Women’s boyfriends jeans

Women's boyfriends jeans

Jeans-Boyfriend entered a few years ago, and today they still remain popular. If you want to finally remove with yourself Skinny, but not ready to give up conveniently universal denim, boyfriend jeans – your option. Thanks to his careless baggy, they look incredibly fresh, interesting and stylish. Having learned how to wear properly and combine Boyfriend jeans, you fall in love with them forever!

What differ from ordinary jeans

Boyfriends – jeans in men’s style, volumetric, even slightly sagging. They are not much decorated, like male jeans, but often you can meet models with decorative holes, scuffs or piping.

They have their own characteristics that distinguish them from classic jeans:

  • Lailed waistline and groin area+
  • free cut in the hips and ankle+
  • may be straight or narrowed, but will never make a leg+
  • Mandatory length of boyfriends – 7/8 (not lower than the level of ankle).

To whom fit?

You can be the owner of any figure, but you can confidently say that the boyfriends jeans will be suitable for you. True, they were often confused with another famous model that is not suited to everyone, and this is a very important point when choosing.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the waist line is always understated at the boyfriends! Unlike jeans-Girlfriend, which are a more femininal model of jeans- Boyfriend. They are sitting on the hips above, and themselves are narrower and compact. That is, not yet skinnie, but no longer boyfriends.

However, if the latter is literally everyone, due to their relaxation, perfectly sitting on the hips of girls, even with a “pear” figure or “hourglass”, then Gerlfrends, due to high landing and more dense fit, create an unnecessary volume in the hips.

Due to the low landing and correct free-straight rod, boyfriends turn any shape into a relaxed rectangle. Due to this, the silhouette is painful, the Berdy looks much thinner, and you feel comfortable and just irresistibly!

Boyfriends can be bolded to call the perfect model of jeans that is suitable even for a problem figure.

Stylish models


In fashion shortened models that look very feminine and elegant. Beautiful when you can see a thin feminine leg from under the bulk pant.

Without decor

Everything is so accustomed to scuffs, ravanine, stripes and other elements of the decor that simple blue jeans seem to be something out of the row. However, this is the most faithful choice for every day, because it can be combined with any riding.


The boyfriends of bright saturated colors entered the fashion, so it’s time to forget about dirty and dark shades. Of course, pink or purple jeans are not suitable, but the rich blue color is absolutely universal.

With an overwhelmed waist

As you already understood, Jeans-Boyfriend with an overwhelmed waist – this is a separate model called Gerlfernd. They are narrower and tight, but still very much resemble boyfriends.

Such jeans are categorically not suitable for girls with full hips, as they make the bottom very voluminous. But ideal for a boyfriend type of figure, because they add hips and waist missing volume.

If you are high growth – it’s only a plus, because be prepared for the fact that the specific length of visually shortened your legs.

But this problem can be compensated by high heel and shirt or t-shirts. And if you paint the unbutton cardigan or jacket from above, the figure will instantly transform, and you will get a fashionable and stylish look.

In the warm season you should forget about dark jeans, preferred with bright, saturated colors. It may be orange, lilac, pistachio, red.

Buy the color model that will be combined with the rest of the things from your wardrobe.

In fashion again the classic color of jeans – indigo. Since it is absolutely versatile, you can combine your boyfriends with clothes in any color scheme. The same applies to the classic blue, with which you need to be careful if you have wide thighs.

If you select Boyfriend jeans for offseason or winter season, give preference to black or gray. These are basic colors that are easy to mix with clothes of almost any shades.

Tips for choosing

In general, the boyfriends are suitable for absolutely everyone, but some models can visually emphasize the flaws of the figure, depending on its features. Therefore, when buying it is worth considering its growth and shape of the thighs.

Low girls are suitable for the model, narrowed to the bottom, it emphasizes the silhouette of the legs and balance the silhouette. In this case, the image remains fairly free and relaxed. Also refuse the sovereigns on the pants if you do not want to seem even lower.

High girl was lucky, they fit almost any style not only boyfriends, but also jeans in general. You can choose both banggie (jeans with wide pants), and narrowed models. No special restrictions, the grounds are also welcome.

