Why came up with and why you need a little pocket on jeans?

Why came up with and why you need a little pocket on jeans?

Perhaps today there is no such person who has no jeans in the wardrobe, because this model of pants is not only very practical, but also stylish. Their concise design is featured convenience that is created by the special cut and the presence of pockets. About one of them – the smallest, located on the right side inside the main pocket, we will talk today, because surely many wondered – for what it is intended?

A bit of history

As you know, the first jeans appeared as Uniforms for workers – gold miners. They appreciated pants from dense denim for their convenience, reliability and long service life. Wild West Cowboys, which for a long time they had to be riding a horse, also rated jeans, and over time they became, along with a cowboy hat, the personification of their era.

It was the period of gold fever and domination of Cowboys with the creation of jeans with a small pocket on the right side located inside the main pocket. It appeared in 1873, when the Designer of the brand Levi’s Michael Regual for the first time made this model in the company’s catalog.

Main versions

As already noted, Jeans served as working clothes, so all their details, including a small pocket, had a practical purpose. And yet controversy about what it was concretely created, so far. Let’s look at the main versions of the appearance of this element of jeans, because some of them are rather entertaining!

The first version:For cowboys. It is known that they were avid smokers, but without having large means for the frequent purchase of smoking accessories (in particular, the Zippo lighters are still popular), they needed a particularly good place for storage. The little pocket just acted this lighter, and even riding a horse at a high speed Cowboy did not lose her.

Version Second: for watches. At the end of the nineteenth century in fashion were clock round small clock, the chain of which was attached to the loop, and they themselves were placed in this pocket. Over time, the watch “moved” on the wrist, and jeans remained with a small pocket.

Third version: for ecstasy lovers. Oddly enough, the small pocket of jeans has his nickname – “Rugs Packet” ( from eng. “Pharmaceutical Package”). Policemen often conducted raids on the working quarters, and in this pocket it was quite possible to hide several tablets of the prohibited drug with a narcotic action. The version is slightly dubious, but also has the right to exist.

Fourth version: for gold kits. In the period of gold fever, workers on the mines found nuggets of various sizes. And since their work was physically very active, there was a risk of losing such an expensive find. Therefore, designers of denim clothing and invented a way to save the found gold, handling a separate reliable pocket for him.

What can be put or how to apply it?

Ways to use the described pocket there is a huge number. At the time when massively enjoyed automatic phones and payphones, It was convenient to put coins. Now they will safely fit several metro tokens, but modern technologies, enclosing plastic cards, took this function in the pocket. For those who still prefer to have a little cash with them, this pocket will be very useful – in Some paper bills are fed without problems.

Starting from the period of the sexual revolution, many young people always began to wear a condom with them, and this pocket is ideal for contraceptive and by volume, and in size.

Use little pockets on your favorite jeans for gadgets – small MP3 players or iPod. By the way, Levi’s company creates more and more interesting models with small pockets. One of the latest fashionable new products are jeans with built-in headphones and player, the volume of which can be adjusted, without getting a device from the pocket.

Surely such jeans will become the most loved ones for most Melomanians! Especially since there will be no problems with the washing of the product – because MScarlet pockets with built-in device can always be disgusted.

To clearly demonstrate the whole charm of a small pocket on jeans, Levi’s has long removed the commercial on this topic. Happy viewing!

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