Velvetian jackets

Velvetian jackets

So that your image is always stylish and matched fashion, it is important to choose correctly not only model clothes, but also the texture of the fabric from which it is sewn. Such an ideal combination are jackets from Venelvet – they again conquer the podiums, every day becoming more and more popular. Among their model range, each fashionista will select a practical and stylish thing that can be put on and as an independent piece of clothing, and as a light upper jacket.

Features fabric

Velveteen – This is a fabric that is a dense darous canvas, smooth from the wrong side. Not in vain in the translation from the French word “velvet” means “royal fabric” – it is durable, wear-resistant, almost unconscious and very pleasant to the body. In addition, the texture of Velvet acts as an excellent heat insulator – things from such a fabric are perfect warm in cool weather and retain heat inside.

From the front side, Velvet’s pile is divided into a kind of rutter, a different width of which causes different types of this fabric. For example, cord has a long pile and a wide rutter. Thread the duck in such a fabric is the most dense of all kinds, so it is most often used to upholstery of sofas and other upholstered furniture, as well as when sewing heavy porter.

Shaped velvet fabric type Differs in lighter texture and short pile. The Rubber has different forms, so it can be used in the design of various types of clothing, helping to create the most outstanding styles, for which he received its name.

In the classic version, the velveteen was made of 100% cotton, but over time and the rise in the cost of natural materials began to add synthetic fibers, such as polyester. Properties and appearance of the fabric from this practically did not change, but it has become much more affordable for most mods and fashionistas.

To the velvet jacket saved his beautiful view as long as possible, it is needed correct and very careful care. Washing is made only in manual washing mode without pressing or manually. In no case cannot be washed velveteen in the machine machine with the function of fast drying, since with such an “execution” above the cloth it will forever lose its kind.

After washing, the velvet things in painted form fit on the terry towel and add up with it – thus the spin. Sew the jacket from Velveta needed on her shoulders away from the battery and direct sunlight, and best just to hang it on the shaded, but open place, freely blown by the wind.

The ironing of the Velvet ideally is made by the steamer, but if you do not have it, it can only be done with an iron with an irrigation side through a thin fabric, while its temperature should not exceed 160 degrees.

If the incident happened to your jacket from Velveta – it turned out to be a hard spot or a small loss, should not be attempted to independently correct this trouble, it is better to just pass the thing into a professional dry cleaning so as not to spoil her finally.


Jacket of classic Croy From Velveta will be very relevant in the office form for cool weather. The strictness of the Logon will add your bow to the business species, and the luxurious texture will allow to demonstrate chic and excellent taste.

The classic jacket is best selected from a black or dark gray cloth, since these colors are particularly expressive against the background of light blouses and most accurately fit into the business image.

Potted jacket from Venelvet Very successfully fit into the image and in retro style, and in the style of Casual. It is possible to combine it with any bottom – whether it is a skirt, pants or even jeans. But there is one nuance: the jacket of Velveta is recommended to wear only slim girls, since the fabric texture itself adds a volume that is completely nothing to do the ladies in the body.

Extra Long Velvet Jacket Model can be fastened and buttons, and zipper, which is especially important in cool and windy weather. Such a style can be recommended to full girls, since his long floor is capable of hiding extra centimeters of volume on the waist and hips.

What to wear?

In strict and restrained image You can safely use a velvet jacket of noble burgundy, gray or dark green colors. If his style will not have any additional details, then light blouses, bulk tops, strict trousers and skirts of direct cut will be perfectly. As accessories in this image you can use small hours, a small handbag or not too volumetric bracelet of contrasting.

To create an image in free style Velvet jacket can be included in the ensemble with jeans and crop top. It will add courage and immediacy to this stylish bow. In the choice of a hue of the jacket, the color of the shoe should be taken into account – it should be 1-2 tones lighter, since the “heavy” velveter fabric texture will significantly increase the abundance of dark color in the image. For example, if black shoes or boots, then the jacket will look great in gray, dark brown or in Indigo color.

Spectacular images

Very stylish bow, in which the main accent is the butterfly. Classic white blouse adds to this image of a business, but at the same time a solemn view, and the shortened length of the sleeveless of the velvet jacket and strict trousers does not allow you to overshadow style and taste in the image.

An amicing example of using a velvet jacket in urban style. Its gentle yellow color is perfectly combined with a blue blouse in peas, which, in turn, looks very effectively with a bright blue bracelet, and a brown bag and shoes in the tone very competently completed this image.

Very bright combination – brown jacket and dress in deep blue floor. Such an ensemble can be put on a romantic date – he will emphasize the beauty of blue-eyed and the ridgeing girl, making her image very gentle, but at the same time bright and memorable.

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