Women’s beach shirts

Women's beach shirts

Beach wardrobe assumes not only swimsuits and pareo. Inalienable it is a stylish women’s beach shirt.

Today, this type of clothing is quite common. Shirts are offered in a wide variety of models, shapes and colors. We will talk about this in our article.


Huge popularity has a Balahon Shirt. It is notable for suits all types of figures. This model has a straight wide cut without launches. Because of this, it is usually going to the cutout on the cutting line. Often, such a shirt is sewn from pleated fish or knitwear.

Extremely feminine and sexy looks openwork beach shirt. Even bold patterns in the holes will be relevant here. In this attitude you will not be ignored!

If for you in clothes the main convenience, then you will have to taste a shirt-shirt. It is made in the form of an elongated T-shirt or T-shirt.

There are beach shirts on rubbers. In them, the waistline is indicated by pulling ties or belt.

The classic model looks stylish and at the same time simply. A distinctive feature here is the presence of a neck.

Special place is the beach tunic. Its free romantic style and truens rest and leave. This model is allowed to use in the form of a mini dress. It can be supplemented with some accessories. For example, it can be a hat with wide fields, large bracelets and sunglasses.

Tunic’s shirt is a good option for girls prone to completeness. Her free cut easily hides all the flaws of the figure, emphasizing her advantages.

Quite often there are beach shirts resembling a square. Such a style makes the figure more elegant.

Those who love to be fashionable will suit models with drapery. Such shirts look unusually feminine and romantic.

Popular shirts in Greek style. They give femininity, elegance and airiness image.

An interesting option is beach dress shirts. They are simple enough, but they look very stylish. This type of clothing resembles an elongated shirt and has a similar neck. Especially attractive dress-shirt will look at girls with lush breasts.


Beach shirt can be of different lengths. Short models are relevant here, and long dress shirts. If we talk about the beach tunic, then its length should not be too short or too long. The optimal option is the length of closing buttocks. As for Croy, it is necessary to choose loose tunics. They are more functional, leave maximum freedom in motion and is well ventilated.


When choosing a beach shirt preferred models made of light and air fabrics. Clothes should not limit movements and shove you. However, this season the main criterion is the naturalness of the fabric. It is absolutely inappropriate viscose or other “synthetics”. Today in fashion natural fabrics that absorb moisture without problems and ventilate the body.

Professionals are recommended to look at cotton or linen shirts. They are more practical and available. In addition, they have many advantages. For example, a blouse made of flax supports the optimal temperature even in the heat. And if you decorate it with a floral embroidery, you can wear it every day.

Cotton shirt should be thin. Better so she had a trapezoid cut. Lace and cut-down inserts are allowed. Beach tunics, crocheted in openwork style enjoy special demand. Chiffon or silk shirts are very beautiful and comfortable. But their price is much higher.

Color and print

As for the color, then the choice is unlimited. Very popular models made of bright fabrics with juicy and original prints. Beach shirt can be in polka dot, striped either in a cage. Assible and monophonic options, but, preferably, with a floral pattern, interesting ornament, inscriptions or graphic elements. Especially fashionable are beach tunics on the sea theme.

What to wear?

Beach shirts are perfectly harmonized with light free pants from chiffon. They can also be replaced by knitted leggings. Very attractive, beach blouse included with short denim shorts. Or you can wear it yourself.

As for the shoes, you can choose sandals, slaves, shale or sandals without a heel. Accessories in the image are no less important. First of all, you need to choose a beach bag. Also, do not forget about sunglasses and headdress.

Spectacular images

In the photo we see a combination of white shirts of white with denim shorts. This is a great option for the summer. This image is very comfortable. It is suitable for both the beach and for walking, hike in a cinema or shopping. Shorts do not limit the actions, and the cotton shirt is well ventilated and does not keep moisture inside under clothing.

Use the tunic as a separate detail of the wardrobe only if you have a good figure without flaws. This is the perfect beach image. Shirt can be worn over a swimsuit. From the shoes you can choose wicker flip flops, and as accessories – sunglasses and stylish beach bag.

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