Velour suit

Velour suit

Velur – soft, gentle, warm and very beautiful material. Therefore, any things stitched from velor look noble, elegant and expensive. No matter how this home is a robe or a sports suit.

Costumes from Velor began to enjoy extremely popular recently. In addition to beautiful colors, velor looks great with a variety of decor.

Velor suit – a great option for home wardrobe, sports, everyday or elegant image.


With its vast popularity, velor must follow the advantages:

  1. Good heat saving ability.
  2. Excellent focusing and deformation.
  3. Soft, velvety, pleasant to the touch material.
  4. Ease of care (velor you can wash on your hands or in a typewriter).
  5. Durability (the material perfectly retains the original appearance even after several styrics).
  6. Resistance to Flowing and Link.
  7. Practicality, attractive appearance.
  8. Democratic value.


Velor suit is a rather general concept that includes a wide range of different stylistic directions.

Velor suit – part of home wardrobe. Such a model is especially convenient and comfortable in the cold season. Velor is very soft and pleasant to the touch, the teddy surface gives the skin the sense of tenderness and heat. Such a costume even in the home atmosphere looks very unusual and elegant. Especially if the model is complemented by a beautiful decor.

Soft plush fabric perfect for creating children’s clothing. That is why velor is often used to sewing children’s suites.

It can be clothes for home, and outfit for a walk or kindergarten, and a sports suit. Costume, as a rule, is performed in simple, direct silhouette. The model is complemented by a hood, comfortable pockets, decorated with bright decorative elements.

Infant skin is still very gentle and sensitive. Therefore, choose the appropriate clothes for the newborn, it is not easy. And in this case, velor costume – just a find. He is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. The material perfectly holds the form and is suitable for creating a variety of styles.

One of the advantages of velor is his soft, piercing structure, thanks to which he perfectly sits on any figure. Velur is one of the most popular materials for sewing large-sized clothing. The main thing is to choose the right seaside style and the color of the material.

The costume should not be too tightly covered by the body, much more effectively looks at a slightly slaughtered poverty pants and a straight cutting jacket of dark blue, wine, green, purple and other colors.

Thanks to its qualities and practicality, velor is often used to sewing special clothes for pregnant women.

Velur perfectly holds the shape, perfectly sits down the figure, he just care for him, he does not cause allergies and gives only comfortable feelings. And these are the main requirements for clothing for future mothers.

Velur – quite universal material. Velor suit allows you to gently hide some flaws of the figure and perfectly emphasize her dignity.

For example, with continuous legs, you can recommend suits with straight or slightly crushed trousers. Vertical lamps will allow an addition to “pull” the figure, and a small belly will hide velor pants with high fit.

A classic sports suit consists of straight trousers and jackets on a zipper. The jacket can be supplemented with pockets, hood, additional functional or decorative elements.

More extravagant model of sports costumes are complemented by animal ears, bright appliqués with the image of animated heroes. Usually such cute options choose teenage girls or young girls.

Girls of conservative glances as decoration use more familiar decor: embroidery, rhinestones, sequins, lace, inserts from leather, fur, or other materials. Such elegant models of sports costumes more appropriate look at home or walking than in the gym.

Another kind of such a dress is a velor suit with a skirt. Such a kit will very harmoniously look, for example, on a tennis court. In such a set, you can go for a walk around the city.

For classes on the street in the cold season, velor costumes are complemented by lining material.

Color and print

Another advantage of velor is its excellent combination with all sorts of colors and shades. Even the sharpest and bright color in velor performs becomes softer and gentle.

Color range can be selected not only, based on its own preferences, but also from its color. For example, brunettes are perfectly suitable suites saturated, bright tones: dark pink, crimson, purple, emerald, wine. Red-haired beauties especially spectacularly look in suits of all shades of green and purple colors. Tender blondes are simply adorable in lightweight suits: blue, salad, lilac, coral, pink, steel.

