Unique Banana Pants

Unique Banana Pants

Old good pants banana, who were coupled for a couple of dozen years not in cases, again in fashion. Today they are relevant for a woman of any age, in any atmosphere, the main thing – to choose the right model. How to harmoniously combine unique trousers bananas with other things of your wardrobe, and also tell me and show and show in our article.

What is the “bananas” style trousers?

Pants of this new fashion today, today looks like this: they are very free from above, and to the bottom they are rapidly shy, but do not tighten the caviar.

They can be a classic or overestimated landing, you can less often celebrate the raised waistline on bananas. At the classic trousers of this style, there are several folds of quite large size on the belt – this allows you to achieve volume on the hips.

Pants may have cuffs (on buttons, on a rubber band). On the sides most often have mortise pockets.

An important component of the bananas style is the length – a little shorter than any ordinary pants. Baby’s puddle either barely concerns ankle, or ends on a little lower than the middle of the caviar. Actually, the appearance of such trousers resembles everyone known tropical fruit – from here and name.

By the way, banana pants have almost a hundred years ago in American jazzmen.

In the 1940s, these new-fashioned pants were the fruit of the efforts of musicians stand out not only by their creativity, but also appearance. In a couple of dozen years, bananas moved to the mobular male wardrobe, and after 20 years have arisen in and female.

And at first, such trousers could only be seen on television stars, and only after a while and “simple mortals” fashionable venture to wear this stylish thing.

To whom fit?

Without any reservations, you can say right away that any model of trousers of bananas only looks at high and thin women with a figure of the right proportions. All because such trousers, firstly, significantly increase the area of ​​the hips, and secondly, a little shorten legs.

You understand that the owner of the already magnificent forms or short feet do not need such a visual effect.

Almost all models of trouser bananas can be considered by women, whose height reached 165 cm. Girls with more modest growth such pants are permitted only if they are still very thin with their miniature. With this type of appearance, the proportion allow wearing bananas.

If the growth is medium or high, but the figure is a bit complete, bananas are also allowed. Necessary to the magnificent forms to give an additional visual volume, so it is better to give up completely complete women from these trousers.

But the owners are not the most straight feet, banana pants will serve a very good service: the facilities of the Logon will help hide flaws. By the way, low girls can pay attention to the models with an overwhelmed waist – it will help balance the silhouette.

Another option – bananas with a classic fit in combination with a shorten jacket will give the same effect.

Modern models


A couple of seasons ago, trousers bananas of classical length were more relevant (just above the ankle). But in the current season, the exacerbated trend towards the cutting of everything requires both the bananas of shortened length. At the same time, the bottom can be both more free and more.

With an overwhelmed waist

At the same time, whatever length you do not choose, pay attention to the models with an overwhelmed waist. She is now again at the peak of popularity. At the same time, the cut trousers with a high waist line can be both free and fitting.

With false pockets

On the shift of mortise side pockets today are increasingly the overhead. Especially in the models of bananas focused on leisure and informal environment.

With arrows

Models of trouser bananas belonging to the office style, suggest minimalism in the crop, details. On such pants, the presence of arrows.

Wide and without folds

Modern bananas models differ not only by the difference in the length of the pantian, but also various thighs. Designers all the time try to create all new and new proportions, playing with a difference between the upper and lower parts of the silhouette. They are also added, then the folds are completely excluded, traditionally located at the top of the trousers.

But much more choice is not so many models of modern trousers of bananas, how many fabrics from which they are made, as well as their color gamut.


The facilities of the style trouser bananas are such that they do not have to keep the form. And therefore such pants are sewn from a variety of fabrics. Mostly thin, soft.

Many manufacturers of stylish clothes for women offer a wonderful selection of all sorts of suites from suitable fabrics – natural, blended or synthetic.

In summer, you can wear pants bananas from cotton, flax, satin, silk, satin, batista, rocker, taffeta, marquiset.

For especially solemn or festive cases, original models are suitable, decorated with lace inserts or fragments from transparent fabric – chiffon, geroge, organza, veil, gas.

In the spring and autumn, designers offer warmer models of thin knitwood trousers, velvet, gabardine, jacquard, leather.

Winter trousers bananas are sewn from even warmer and dense materials: tweed, book, velveteen, thin wool. Even decorative finish with fur is possible.

Option for all time and for any season – denim fabrics. From the finest shaman to the density denim – bananas in this material were produced from the moment of their appearance. And today, when jeans again at the peak of fashion, such models will be especially relevant.

