Vellar Women’s Sports Suits

Vellar Women's Sports Suits

To feel as comfortable as possible in any situation, a person needs to be acquired by such clothes that will allow its owner to feel the most free.

In order not to torment themselves the problem of choosing among the variety of men’s clothing, we advise you to pay attention to velor sports suits that have many advantages, and also looks truly luxurious.


Sports costumes, no matter what material they are made, have a number of advantages apparent even to a child.

  • This is, first of all, convenience and comfort – the costume does not shine movements+
  • Practicality – the product is pretty warm and retains well from the cold in winter+
  • The product is suitable for both sports and everyday use and as home clothing.


Model diversity of velor sports costumes, although it is very scarce, but still has several models with characteristic distinctive features.

Classic model Velor Sports Costume is a set of straight crumbles and a hooded. Pants are equipped with a pulling row on the belt and do not have similar elements below.

Another option is a combination of narrowed pants with pulling rubber bands at the bottom of the product and a sweatshirt that does not have the fasteners and put on through the head.

Of course, the model range of velor costumes will not do without a number of products from the category Pluse Size, intended for girls with lush forms that no less well want to feel comfortable in beautiful clothes.

In addition, a lot of tracksuits presented famous brands, have a corresponding logo that talks about product belonging to designers of a company.

Many models are decorated with multi-colored print, What also has its advantages. But truly beautiful, elegant and feminine looking sports costumes from velor, having a decor in the form of beads and small light rhinestones.


The color range of products is not particularly strongly reflected in their appearance, but it has a huge impact on the nature of the image as a whole, because everyone knows that many colors are able to influence the mood and human well-being.

Popular no time and place classic – black color. In addition to many visual advantages (black is blocked by volumes, slightly and pulls out the silhouette), the suit of this shade has many functional features, the main of which is practicality.

The most popular dark shades can be attributed Dark green, brown, dark blue colors. These tones are perfectly suitable for dark-haired girls with a slightly dark skin and blond eyes that will be advantageously underlined by deep shades.

Very spectacular and juicy looking suits of light lilac color and deep purple. Such shades are especially emphasized by a natural healthy skin shade and are well suited for sports.

Pretty stylish and at the same time the velor suit will look Gray. Along with him protruding and cream, beige and light pink shades, and fresh and new it looks like a champagne color.

Perfectly emphasize creative character and bright, hot temperament model red and burgundy flowers, which, by the way, is very beneficial to emphasize the harness of the figure and seductiveness of rounded forms.

In addition to monotonous monophonic models, there are also many sports velor costumes With various prints. It can be an image of an animal, any inscription or brand logo, as well as just an animal print.

How to choose?

Many girls when buying a stylish sports suit from velor material face the problem of choice, which concerns not only the quality of the quality of the product, but also on the compliance of the size and styles. Parameters and type of figure.

Start the choice stands with inspection of material quality and seams. All the edges should be carefully incoveried, extrany threads should not stick together, and all the inner seams are stroke and gently stitched. Details should be bonded with a neat, smooth suture, without the slightest spaces and holes.

The quality of the material, also, should be at the highest level, regardless of the price tag of the product, because good quality clothing, the fabric does not create discomfort and does not cause allergic reactions, in the modern world of fashion meets more and less.

The clothing market is fulfilled by cheap fakes from poor-quality material with high levels of synthetic fibers, which have a detrimental effect on skin condition. That is why it is necessary to thoroughly feel the product and make sure that it is made exclusively from natural fibers.

Next, you must make sure that the selected product is suitable in size. The gum of pants should not be “dug”, and the jacket on the castle should remain slightly free.

Slender girls are perfectly suitable for tight model of sports costumes from velor, and ladies with magnificent forms are better to get a set with free stranded pants.

What to wear?

At first glance, it may seem that this product is exceptionally homely destinations, but this statement is a big misconception, since a velor tracksuit can be used in everyday life, combining many other things and creating the most unusual images.

Start with shoes. It should be chosen based on the style of sports pants, since few models are well combined with each other.

Sneakers, sneakers and any other sports type shoes are perfect for direct and torn pants. Such a combination will look harmoniously, since the wide sides of the already looks at volume, so do not need an additional accent through unusual shoes.

Sports pants with a tightening element below perfectly allow the use of cute ballets, as well as any shoes on a heel. It can be sandals, open-or-round sock shoes, as well as stylish stiletto boats.

Wearing sports pants will look great with shoes on a flat sole, as well as ankle high-heeled shoes. Often such boots are decorated with a small fur edge and lacing.

As for the rest of the clothes, the choice is not great here, because a velor tracksuit is quite an independent product and does not need any weighty add-ons.

Various Longslives, T-shirts and T-shirts, which can be safely put on Velor Olympic. To ensure additional heat, you can use a turtleneck and light pile, and as the outerwear – coat, leather roof or blowing winter jacket will be excellent options.


  • It is quite interesting to a youth sports suit, consisting of shortened pants with pulling elements, as well as hoody sweatshirts and short sleeves. Such a kit is especially well suitable for sports, so you can safely complement it with bright unusual sneakers. And bright, white-pink colors will help you always stay in a good mood.

  • Seductive, raspberry sports suit from velor material, perfectly suits slim girls with a sophisticated and elegant shoulder line, as the model of the sweater has a wide gate, leaving the shoulders open. Wide straightforward pants look air and freely, but they are not at all suitable for sports, so this costume will be an excellent option for home clothes.

  • Dark blue suit with long pants who have damaging elements below, belongs to the collections of the famous fashion house Kenzo. Its upper part is represented by a classic sweatshirt, which is decorated with a print in the form of a muzzle of a lever tiger, which is a classic emblem of new collections of sports clothing of this brand. To show the character of the product and give the image of a harmony of harmony, it is worth combining it with a sports shoes with an animal print.

  • The kit, the content similar to the previous one, differs only in color – the pants are made in a single black color, and the sweatshot has a pleasant leopard color. Such a product is suitable for sports leisure and everyday life.

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