Twid trousers

Twid trousers

Twid fabric appeared in the Victorian era in England. She immediately fell in love with many inhabitants of Misty Albion for their strength, softness and ability to maintain heat. The famous writer Arthur Conan Doyle, Scot, on the origin and “parent” of Sherlock Holmes, really appreciated the clothes from the tweet. By providing the famous tweed cap detective, he made this fabric even more popular and beloved worldwide.

Initially, tweed costumes were the attribute of the male wardrobe only, and were clothing for hunting. Over time, such kits began to make for everyday life, and women who easily adopt a male outfit, of course, did not bypassed the pants from the tweet.


Today, tweed pants are one of the things of Must Have in the Winter Wardrobe.

They are well warmed, very pleasant to the skin and practically do not impair. In addition, this fabric made by branded English technology has different density and several types of textures that allow creating very stylish and practical models.

Twid is made of sheep wool and has all its properties, so in such pants it will be very difficult to freeze.


Wide tweed pants – almost the classic model that Madame Chanel has made a popular unrivaled Madame. Known for its revolutionary views of the fashion in general and women’s wardrobe in particular, she easily transferred tweed pants from male collections, somewhat modified and making them a more feminine.

Wide tweed pants, unlike products from other materials, will not launcher shape, already having extra kilograms. This is achieved at the expense of a special cut and the correct ensemble combination – the elongated jacket or the jumper will become the best companions for such trousers.

Twid Skinny Pants – a model that is very successfully combined with fit blasters and vests. Being clothes for the cold season of the year, in such a combination of trousers from the tweet will give heat and comfort to their owner even in the strongest frost. In addition, putting it on this model, you can very well emphasize the merits of your figure, because the distinguishing feature of the twee is – the ability to visually make the volume less than it actually.

Twid – True English fabric, images and prints on which are formed already at the production stage. Depending on the type of fabric, its texture is distinguished, and, accordingly, drawing.

The most popular types of TVID are:

Donegal – The fabric that the main thread of one color is intertwined with two threads of the duck of other shades. This creates a small drawing with an abundance of nodules, where one color prevails, most often gray.

Harris – type of tweet that can be of various shades. True Scottish cloth with colorful pattern and high degree of wear resistance.

Cheviot. This species got its name from the breed of sheep, from whose wool fabric. Most often, the color of these animals is black or gray, so tweed trousers made of unfamiliar chevival will perfectly fit into any business image.

PIPITA, Or the shepherd cell – a material that has a characteristic pattern in the form of shallow cell. Initially, it was black and gray, but over time the manufacturers several diversified her colors, making green, dark blue and brown shades in an assortment.

Christmas tree. It becomes clear from the name, with which this material is associated with. Most often performed in green, this fabric is popular with American clothing manufacturers. Shades of this species range from light green to almost brown, but unchanged texture in the form of intersecting strips will not let it confuse this fabric to any other.

What to wear?

Twid trousers will help create an elegant image that will include both retro-style elements, and the popular Casual. They will most successfully combine with such a riding:

  • Warm sweater or large mate sweater+
  • Extra long cardigan+
  • Pullover with V-neck+
  • Tight cotton or knitwear blouse.

When drawing up an ensemble, remember that the bulk top should be combined with fits or straight trousers, and vice versa – wide models best to wear with clothes, which does not imply a free or cut out.

From the shoes give preference to a modest shoe boat or neutral shoes shoes.

Remember that open shoes are contraindicated to combine with models of trousers from twe.

Spectacular images

Excellent Autumnal Combination – Wide Tweed Pants and Cropped Dark Blue Jacket. The image looks neutral, but at the same time extraordinarily stylish.

Excellent example of applying tweed trousers in a business ensemble. Direct gray model in combination with a fitted checkered jacket creates a strict appearance in which a bit of a variety. Light brown shoes from suede, successfully combined with a blazer print, make an image even more harmonious.

An incredibly interesting image in which a combination of gray elements of clothing from a tweet is harmonized against the background of a purple jacket cell. Such an image can be worn in everyday life, attracting attention to completely neutral things in a grief combination.

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