Women’s denim pants

Women's denim pants

Who now has no jeans couple in the wardrobe? Probably there are simply no such people! This thing has won the love of millions of people because of their convenience and practicality. Of course, not for all these two criteria are fundamental – fashionables will not wait to buy something stylish and relevant in the new season.

What it is?

Jeans is probably the most basic thing, because how many times they saved, when the woman could not decide what to wear. With the help of them, you can make any image – at least to work, at least for a holiday. Of course, it all depends on how correctly you are the image. So, what are the jeans styles, how to choose the right one and what is fashionable?

Models of denim trousers for women

Narrow or skinny

One of the most relevant styles has been several seasons. Such a model is best suited to women with a slim figure and long legs, because she can emphasize the flaws.


This style has become popular again this season. This model is best suited long-legged women and those whose figure refers to the type of “pear”, helping to hide the massive hips, and also those whose legs are not perfectly even, and have some curvature. Best Jeans Clash Couple – High Heels.


This is a kind of jeans of jeans. Seeing them on a woman, you might think that they are larger than it is required, but do not hurry with such allegations. In fact, this is a great option for those whose legs are too thin, because such jeans will help hide it, while you will look incredibly stylish.

Direct cut

This model is the most universal, as it will suit women with any physique. Direct cut jeans will look concisely and stylishly, they themselves are practical and comfortable. This option will suit anyone. Depending on the tissue and coloring, they can be worn in the office and to the party. And they are easy to find a couple – the top that will be successfully combined.


The model not lost its relevance is already the second season – this is a free cut, the length of which is in most cases 7/8, shortened. For this reason, the stylists advise low growth women to wear them with a heel, and high can afford to wear a guy jeans with kids or ballet shoes. Such a style is not very suitable, as well as those who have a leg be twisted below the knee.

With high landing

Most jeans that are now produced, have this style. This is due to the greatest demand for this model, which is great for women with wide thighs, as the overestimated waist trousers helps visually narrow them and make the figure more proportional.

Skinny to the bottom or pants-banana

Modesta has long realized that this model can perfectly emphasize the feminine silhouette, besides this suits this style not only slim girls, wide in hips and narrow to the bottom – such pants fit perfectly and fully. The most relevant length this season is 7/8.

Grunge style

Jeans in this style have long been conquered the hearts of young fashionic worldwide. Distinctive features – Ripped holes in the area of ​​the knees, deliberately shaped, stained with paint or with piping fabric. Now you can find a variety of variations – from ordinary black jeans with two small holes in the area of ​​the knee to ribbon jeans, on which holes can even be at the back.

How to choose jeans pants?

If you select, you should first navigate to your body type, carefully read about all models and choose the one that will hide the shortcomings and emphasize your advantages. Of course, one pair of jeans will be not enough for the wardrobe of the modern woman. It is worth having black, blue and colored or white. This set will be enough.

Fashionable colors

Actual colors this season:

  • Navy blue+
  • grey+
  • Blue different saturation+
  • White+
  • khaki.

In addition, at each fashionable show you can see a couple of bright colors: yellow, pink, salad, coffee. Find your image, because it can be stylish not only in trend things.

Denim pants sew from denim. The fabric itself differs density for sewing various products. Thinner used for shirts, and thicker – for jackets, trousers and hats. In addition, the composition is distinguished.

  • Jeans is a cotton fabric fully painted by one color.
  • Shamri is just the easiest view of Denim.
  • Stretch is familiar to everyone: Elastane has been added to the jeans, thanks to which they stretch and fit the body well.
  • Finally, the extract – material with natural color of cotton, not exposed to staining.

What to wear a girl jeans pants?

There is nothing easier than to find the use of jeans, it seems that they are suitable under all. However, there are several win-win options that can always be seen on celebrities and which demonstrate fashion designers on their shows.

To create a daily image when you do not need to work and there is no reason to dress up, a great option is a white or black T-shirt, a checkered shirt from above or tied on hips, jeans and sneakers. Such an outfit is suitable for warm weather, and in the spring and autumn you can add a leather jacket and replace sneakers on shoes. Accessories You can add any – chains, rings, bracelets, clock… Backpack or bag – such a kit will win in any case.

Another win-win version is suitable for both walk and work, if you do not have a strict dress code. White shirt will look great with black jeans. Sandals or shoes – your image will be laconic and simple, but at the same time you will look stylish.

Last season began fashion again for denim shirts. Some women do not know how to wear them properly with jeans and whether to buy them. Do not be afraid of this trend! Under the denim shirt will suit any jeans other than her shade. The combination of dark and bright jeans has already become classic, but the option with white, as well as any other color also takes place.

It is a denim shirt and jeans can be a great pair, because this kit will perfectly fit into your daily life.

If you intend to choose a denim set – jeans + jacket, then be careful. Stylists offer not to buy two things from one fabric and one color, it is better to find a good combination when shades will be different. As in the case of a shirt, there is a big space for experiments, so do not be afraid to buy something bright and create new images.

So jeans are a universal and basic thing in a female wardrobe. Depending on the situation, everything is suitable – from T-shirts and open tops to sweatshirts and strict shirts to cute knitted sweaters. With shoes – start from sneakers and finish on sandals and ballet shoes. Generate ideas and inspire spectacular images that offer you stylists.

Spectacular images

Narrow jeans may seem boring, but they can be played in such a way that the resulting image will attract attention, and you will receive compliments about your appearance. If you add white top, black jacket and half boots on vaccine heels, you will get a wonderful set for a walk or study. As accessories add to this bulk bag and contrasting decorations. Looks good!

Should also not forget that jeans can serve as an excellent part-time option. For example, the skinny model bundled with a gentle-pink top of the curved cut will look pretty organic. But that this image is not boring, it can be diluted with interesting accessories. Slept ballet shoes or boats. Accompute Make-up – Smokey Ice will perfectly complement this gentle ensemble. Smile – you are beautiful!

But a slightly shabby jeans boyfriends may seem too inappropriate to appear at work, but with the right combination they can fully fit into the office dress code. To get strict, but moderately, youth and stylish image should be added to these jeans white knitted sweater or shirt with a blazer, black high-heeled shoes and a bag. You can stay on the minimum number of jewelry, for example, leave a clock or bracelet.

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