Girls with forms must stick to the same principles as girls low growth. Baggy model will add a lot of excess volume in the hips area, which will make you even wider. Choose a narrowed model with a small womb, which will smooth all the irregularities.

What to wear?


The perfect Casual Look is a boyfriend jeans with holes, crop top and comfortable sneakers or sandals. Do not forget about a spacious bag and sunglasses.

Top can be replaced by blouse, t-shirt or t-shirt, especially if you need to hide small flaws in the waist area.

If you go on a date, the boyfriends jeans will become the basis of a feminine image. They will be perfectly complemented by a lightweight blouse, high-heeled sandals and a small clutch.

Going to a party, wear boyfriends with a top-bustier or a blouse by sewers. Mandatory shoes on high heels – stylish sandals or boats. Complete image Little handbag and laconic accessories.

In the spring and autumn

The perfect casual image in the offseason is a boyfriend, T-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt and jacket, bomber or jacket. Shoes can be chosen on your taste – sneakers, boats or ankle boots on a thick heel.

You can mix these things with each other, every day getting a new image.

For example, put on the boyfriends, shirt, jacket and boats, take a bag in your hands, and get an image in the style of Smart Casual.

Replace the boats on the sneakers, and the taut on the bag-shopper, and get a relaxed casual.

Boyfriends are well combined with a volumetric sweater from thick yarn, which is able to replace the upper clothes. To balance the silhouette, add high-heeled shoes. Sneakers are permissible only if you are confident in the impeccability of your slim figure.

Do not forget about additional accessories: scarves, scarves, hats, jewelry. Each of these parts will make an image interesting and memorable.

Deep autumn or early spring can not do without warm coat. Ideal classic, slightly fitted models and volumetric coats-Oversis. Like any outerwear, it should be perfectly sitting on your figure, hiding all the shortcomings and emphasizing the dignity. No special restrictions, but if you are complete, avoid the “Cocoon” style, which will make you even more.


Boyfriends are perfectly combined with any upper clothes. It can be a stylish park that will suit every day, a classic coat for business images or a fur coat for accessing. True, EAK and in the case of intersazon, all individually.

If you are a fan of eclecticism and prefer mixing various styles, do not limit yourself to any frames.

Shoes also worth choosing. Timberlands shoes will be appropriate, massive heels ankle boots, boots. The main thing is that you feel confident and comfortable.

Trendy bows

Stylish summer image, suitable for fashion party. Light boyfriends with holes are complemented by a guipure t-shirt with a print, which is borrowed from a sports form. Such a kit looks rather interesting, but in combination with laconic sandals on the heel and a small clutch, he will not at all leave you a chance to stay unnoticed. Note, replacing sandals on shoes without a heel, and putting not such an active T-shirt, you will get a great image for every day.

Another current summer look, because dresses in combination with pants are now in fashion. Despite the fact that on the podium, no one for a long time is not surprised, in everyday life such images are not very popular. Why not stand out from the crowd? Moreover, the translucent lace mini dress looks perfectly with boyfriends. Chic relaxed outfit, supplemented by a wicker handbag and sandals on a flat sole.

Example of a successful way to autumn in Street Style style. Simple blue boyfriends, low-heeled shoes, peach baggy sweater and deliberately carelessly penetrating gates of gray t-shirt. Special charm image gives glamorous necklace and red clutch with spikes.

Blue boyfriends and basic white T-shirt look at all bored in combination with a long cardigan in a multicolored stripe and powdered slander. Complement the image of the khaki color shoes on a massive heel. In such clothes, you can forget about the autumn Handra.

See for yourself how good the boyfriends are sitting on girls with forms. The correct proportions are observed in the image, so the figures looks slimmer. The foundation of the image is jeans with scuffs and a dark gray T-shirt. Complements his suede brushing color and red clutch. Nude boats visually lengthen the leg, even more pulling the silhouette. Looks perfect!

As you can see, jeans-boyfriend is a practically basic wardrobe thing for any girl. They can be worn all year round, combining with different, your beloved clothes, because it is incredibly comfortable, fashionable and stylish.

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