuts

Tunic is not in vain in many causes associations with ancient Greece. In the end, it was from there that the history of clothing began, which in modern times is valued by all women in the world for the convenience, practicality and style.

Tunic is suitable for absolutely all: teenage girls or adult business women, owners of slender or magnificent figures, sports or glamor lovers. Tunics with cuts – a common model, once again proving how universal it is a wardrobe.


Cuts do not wear any practical value, but make the product intriguing. You can bargain the hips, if there is nothing under the beach tunica, except for swimsuit. Or a cut will open up shorts, jeans, skirt.

It should be perceived as a decoration and a way to draw attention to an interesting tunic fashion.

Original is the use of a cut for visual separation of the tunic into two parts to emphasize the transition of colors from one to another or asymmetric length of the rear and front parts of the product.

Tunics with cuts on the sides – the trend of this year, so it is widely represented in network brands collections. This method of decoration is found on products of different longs. There are very short cuts on the tunic of the tunic to the hip, so you can see the bare sides.

If the tunic is long below the knee or at all to the ankle, cuts can be up to the hip. Most often these are two symmetrical cuts from each side, since the single – the prerogative of the dress.

Due to the different length of the cuts (from a few millimeters to tens of centimeters), such tunics can easily worry in any situation. If it does not allow a demonstration of a good fit, then you should choose a tunic with tiny cuts, the main goal of which decorate the bottom of the product, and not pay attention to what is hidden behind them.

There are tunics with cuts on the back or abdomen. It can simply open the view of what is under the tunic (another element of the wardrobe or body) or under it can be insertion of lace, mesh.

Such models can be called pleasure and suitable for evening exit, as it is difficult to imagine a business office lady with an impressive cut, talking back.

There are no restrictions of color or material for sewing tunic with cuts. They are used both on transparent beach models and on warm knitted. This item is suitable for any styles – not only for tunic-blouses or tunic shirts, but also for tunica dresses.

What to wear?

Tunics – universal clothing that can be combined absolutely with everything that is available in the closet. It concerns this and a tunic with cuts.

For flying free models, the most fitting companions are best suited, for example, skinny jeans, tight pants, pencil skirt, leggings. Cuts – a good way to create a playful unusual image. You can choose a tunic of the same length with shorts or skirt, so you will be seen only through cuts.

In these areas, shorts, jeans or any other clothing can be decorated with applications, sequins, lace, so that an intriguing multi-layer appearance will be created.

Under the shortened models, the cuts on which they go to the chest line, you can pick up a shortened or extended top. In a cooler time of the year, such a tunic sit down well on the blouse, shirt. Top of the tunic with ease dressed jackets, jackets, raincoats, coats, most importantly, so that the hem of extended models does not stick out from under the bottom of the outerwear.

Depending on the length and style of the product, a completely diverse shoes can be suitable for the image: ballet shoes and high-heeled shoes, ankle boots and shoes, sneakers and sandals, long boots and boots.

The same applies to accessories – their choice should depend on the overall style of the appearance, do not compete with the decor of the tunic or, on the contrary, complement it if the product itself looks quite modest.

Especially fashionable is considered a combination of tunic below the knee with long cuts to the waist and hats with wide fields plus in small backpacks.

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