Women’s business suits 2021

Women's business suits 2021

Business suit – the desired element of the wardrobe of any woman who works in the office and is engaged in its business. Strict kit or fashionable designer, it will help look spectacularly and confidently, so that you admire, but at the same time they perceived seriously.

Stoys and models

Business suits are divided into four style. They may present the same elements and objects of the wardrobe, but it differs significantly to cut and the style in which the kit has been settled. Situations or areas of activity in which those or other models will be relevant.

  • Conservative business costumes as strict as possible and designed to emphasize the power and authority of their mistress. They are close to the greatest extent close to the block of men’s costumes, and the total design is characterized by simplicity, the absence of excesses. They are impeccable, elegant, but at the same time will not be allowed to relate to the owner of frivolously.

  • Professional costume adheres to the same simple and strict lines, but allows for morefeminine and some deviations from conservatism. A set of such a costume can consist of top and bottom of different, but combined colors. There are features and in materials, since they are most often there a loose texture (for example, at tweet). This category is suitable for most women who wish to demonstrate themselves with the most profitable professional and stable side.

  • The feminine type of costumes implies emphasising the merits of the female figure, so in clothes are visible accents on the chest areas, waist, honey. Acceptable use of decorative elements, such as embroidery, fabric pattern. In general, such costumes are the least strict of three, but they will not suit for events and top-level meetings, as some models seem too infantile, soft.

  • Finally, the aggressive type of costumes, suggests a bold embodiment of trends and design ideas, regardless of whether they relate to unusual fabrics, bright decorations or styles. These costumes will be needed to those who want to declare their originality or directly connected with the creative.

Having understood with the main types of costumes, attention should be paid to which clothes are included in this category. The most standard option is a kit consisting of a jacket and trousers or skirts, and a vest is also present in a suit. Depending on the style and general trends in these elements, it can be a different length, cut, width of shoulders or trousers. The jacket can be replaced by jacket or vest, and shorts are allowed as a nose. There are also strict business dresses that act as an independent foundation of wardrobe or combine with a jacket.

For full women

On costume for complete should not be active decorative elements in problem areas, as they will attract unnecessary attention to these zones. It concerns this not only bows, laces and ruffles, but also pockets, koi must be slit, not false. But vertical parts, for example, cuts or drapery, print, on the contrary, visually make a shape slimmer. The main thing is that all lines are straight, and not zigzag. Sleeves should be straight and simple, since their unusual design will attract attention to the honeyline.

Suit must be concise, not multi-layered. It will be more profitable to buy a suit with trousers or skirt to or slightly below the knee (a pencil skirt, sun, straight, trapezium), the main thing so that they are not on the elastic band. In case the legs are short and chubby, then the pants to the bottom should be ejected, besides, you can choose a little shorty style, but then be sure to get up on the heel. Prutted jackets and blouses will cover the folds on the tummy and sides.


Best if the costume is sewn from natural or semi-synthetic materials. They must pass the air to the body, do not cause irritation even in case of sweating, keep the shape and not reveal. Fabric can be straight, smooth texture or volumetric, with a pattern or pattern.

In addition to cotton and flax of natural fabrics use wool, cashmere. While Cashmere is expensive, then wool is the most common costume. There is both elite and more affordable, economical. Wool allows you to make drapery, folds, folds, but it’s nice to touch, soft. Often in a woolen suit there are impurities of flax, lycra, polyester, mohair, in summer costumes – cotton.

Gabardine, tweed, crepe, viscose, silk with impurities, knitwear are also used to sewing suits. For lining use viscose, acetate.

Color and print

Basic colors are very popular, as they allow you to look like a business, beautiful, but not catchy. Black, gray and dark blue are excellent options for autumn, winter, but in the spring and summer you can afford brighter models, for example, beige or even white. It is in the shades of these colors Most conservative and professional costumes. Other species can boast a large variety of colors like pastel (light pink, light blue, cream, olive), and bright (yellow, red, purple, green, crimson).

As prints use geometric drawings – stripes, goose paws, cage. On the less strict models there is a floral ornament, paisley.

Within the boundaries of one element of the costume rarely meet several colors, that is, they are monophonic. But the elements may differ in color or shade from each other, for example, jacket from skirt or trousers. However, Total Look options when all two (or three) products are made in one color scheme, one of the most purchased.

