Velvet pants

Velvet pants

Velvet is a new current material. You could have noticed that many different clothes from this fabric appeared in the stores, here and skirts, and jackets, and, of course, pants! In addition, they are elastic, do not make movement at all, they are very comfortable in them.

Products from this material were loved by many, because due to the density they can be worn in cold weather.

Features Velvet

The main feature to pay attention to if you have velvet trousers – this is a difficulty in combining them with other tissues.

Special accuracy and taste is required when drawing up. At the same time, Velvet has some drawbacks – this is a casual and even working tissue, which can sometimes add a couple of extra kilograms in the hips. So take off your choice of pants with special care.


Basically, all velvet trousers sew by analogy with their more popular competitor – jeans. All models are almost identical, but unlike cold blue shades, velveteen is associated with the coolest, and the usual color gamut consists of warm shades.

Most popular of them: brown, redhead, beige, red, burgundy, wine, warm green and gray.

Pants Clash

This style trouser has become incredibly popular this season. Especially well, it looks at girls with a slender figure and thin legs. This option is perfect for a walk in the autumn park or for a trip to the movies with friends. Harmoniously looks in wine or red-red color with light shirts or thin sweaters.


All beloved narrowed pants stylishly look with T-shirts, with shirts and sweaters. Unlike other styles, this model is most often produced in unusual colors, for example, in pink or purple. Do not forget about the classics – brown and red pants will always be relevant.

Direct silhouette

The most classic option that fits a woman with any figure. As part of the trends of this season, some fashionable worn pants, adding them to ankle, thus focusing on the shoes they wear. Looks like this technique and beautiful.

What to wear?

Velvet trousers are part of everyday style. With them do not wear clothes from lace, satin, silk, as well as velvet. Ideally suit the knitwear.

As for the rest – here is complete freedom. To this item wardrobe will be easy to choose a couple, be it shirt, T-shirt, Top, Turtleneck or Sweater.

Shoe favorites are boots, boots or leather boots and suede. Another possible option is shoes, but not sandals.

Various chains, leather bracelets are suitable from jewelry, and the belts of a suitable width will be decorated.

Spectacular images

Velvet trousers can make competition even jeans, because some images created with their participation are simply great.

For example, red trousers will be insanely stylishly look complete with a thin jacket similar to them, a tent in a narrow strip under it and a yellow scarf from above. On your feet put on brown leather boots. Voila! It turns out very cute, warm and cozy bow, which is perfect for study, walks and informal meetings.

Business image

Business image can be obtained if you add a creamy shirt with a short sleeve and a woolen jacket to the velvetum pants and a wool blazer. Strict bundle, minimum decorations and black suede shoes on a stable heel – an excellent option for those who have no strict dress code at work.

Another, more “fresh” outfit can be created, if you wear a narrowed dark brown pants and a light brown jacket, adding contrast with a blue shirt, filled with trousers and with rolled sleeves. Brown bag on the long belt and shoes in the tone – so it turned out a very exquisite image on sunny autumn weather.

Casual Image

Spectacular image – this is a turtleneck and velvet trousers, always a win-win version. It can be a black turtleneck and green closure trousers, a minimum of jewelry – only hours and ankle boots.

Another option is bright red-red Clash pants and a gray-blue turtleneck. Beautiful addition can be a brown leather belt, an unusual chain, clock and shoes on a heel. By the way, this color of the trousers is perfect for red-haired girls.

Bright image

Bright model of trousers will suit young girls who are not afraid to attract attention. Purple tight velvet trousers will suit the lilac T-shirt, and the playfulness of the image will help “calm down” a strict gray jacket, a bulk bag and suede ships on the hairpin of the same color.

If you choose an image for a dry and warm weather, then pay attention to the following onions: bright red tight trousers, sleeve with 3/4 sleeves, clock on a thin strap and black lacquers.

Simple but at the same time very stylish outfit. However, note that it will be best to look at the young owners of a slim figure. They are suitable for them as it is impossible and will be by the way and on their studies, and on a date.

Finally, the sexiest image that will produce an unforgettable impression – no indifferent will remain! With light brown tinned trousers, you can wear a black top with a neckline and throw on top of a black leather crucor, you can put ankle ships on your feet. Such an outfit will turn out fatal, passionate and very stylish, of course, if you have something to show.

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