Costumes of black, white, brown color are perfectly suitable for girls of different color. One of the fashion trends of this season is a combination of several contrasting colors in one model. It can be brown and gentle pink color, turquoise + black or white decor, red + black and t.D.

Another advantage of velor is its excellent compatibility with the most different elements of the decor and prints. It is important not to overdo it. Very stylish and spectacular looks small decor or concise print on pockets, shelves, back costume. The most popular printing of the new season includes ethnic and ornamental drawings: Scandinavian, Oriental Patterns, Indian motifs and other prints.

An ideal finish for velor costume is rhinestones. Sparkling, shiny pebbles look perfectly on the soft, warm velor. Rhinestones can be laid out in the form of appliqués or decorate the sovereign costume. Such an outfit always looks incredibly stylish and expensive.


Brand Nic Club offers a collection of home and sports velor costumes. For models of this brand characteristic: classic cut, beautiful landing, high performance, diverse color scheme and affordable price.

American brand JUICY COUTURE offers stylish and fashionable clothes for self-confident people. The present hit of the new season became velor costumes made in gentle, caramel colors. Juicy, saturated and delicate pastel shades, bright inscriptions, original prints and a huge selection made products of this brand multipopular among women of different ages.

Laete – famous manufacturer of underwear and home clothing. Vellar suits from this brand are distinguished by an excellent design, excellent performance, excellent accessories and T.D.

Trademark Armani no idea. For the production of this brand characteristic: exclusive design, impeccable style, impeccable landing, excellent quality of performance and materials.

How to choose?

When choosing a suitable velor suit, you must, first of all, take into account the type of your figure.

Slender, elegant girls are best looking at monophonic models of non-lass, gentle tones. Holders of lush forms can be recommended for suits made in deep, saturated dark colors. Bright inscription or original print distract attention from problem areas.

If a velor suit is chosen for sports, then preference should be given to natural materials that allow the skin to breathe and perfectly absorb moisture.

Where can I wear?

Velor costume – perfect option for home wardrobe. Warm, soft and very cozy – in it you always feel comfortable and, at the same time, beautiful and fashionable.

Velor costume – a great solution for the morning jogging or sports workout in the fresh air. Material is very soft, breathable, warm, hygroscopic. Such a costume does not shine movements, it is convenient and comfortable to study the most different sports.

Velor suit – an indispensable detail of the casual wardrobe. This is especially true of informal, youth styles, for example, Casual. Both suites can be combined with other outcome of the wardrobe, allowing you to create many different stylish images.

Go for a walk with a child, to the store, stroll around the city, go on a picnic, hiking – here is the smallest part of the possibilities for using such a costume.

How to care?

Despite the fact that velor is very gentle and delicate material, there is nothing complicated in care.

Velur recommended for manual and machine washing. When washing in a typewriter, the water temperature should not be above 30 ° C. With manual washing, the costume should not be too actively squeezed and unscrewed, a sufficiently easy press. The suit from Velor does not imply ironing, however, if there is such a need, a suit can be swallowed from the wrong side with a warm iron.

What to wear?

If a velor suit is part of the sports wardrobe, then as a supplement can be used T-shirt, top, T-shirt and sports shoes (sneakers or sneakers). Cap will complement a bright sports image.

If the suit is used as an elegant set (model with rhinestone, beautiful embroidery, bright applique and t.D.), then as accessories to it you can choose an elegant handbag in the tone, a stylish headdress (leather cap, bright baseball cap) and beautiful shoes (moccasins, ballet shoes).

It is not necessary to wear a suit entirely, trousers and a jacket can be perfectly combined and with other outcome of the wardrobe. So, for example, a beautiful velor jacket can be put on jeans or skirt. And velor trousers are perfectly combined with monophonic or colored T-shirts, smooth tops, T-shirts, etc.D.

As for jewelry or other accessories, their quantity must be minimized, otherwise the image risks with vulgar. The main thing in the created image is conciseness and refinement. Then even an ordinary sports suit will look very exquisitely and feminine.

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