In this and the upcoming season in fashion, three styles will be immediately: male, minimalism and 70s. Costumes are discreet, but they may look gorgeous due to the fabrics. Classic suit offer to combine with colored unusual shirts and blouses. In “Male” costumes will be appropriate for the presence of a vest, a tie and even hours on a chain in a pocket.

Some of the trend sets are a jacket with shorts, a fitted jacket with pants-Culot, returned fashion for mini skirts and skirts, which are not suitable for each working environment. Among the pants’ styles are also boobs, shortened or narrow styles. In the fashion shortened jackets, the lack of hoses are allowed, the volume of the product in general. As for the jackets, there are two-breasted models in fashion.

From the decorative elements in fashion, large buttons, an unusual shaft shape, belt on the waist, and not only narrow, but wide. For fans of excitement, the theater style of aggressive costume will become good news. They are richly decorated with decorative elements in the militarized style, swans, stripes.

Cloth letter, tweed, velvet, jersey, leather, and, of course, classic wool. General trend – Smooth materials without texture. Chiffon, velvet.

Basic colors (beige, gray, black, white), brown, red, purple, and in general, preferences designers did in the direction of muted shades and, on the contrary, saturated. Print Rabbi, Scottish Cage, Strip, Geometry.

How to choose?

  • It is important to choose a costume not only on the figure, but also by appointment. After all, where a conservative suit is appropriate, the belly on the eye will be fashionable aggressive, and vice versa.
  • For those who work in financial or legal spheres, as well as in the public service in priority, the acquisition of conservative or professional costumes.
  • Feminine models are suitable for those who work in the media, the service sector, leads their own company, but the figures of the fashion industry and show business can afford even the most extravagant styles.
  • The choice of costume depends on the positions held in the company: managers, top managers, directors and managers should look the most strictly and authoritatively, while other employees can afford some liberty.
  • To look in the costume most effectively, and so that it was convenient to spend a whole working day, it is very important to choose clothes on the figure.

First of all, pay attention to the shoulders – they must coincide with your shoulders, do not compress, do not hang. The length of the sleeve should reach a bone on the wrist. When picked up and returning to its original position, the jacket or jacket should also rise and go down. The incision on the skirt should not be very high, and the length is best to reach the knee, since short knock out from the office dress code.

Before buying it is best to measure the costume and must check its quality. It is worth gently squeeze the material to make sure that he does not. The quality of the seams is no less important, because it depends on how long the product will last. Check stands and accessories, decorative elements.

What to wear?

To business suit it is very important to pick up a suitable blouse, a shirt, a tunic, top, because they will help you diversify the appearance. For strict suits, it is worthwhile to sew a male style shirt, fastening all buttons, with collars and cuffs, because they are so harmoniously combined with way. If there is an opportunity to afford greater democratic in appearance, then feminine shirts and blouses, emphasize the advantages of the attached silhouette or a slightly inhibited zone.

In some cases, the flying models of the tunic and shirts are appropriate. In the cold season, instead of a shirt, you can use fine woolen pullovers, blouses or sweaters.

If there is a need to betray strictness, then you should choose white shirts, but color (bright, pastel, saturated dark) is better to leave for cases when there is no need to follow all rules of business etiquette. Light suits are well combined with pastel shades blouses. Gray are well combined with multi-colored things, for example, orange, red, but black, gray, bright shirts are suitable for blue sets. Bright costumes are best combined with basic colors, so as not to create an unnecessary allay.

The most suitable shoes – shoes in different color variations or other shoes with a closed nose on the middle height of the heel. Open noses in shoes are allowed only in summer. In the fall, boots are suitable, and if a suit with a skirt, then half-boots. Sometimes relevant boots, oxfords, shoes on a flat sole, in rare cases of sneakers.

If there is a need for a belt, then it is better to make a choice toward a slosple fine skin pattern, which coincides with a suit with a suit or bag. The bag must be quite spacious, but not baggy, best of all holds a certain geometric shape, with short handles, and another allowable option – clutches.

As for jewelry, they should not be bulky, too causing. It is better to choose modest jewelry or classic products made of precious metals. It is worth abandoning ethnic, bright stylistics in the pendants, servants, bracelets.

Stylish images

Blue business suit, consisting of dresses to the knee, fitted with belt, and jacket. Golden nonsense decorations are suitable for such a set.

The trouser suit of a saturated plum color is perfectly combined with a brown blouse with a high throat, black shoes and bag.

Women’s white suit from a short jacket with a round neck and straight skirt to the knee. On the legs of black sandals, and as an accessory – a bracelet with rhinestone on hand.

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