Twid jacket

Twid jacket

Famous Coco Chanel introduced a twiden jacket. Initially, this element of the wardrobe was exclusively male, so women did not pay special attention to the innovation. But after 15 years, Chanel again introduced the amazing models of women’s tweed jackets on the podiums. Since that time, they began to enjoy tremendous demand.

Features Twid

Twid is a fabric that perfectly holds heat and is characterized by increased strength. It is created from wool, which will pre-undergo special processing.

Twid jacket so warm that it is indispensable for cold season. Twid refers to moisture-resistant and soft materials, so tweed jacket can with ease replace the autumn jacket.

Tweed can visually increase the growth and add a figure of volume, so it should be carefully approaches the selection of jacket models from this fabric


Each season designers represent new styles and models of tweed jackets, because they are always in trend. They offer different lengths, shape of a collar or without it, and also decorate jackets investers from other fabrics.

The shortened blazer of dark color is ideal for girls low growth. But slender beauties should be replenished with long models.

Classic tweed jackets are represented by black, brown, white or gray. But today you can buy a model of bright colors, which will make it possible to realize a spectacular bow. Models decorated with floral print, are perfect for the embodiment of a romantic image.

What to wear?

Initially, tweed jacket was worn with trousers of a classic cut or a pencil skirt. But today stylists offer different combinations for the incarnation of various styles. To create an elegant onion worth wearing a tweed jacket with dresses from air fabrics, leggings or skinny jeans.

Classic is considered twisted black color jacket. It is often used to create a casual image. To attract male attention, it is worth paying attention to the yellow tweed jacket and put it with a twisted skirt pencil yellow or black.

For everyday image it is worth putting on a tweed jacket over a monochon turtleneck or thin sweater. Practical and comfortable jeans will become an excellent complement of the fashion bow for every day.

For business image It is worth combining tweed jacket with a snow-white blouse or a classic cut shirt. Exquisitely and just looks like a tandem of a shortened jacket with an air dresser. You can choose a model from chiffon, it will give an appearance of attractiveness and irresistible.

Twid jacket can be decorated with stylish accessories to make it unique and charming. For example, a one-photon model can be decorated with a large rod or massive beads. But twisted jackets with a bright print do not need additional accessories.

Spectacular images

For the casual onion, tweed jacket stands with jeans and a snow-white blouse of air translucent cloth. Boots on the platform on the tone of the jacket perfectly complement the stylish image.

Elegantly looks like a shortened tweed jacket with leather inserts. Large buttons who are fastened diagonally give the model of efficiency. This jacket looks beautifully in a tandem with black trousers in the tightclock.

Gorgeous and romantic looks like a combination of a shortened tweed jacket with a heating fabric dress. Comfortable black ballet shoes perfectly complement the irresistible onions. Dress can be decorated in a small floral ornament or small polka dot. But the tweed jacket can combine several tones at once. Little decorations and a small handbag on the chain will be perfectly harmonized with a selected outfit.

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