Velvetian skirts

Velvetian skirts

Sometime things from such a fabric, like velveteen, could afford not all. But these times have sunk in the fly, and now clothing from this popular fabric is almost everyone, regardless of gender, age, material situation and classes.

Features of the skirts from Venelvet

Velvet – a dense tissue in which cozy in the cool time of the year. It is made of cotton, so wearing it comfortably and nice, it almost does not mind. For this reason, this material can be regarded as one of the best for sewing skirts.

In the invoice, velveteen is the most diverse. For example, velvet-cord – a cloth with swirls with a width of about 5 mm, skirts from it very harmoniously look in retro style. Velveteen with swing up to 3 mm and low pile looks very dense, although it is made of fine yarn, – in such skirts it is very difficult to frozen in winter. But the elastic velvetech stretch, and the velvet with the effect of scuffs is ideal for tight skirts, for example, a pencil model. They can be smooth and dilated, monophonic or with a broken volumetric pattern.

To date, Velvet is produced absolutely different colors. But, since this fabric due to its diverse textures is beautiful in itself, it is mainly restrained tones and without prints.

Today, the most popular models of velvet skirts became skirts in a small rutter. They help to highlight all the advantages of your figure and give the appearance of elegance.

In general, the skirts from this material have a lot of advantages – they do not enormous and not marked, they are very cozy and warm. And, even though velveteen is quite dense material, he adds a special charm and femininity.

Veneurial skirt can be absolutely different styles – tight mini and straight pencils, elegant tulip skirts and feminine Gode. Even the Sun skirt can be sewn from this fabric, but not too dense, so as not to drag the model.

Light summer things are not suitable for the skirt from Venelvet, t.To. Contrast of textures too noticeable. But if you can pick up the top of the material, similar to the velvet, such a union is welcome.

They look good with warm Cashmere blouses, dense tissue blouses, monophonic knitwear turtlenecks. When choosing a product you need to be extremely attentive – if the skirt is not sitting on a figure, then it will visually add you a couple of extra kilograms due to its density.



Velvet mini skirt – a great option for fashionistas who are not afraid to frozen in winter. The length will allow you to demonstrate slender legs, and the tight texture of the velvet will warm in the frost.

To decide to wear a short skirt, you need to be confident in the absence of extra kilograms – since the velveteen itself is very volumetric material and necessarily visually add a couple of centimeters in girth.


At such a length of the skirt from Velveta are relevant in any fire, t.To. This fabric is perfectly holding a form.

For example, a dark-colored skirt from Velvet-stretch will be the perfect option for the office. In combination with a strict blouse of a light shade, stitched from dense cotton, will create an interesting business onion in which you will be comfortable and in the room, and on the street in the cool season.


Velvetian skirt in the floor – the perfect option for autumn and winter. Due to its length, such a skirt is done by a universal model for almost any type of figure. Exception is only very low girls.

With a straight rod skirts very relevant will be a warm sweater of wool or cashmere. On the legs will perfectly look simple shoes without heels, and a large suspension is suitable as an accessory.

Boho style

When freedom and creativity are woven together, from, it would seem, the most bold and feminine images free from stamps and rules appear absolutely non-combining things. Flight of fantasy completely does not limit the combination of clothing, shoes and accessories. And in this style, namely in his classical direction, found corduroy skirts.

In combination with them, a varied decor in the form of fringe or lace will be applied, different colors and prints are applicable. Natural fabrics prevail. It is important to create a light feminine image that will go into incision with modern trends in fashion.


With all its charms, the velvet skirt has one significant drawback – so that it serves a long time, you need to seriously care for it. Since velveteen – natural fabric, then after washing it can significantly housing. Therefore, it is necessary to wash it at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees, in manual washing mode without press. If possible, you need to replace the washing powder on the gel.

After washing, you need to squeeze the skirt and dry, joining it away from the heating devices. It is desirable to iron a skirt slightly unsapfined, from the wrong side. And ideally – take advantage of the excavator.

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