Women’s evening trouser suits

Women's evening trouser suits

The trouser costume has long ceased to be the subject of purely male clothes. Many women gladly wear sets with trousers, and not only at work, but also in an informal setting. Therefore, today women’s evening trouser costumes enjoy no less popular than dresses and skirts.

Famous designers are constantly happy with new models of female trousers. It is always something elegant, feminine and insanely beautiful. To look attractive in such clothes, you just need to choose your own option to taste and. After all, it’s no secret that the kit with pants can look very impressive, festively and stylish.

Models by age

Broke suit for girls

For young girls, absolutely all models of costumes will be suitable. This clothing is designed for energetic and ambitious. Talk about the most popular links. Costumes in which wide pants are in great demand. They can be very long and half to close shoes. Interestingly looks wide pants with a fitted vest.

The trouser suit with shortened sleeves and pants is also pretty popular among young girls.

Another trend is a female costume performed in a male style. It is distinguished by double breeding jacket, wide lapels, as well as a cloth resembling a male suit. Such kits are not particularly bright, but quite elegant. A bright tendency for young people is the suit of the fabric “Metallic”. This is a clothing made of metallized material. It can have any drawing and be different colors. Such a suit is ideal for festive events. He will create a luxurious, dazzling image.

Trouser suit for women

With age, a woman seeks to be an embodiment of style and elegance. Its appearance expresses chic and elegance. With the help of clothes, it creates a feminine and aristocratic image in which it can feel comfortable. Tuning suits perfectly comply with these requirements. Models such sets are characterized by simple lines and carefully verified silhouette. Usually trousers in it have a classic cut, and the jacket is fitted or a trapezoidal. Modest design, functional parts and natural colors – this is what characterizes a set for a woman.

Evening costumes stand out by rich materials and refined decorative details. They can be supplemented with an unusual brother, hand-made embroidery or interesting inserts from suede.

In a restaurant

The trouser costume has long been out of business style. Today you can wear anywhere. When hiking in a restaurant evening trouser costume will be the perfect solution. The purpose of the campaign can be any, from business dinner goodbye.

Costume with trousers is not only stylish, but also fashionable. It creates an elegant image.

In fact, the choice of costume is not as limited as it may seem at first glance. It can be a classic black or dark blue option. Or you like more brighter models. In order for the image to not resemble an office style, you need to make an evening makeup and spectacular hairstyle. Under the suit can be put on not only a shirt, the top will also be appropriate.

About the costumes in the romantic style and they do not have to talk. They are created for true lady. They are perfectly expressing the feminine. If a date is scheduled, then this is an excellent option.

Shoes should be selected on high heels. For example, the boats will fit perfectly. Complete the image of a small stylish clutch.

For celebration

Many solemn events have girls, clouded in trouser suits. Some may think that it is wrong or inappropriate. However, it is completely wrong. Festive trouser costume looks extraordinarily rich and presentable. The main thing is to accurately pick up his color and model. Costume for a solemn event is characterized by spectacular prints made of velvet, rhinestones or luxurious embroidery. Some styles are decorated with shiny or gold buttons. Most extraordinary parties can afford a suit with a collar of their fur.

As for Leson, he may be the easiest. Even an extended jacket and straight pants will look spectacular. For more brighter girls, a shortened jacket and chill pants.

Under the jacket you can wear a silk or chiffon shirt. Finish the image will help the cervical scarf. Select the models on the hairpin or on the platform.

At the wedding

Recently, it became fashionable to wear a bride to the wedding costume instead of a classic wedding dress. This tradition arrived to us from Europe. And although not everyone risks to try on this image, wedding salons offer a fairly wide range of costumes.

Let’s talk about what, first of all, it is worth paying attention when choosing a wedding dress.

First of all, it is, of course, color. To somehow stand out from the crowd and express all the tenderness of the image, Choose traditional white color or shades close to it. For weddings, suits from chic materials will be suitable. It can be a brilliant atlas, silk, fastener silk (drinkers), taffeta, velvet or flax.

As for the decor, he must be minimal. To express all solemnity of the event, you can decorate the image of an old broody. Unnecessary rhinestones, pearls, ribbons or beads may look ridiculous. If we talk about the beans, as in any suit, it should be picked up.

Usually the wedding kit includes jacket, trousers or skirt and blouse.

Pants are quite rare detail of the wedding image, but very stylish and spectacular. It is pants that will help disguise the imperfections of the figure. Tight models in this case are not quite appropriate. For weddings, more classical or solemn options will be suitable.

Jacket is an integral part of a wedding costume. Special attention to the bride should pay it cutout. He can focus on big breasts or cover her small size. For slim girls, fitted fabric jacket. If you were invited to a wedding, then the trouser costume can be the perfect choice. In it you will feel comfortable and look beautiful.

Well-selected set looks spectacular and smart. There may be several options:

  • Jacket costume with narrow or straight pants (preferably with arrows)+
  • the tuxedo+
  • Jacket Suit with Chutats (the most unofficial ensemble)+
  • Suit with knee-cooled pants and a fitted jacket or jacket.

Costume colors can be different. This is black or white, all bright and clean tones, delicate light shades. The most advantageous combination is considered to be white color.

Large sizes for full women

Choosing a suit, you need to take into account all the pros and cons of the figure. For example, if the girl has a big breast and thin legs, then a suitable option will be a calm monophonic top and a non-standard style trouser with an unusual color. If the figure has a type of pear, models are suitable with an overwhelmed waist of calm tones and classic croes.

The most optimal option for full girls is black. It is really a guarantee of success. Black color perfectly masks imperfections of the shape and emphasizes her pros. This combination of classics and elegance. For a solemn case, choose a beautiful satin, silk or velvet fabric. Originality the image may give an asymmetrical top. He will distract attention from flaws and make an image interesting and mysterious.

Models with an overwhelmed waist look very attractive. They are visually pulling out the figure and slim legs.

What to wear?

There are several recommendations for carrying trousers.

  1. No need to wear a collar shirt or blouses on top of the lapel jacket, as it is no longer fashionable.
  2. So that the image is not too strict, put on the suit knitted top or a simple bright T-shirt.
  3. For solemn cases, choose the appropriate fabric – atlas, velvet or pass. Here even the usual white top will be appropriate.
  4. Shoes under suit must be closed and exclusively on the heel.
  5. Do not forget about color. In the summer, choose white and cream tones, in the offseason – burgundy, olive, mustard or dark blue colors, and in winter – dark and black shades.
  6. Bag depends on your image. For a loose costume, a briefcase bag is suitable for a vintage style, for the classic – structural satchel, and for evening – a brilliant clutch with sequins or mirror inserts.
  7. Minimum accessories, especially for bright colorful suit models.
  8. The length of the trousers must be until the middle of the heel. Pants shoes can have a length of ankle.

Remembering all these rules, you can always look stylish, elegant and fashionable.

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