This or another fabric combined with a color solution can make an elegant and solemn even the most simple style trousers. Bananas for business setting should keep shape. Leisure trousers can flow careless.

For pregnant

Fashion for future mothers always seeks to keep up with major trends. Here are the trousers of bananas specifically for pregnant women are produced in a sufficient manifold.

These models are distinguished by a high waist and free cloth in the abdomen and hips. No excess folds in them are not done. Materials use soft and slightly stretching.

Such trousers for pregnant women are a great opportunity to hide from a curious eye growing tummy in the early stages. For many women it is relevant. It will help in this not only a specific style, but also a properly selected color gamut – one-photon pants of saturated dark tones.

Relevant today shortened models are not recommended pregnant. Since such cut visually shortens legs, and during pregnancy, the woman already acquires disproportionate forms, it is followed by pants bananas of the maximum possible length.

Tips for choosing

One of the important criteria for choosing the trouser bananas, after the fabric is a color solution. Practical women can safely contact white and black.

These options suggest an unlimited number of possible supports, as well as here it is easier to choose shoes. At the same time, choose white, black trousers bananas will be more profitable to look out of dense tissues, therefore, this is an option for the cold season.

Monophonic trousers made in fashionable shades today are appropriate and in the office, and in a daily informal setting.

Smoky gray, deep blue, bright red, beige, green, and almost all pastel gamma are still relevant. Combined two-color models are possible.

Also take place, especially in the warm season, bright bold prints. Ethnic motifs, vegetable and animal prints, geometry, abstraction – this season you can all.

There are also several universal rules for the choice of trousers of this fashionable style:

  1. The wider the model of the trouser bananas, the thinner and the air should be the fabric from which they are sewn. The rule is due to the fact that the folds on heavy dense tissues look ugly, they create an excessive bulky.
  2. Summer pants-bananas wide cut can be performed in bright range, in the cold season you need to give preference to darker colors.
  3. In the summer, the models of more bold cut, in the spring, in winter and autumn are recommended to wear trousers bananas of simple styles and from more dense fabric that keeps the form.
  4. Want to create a strict image? Choose trousers banana from hard materials. For a romantic dress – soft, thin, flowing fabrics.
  5. Pick the model in which you will be most comfortable as possible, since this trend will still be relevant for a long time, which means you get a thing for one season.

What to wear trousers bananas?

Since an important detail of the trouser of this style is the belt, the top to them needs to be selected so that it can be fixed. Shirt or blouse, top or turtleneck – tight things or slightly free – no matter.

The main thing is that it is neatly refilled in pants. Almost any such ensemble may even be completed with a suitable strap or belt.

Without the worst option, it will be tight or slightly fitted top of a short or short-circuit.

Or another season trend – bodie. Equally spectacularly look with bananas of bodies both with long and short sleeves. Winners of reference forms are allowed to wear trousers bananas with trendy today Crop-tops.

In the cold season, combine with such pants shortened jackets or cardigans, koshuh jackets or bombers, short coats and wickers. Sport style bananas can be worn even with Olympics and Hoodies.

If you hide with trousers of bananas flaws of figures with the silhouette “x”, do not forget to balance the image at the top. To do this, select tops or blouses with volumetric collars, linted shoulder line, sleeves with flashlights or bats.

Cool summer evening or in the autumn-spring period to help in achieving this balance can be an elementary handkerchief wound over simple T-shirts and creating volume in the neck area.

If the trousers have prints, the top should be a monophonic coinciding with a common range of outfits. And vice versa – to one-photon trousers you can select brighter in color solutions of blouses, shirts or tops.

As for the shoes, it is selected depending on the season. Heel is relevant for trouser bananas, but today it is more recommended not to very high girls.

The sharp trends of the last seasons are just a shoe without a heel, and with bananas it looks like it is not good. Crypers, Lofer, Moccasins, Oxfords, Tolstoy Sole Sandals – All this can be combined with trousers with bananas only girls who are lucky with increasing. Exception – low, but very thin young ladies, because in their case the balance of the silhouette will not be broken.

If you choose a heel, then these are two options: classic studs on the heel or massive stable heel, a tank is possible.

Spectacular images

Simple and elegant. Black Trousers Bananas Laconic Crya, Classic Khaki Color Shirt and Stylish Strap. In summer, this ensemble is completing open heel shoes, the ankle shoes will be changed in autumn. Excellent option for modern business lady.

After work there is a place for more bold styles and colors.

For solemn cases or weekends – charming and even the fatal images!

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