Ukrainian national costume

Ukrainian national costume

Any folk costume embodies a self-awareness of the nation, her aesthetic ideal, aspiration and values. This phenomenon is developing over the centuries, and it is difficult to overestimate its historical and artistic importance. In this regard, the Ukrainian national costume is a multifaceted phenomenon. He embodies the Slavic soul, Eastern love for bright colors and at the same time, the Western note of the sophisticated elegance.


Ukrainian national costume leads its history from ancient times, When the Slavic tribes from the Dnieper (at that time did not yet united in Kievan Rus), such a thing of clothing appeared as a shirt-embroidery, which was worn without any outerwear. The formation of a suit continuously continued until the 19th century, while it was closely intertwined with other cultural traditions.

It was the culture of the ancient Slavs that became a cradle for Ukrainian, as well as for Russian, Belarusian style in clothes. No wonder these nations have so much in common in both history and national clothes. Ukrainian suit Multidia, in every region of the country (Polesie, Pridneprovye, Carpathians, and DR.) He has his own characteristic features. This is due, among other things, with the fact that Ukraine borders with Moldova, Poland and reflected in the clothes the features of neighboring peoples.

Ukrainians themselves belong to their people’s costume in a special way, preferably – the items of this clothing (at least the embroidery) can be found in almost every family.


The national costume of Ukraine is distinguished by the following characteristic features:

  • Simple style combining beauty and practicality.
  • Saturation with decor (hand embroidery, lace, braid).
  • Clothes made of natural fabrics.
  • Bright contrast color gamma.
  • The outfit organically complement the original shoes and accessories.
  • Ornaments, patterns, color solutions carry a deep symbolic meaning.

Separately, it is worth staying on the traditional embroidery. Embroidery was not just a female needlework, but the manifestation of creative skill, the talent of the peasant. This lesson brought joy into the hard life of a woman, through the color palette she could convey their feelings and faith in the best. Embroidery is a very beautiful charm. In antiquity, people believed that manually embroidered symbols and drawings, possessing the magic force, can protect against evil forces. Specially embroidered shirts and blouses Ukrainians put on mainly on holidays and funny festivities.

For men’s clothing, strict geometric ornaments that personified courage and courage were characterized. The women’s patterns were distinguished by intricate, elegant, complex lines. The embroidery could portray flowers, grape vines, leaves, symbolizing love, youth, tenderness, innocence.

As for the total colors of the Ukrainian costume, it was a background white or other blonde colors, combined with red and other bright colors (azure, green, brick, smoky) wreaths, ribbons, belts and other wardrobe items. With the variety of regional options, a single line art line is clearly traced.

Another important sign of the Ukrainian folk costume is its complexity. Each piece of clothing (whether it is underwear, the upper part, the headdress, the cushion, boots) performed its purpose and was closely connected by other things.


The basis of a man’s suit performed a simple shirt made of rough canvas. Wide and short, appearance she looked into a Russian spray, only the cutout was located in the middle. The postponed collar or neckline was decorated with manual embroidery.

The tradition of tradition was refueling into the harslers, which were fixed on the belt with a cord on a wide buckle. Sukonny or canvas balls were blue either red and were so wide that externally resemble a bag. Such clothes were convenient for everyday work, military service and, of course, for the execution of traditional male dance – Gapaca.

It is worth noting that in the west of Ukraine, men’s pants were, on the contrary, are aligned, similar to modern “dulls”.

Pants and shirt were rejected by a wide rush, the needlewomen was expanded by intricate patterns (the belts were very long, fastened on the hooks, walking unsigned was indecent). On top of a man put on a sheepskin casing, which was well warmed in the frost, not fighting at the same way.

Women’s national clothing of Ukraine more differentifinious and exquisite than men’s. Shirt of Ukrainian, or Koshul, was longer than men, and certainly decorated with embroidery on the edge of the neck, downstairs and sleeveless cuffs. The lower part of the Koshuli (pidtychka), unlike the top, sewn out of coarse fabric. Derival – a one-way option – put on solely on holidays. Such a shirt was sewn from an expensive snow-white canvase. In general, the festive (dance or carnival) clothing of Ukrainian women looked extremely bright, original, differed more luxurious embroidery.

Young girls traditionally wore shirts without any outerwear. They rejuvenated with red ribbons or enee-embroidery. Married women necessarily complemented the outfit of the Zapanne (this is a sleeveless jacket), as well as belt top clothing. It could be Derg – a working thing, a width of up to three meters, which was going to rear into broad folds. Another option is a spare place consisting of two parts that have been connected by strings. Finally, festive rudder – plates – stitched from silk or brocade, later from wool with a checkered pattern. As a Niza girl and women put on a long skirt with a motley color – Impact, on top of which was always embroidered by the traces.

As for the children’s national costume in Ukraine, he was like an adult, although he had a number of differences. Boys and girls also wore embroidered shirts that were sewn from rectangular cavuls (front, back and sleeves). Children’s embroidery differed more modest ornament.

Girl, like a woman, also wore a string, only the length of her was before the knee or slightly above. Overded an embroidered apron. The boy dressed in an embroidered shirt, blue harees, rejected with a wide silk souse. Embroidery on the shirt was restrained than girls. On the feet, the children put on the boots on the heater of medium length, as a rule, red.

If the boys headdress was optional, then for the girl he was a mandatory attribute. Little girls wore modest semi-dogs with ribbons, and girls for granting – lush wreaths, similar to the crown. The married woman was necessarily wore a headdress – charms, and, heading to the church or to visit, over the head covered headscarf

In modern clothes, very fashionable elements of traditional Ukrainian style stylistics. This is expressed primarily in the decoration of clothes. The most popular ethno-dresses made of light fabric with contrast embroidery. For everyday options, this technique is a smooth, cross, for the holidays – ribbons or beads.


Describe more details of some elements of Ukrainian folk clothes:

  • Yup – Outerwear like a jacket.
  • Corset – Women’s sleeveless, in different regions had a special cut, coloring and ornament.
  • CAPTAR – a similar option with fur.
  • Leibic – Sukonnye Leezavka, popular in the West and North of Ukraine.
  • Andarak – Red Skirt Red, downstairs decorated with a wide embroidery strip.
  • Outlet – skirt for everyday socks, consisting of two sections of the fabric, which were tied on the side.
  • Flags – a festive skirt version made of expensive material (silk, brocade, wool), embroidered with bright unique patterns. Such a thing expressed the individuality of a woman.


Ukrainian suit is made of natural fabrics – flax and cotton, batista and wool. Silk and cotton brought from the eastern countries, but at the same time developed their own production of these tissues. In the urban environment there were such specializations of artisans, like silk, bobckers and canvas. Other fabrics that were also used in the sewing of folk costumes were imported: Taffeta and Atlas, Caucas and Kumach and others.

Where to buy or rent?

Today, the national costume of Ukraine (male, female or children) can be bought either to rent in specialized stores or agencies. This outfit will allocate you at any event, whether it is a wedding presentation or a carnival party. Children’s kit – the original solution for the matinee in kindergarten or school holiday. Your child is guaranteed to be in the center of universal attention.


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Look in Vogue UA video images of the end of the XIX – the beginning of the twentieth century.

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