Winter dresses – femininity outside the year

Winter dresses - femininity outside the year

The basis of the female wardrobe often make up the dresses that can and even need to include in their winter images.



The female body will warm and decorate long dresses that are becoming particularly relevant in winter.


Mini dresses in the winter wardrobe can serve as an elongated sweater, which is taken to wear warm tights with a dense structure or leggings.

Stoys and models


Tosca for summer shapes in winter is unbearable. So create designers winter dresses with thin straps, which very much resemble summer sundresses.

In order not to freeze in such an open outfit, it is worth picking thin sweaters or turtlenecks. Carefully select the shades of these two elements.

With sleeves

Dresses with short sleeves look good together with long gloves. Under such an outfit, you can choose a non-foot sweater or turtleneck, only with a shade you need to guess.

The free long sleeve is returned, which is tightly torn in the wrist area. Do not ignore the sleeve, stitched by the type “Bat”.


Sports dresses are so firmly included in modern fashion that many images are formed on their basis. For a walk, shopping, meetings with girlfriends – will always be relevant warm sports dresses.

Sweater dress

Hide disadvantages that spoil your figure, you can with a sweater dresses. It needs to be able to combine with additional elements be it tights (necessarily dense and dark) or leggings, beads or scarves, belt, or bracelets.

As for the colors of such a dress, it all depends on your taste: dark and monophonic, bright combined, with patterns, prints, unusual viscous, geometric or ethnic motifs.

Dress shirt

On the one hand, simple, but original, comfortable and comfortable – for winter a more perfect dress will be difficult to find.

Tunic’s dress

Freedom of movements and comfort carry tunic dresses, which, with proper combination with other elements, the wardrobe are able to appear in another light.

In a cage

In any season, dresses with a plaid color can be used.

Knitted with knitting and crochet

If the dress is selected primarily for the sake of comfort and warming effect, it is definitely worth considering knitted models. To fit well and decorate you, it is necessary to properly combine the features of the figure with the characteristics of patterns and knitting. You can choose an openwork model or a dress with a rough viscous – in any case you will look perfectly called Winter.

The highest option is the dresses with collars. The choice of such outfits is huge, they decorate the image, create comfort and comfort. The throat can be left open by choosing a model with a standard type collar.


Winter is not a reason to clean out of the wardrobe dresses from knitwear. Even on the contrary, such clothes will create a feeling of comfort, softness and tenderness.

Convenience and versatility of knitted dresses are obvious, and their ability to attractive attractiveness to female silhouette and allocate its slightness is indisputable. No need to wait a special reason to wear a knitted dress in winter. Material quality plays the quality of the material, its composition and ski processing skills.


Denim’s versatility allows you to use it in any of your wardrobes.

Large sizes

The first option of winter dresses, which is worth considering full women is Greek style. Softness lines, femininity forms, high cut, length before pack – combining these elements in one dress will play your favor, attach slightness and hide flaws figures.

The right solution is to focus on the waist with a belt or belt.

In pursuit of beauty, do not forget about the convenience and comfort that all elements of the female wardrobe must have. Along with Greek dress, it is worth considering trapezoidal models, which also successfully look at full figures.

Given the necessary harvesting are capable of knitted models with a volumetric collar, for example, clamp. Presence of contrasting solutions. But a major weaving should not be preferred.


Choose the bride dress for a winter wedding is not a problem. Any style and material occurs among the collections of winter wedding dresses. In addition to the atlas, which presents a wedding classic, designers use a pass and taffeta, velvet and crepe, put emphasis with the furs.

With the choice of color dresses it is worth exercising caution. Against the background of snow-white snow, many colors are transformed, but a white dress can merge and look not so delightful as in the cabin.

More and more brides began to choose short dresses for a winter wedding, which, together with shoes with fur trim, cape and gloves form a fabulous image. But still long dresses still remain the most popular.


There are several popular versions of evening outfits that are appropriate for winter season. Dresses with asymmetric lines that may be present in any part of the dress – it is always a good choice.

High cuts and deep cuts on the neckline, and then appear on the podiums.

For special celebrations, outfits with curved, lush skirts are admissible. When the figure is ideal, and each of its line is outpass, it is necessary first of all to choose the fitting models.


Pores from one-time and colorlessness. Modern fashion requires paint riots. Look at the collection of famous designers – their shows are filled with only bright colors, which are especially relevant in the winter season.

Bright dress especially do not need to decorate and complement accessories. There will be a full ability to have the most modest decorations.

Serious ladies who are forced to observe a strict dress code, nothing remains, how to choose black, gray colors and metallic shades. These outfits may also look interesting. Knitted dresses in pastel colors acquire a touching character, tenderness and ability to generate excitement in the shower.

For everyday option, a good choice will be a melange made from various shades.

What to wear

Any dress you can give the character that your mood and reason requires.


High boots or shoes are a classic that is suitable for any occasion. Dress with such an element will always look romantic and exquisite.

Bold ladies who put comfort and originality above all, combine dresses with wrestling.


For a romantic image, a soft material coat is well suited, for example, twee. Long fur coat or coat, Classic Croy Coat – All this is suitable for a walk or hike to work.

Do not celebrate leather jackets, they are also well suited for winter dresses.

For evening dresses, all these options are not very suitable, but the cape of fur will make an image truly chic.

Accessories need to pay decent attention, as they carry an important role in the formation of the image you need. The original brooch or pearl beads are able to create wonders with a dress, which before it seemed to you usual.

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